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  1. [PERFORMANCE] Game Freezing and Stuttering
  2. [Performance] Will this game run on a laptop pc?
  3. Everyone With Hardware/Performance Issues, Please Read!
  4. [HARDWARE] not seeing any of the word.
  5. [performance]Game Freezes alot
  6. [PERFORMANCE] Lobby and Chat Room Problems
  7. [PERFORMANCE] The no text problem
  8. [Hardware] Game crashes before main menu
  9. [HARDWARE] Game wont even start
  10. [HARDWARE] Screen Blacks out While Playing Tutorial
  11. [PERFORMANCE] Game slow down with Ass.squad
  12. [HARDWARE] Game Interface Problem
  13. [HARDWARE] - Intel Vid Card
  14. [HARDWARE] Start Game and get...
  15. [Performance] Constant Game Freezing
  16. [PREFORMANCE]Game goes freezing every 3sec/game crashes
  17. [PERFORMANCE] Game Crashes
  18. [PERFORMANCE] Well this Sucks!
  19. [HARDWARE] green tint in game
  20. [HARDWARE] [AUDIO] Clicking Sounds When Put Into Low
  21. [PERFORMANCE]Game drops frame every second
  22. [PERFORMANCE] freezing
  23. [PERFORMANCE] Tutorial Pauses, MP freeze
  24. [HARDWARE ] SiS Video Card.
  25. Performance- Frame rate.
  26. [PERFORMANCE] Yellow tinting
  27. [HARDWARE] Online ingame problem
  28. [Hardware] DdEntry1 problem with GDI32.dll
  29. [PERFORMANCE] winamp agent
  30. [HARDWARE] graphic crash
  31. [PERFORMANCE] some help would be nice..
  32. [HARDWARE] Video issues
  33. [ performance ][ audio ] stutter and buzz with any option
  34. [HARDWARE] Failure to initialize video card
  35. [PERFORMANCE] Win98/XP lobby/matchmaking performance issue
  36. [HARDWARE] PC allways shuts down
  37. [PERFORMANCE] CPU temps higher then normal after playing DOW
  38. [HARDWARE] Bluescreen
  39. [HARDWARE] Font Issues.
  40. [HARDWARE] [AUDIO] problem
  41. [hardware] crash to blue screen
  42. wtf, I can't log on to a multiuplayer game because of my email addy being too long...
  43. [Performance]
  44. [BUG] Turtorial doesn't work...at all
  45. [HARDWARE] Game freezes after opening movie
  46. [HARDWARE] Dual Monitor Issue
  47. [HARDWARE] Router Resets when in Lobby
  48. [Hardware]White Stripes
  49. [HARDWARE] Frequent desktop crashes!
  50. [HARDWARE] Text blocked out
  51. [PERFORMANCE] Game Chugging In Big Battles.
  52. {performance2]
  53. Cant See Buttons....
  54. [PERFORMANCE][LOBBY]Searching for players
  55. [HARDWARE]Hercules Muse Pocket Usb
  56. [Bug] Mouse Pointer Error + Fix
  57. Is it going to work on this?
  58. [preformence]Game crashes randomly
  59. [Performance]
  60. [HARDWARE] Computer really loves Space Marines, crashes if other races are playing
  61. [HARDWARE] No text in game
  62. [HARDWARE] Standard audio acceleration & Freezing
  63. [HARDWARE] Blurry Textures?
  64. [Performance] Load Times
  65. [preformance] Less crashes and bugs when on high detail
  66. [PERFORMANCE] 2 Tests
  67. [HARDWARE] game engine crashes...
  68. [PERFORMANCE] skipping problem, possibly vsync related?
  69. W40k.exe has accountered an error.
  70. [HARDWARE]Dual Monitor Problem
  71. [HARDWARE] Video problem in Multiplayer
  72. [PERFORMANCE]FPS spikes
  73. [HARDWARE] Black Screen?
  74. Multiply Player Question
  75. [PERFORMANCE] All my text appears as grey lines
  76. [PERFORMANCE] Recommended System Requirements
  77. [Performance] 32bit vs 16bit
  78. [HARDWARE] game doesnt load anymore...
  79. [HARDWARE] No Memory in module ntdll.dll
  80. [HARDWARE] textures(?) problem
  81. Can't host on 1.3, but I could on all previous versions
  82. Several in game boxes-weird color, please help
  83. [preformance] lets talk bout fps rates, mine went like this (downwise)
  84. Blue Screen Of Death!! ONLY IN DOW!!
  85. [PERFORMANCE]Long load times and Lag
  86. [PERFORMANCE] Loading is 5+ minutes long
  87. [PERFORMANCE][QUERY]Dynamic level of detail?
  88. [performance]
  89. Dawn of war
  90. [DISPLAY] White chunks here and there
  91. [PERFORMANCE] Game crash after multiplayer game started
  92. [HARDWARE] Map rendering error
  93. [Performance] Beeping sounds in-game??
  94. [performance] Can't join multiplayer (just sits there)
  95. [HARDWARE] Failed to initialize video card?
  96. [PERFORMANCE] Slow Multiplayer Load Times
  97. [PERFORMANCE] Game hangs on installation!
  98. [Hardware] Grafik Problems with 9700pro
  99. [hardware] Yup only in DOW!
  100. [HARDWARE] cannot see text
  101. graphics get screwy on game startup
  102. [PERFORMANCE] Serious Memory Leak!
  103. [HARDWARE] Ports and university networks
  104. [PERFORMANCE] Clockwork frame stop
  105. [HARDWARE] No game installing
  106. Everything goes yellow
  107. Blue Scren Of Death! :(
  108. [PERFORMANCE] Display completely screws up
  109. [HARDWARE] GeForce MX4 Graphics Issues.
  110. [Performance] Lobby Pathetically slow?
  111. [PERFORMANCE] to those with menu graphics problems
  112. [HARDWARE] Dual Monitor work around
  113. [Performance] Game pausing/freezing
  114. [performance] Failed to initialize video card
  115. [Performance]Game is very choppy,constant freezes,takes forever to load.
  116. Graphic problems
  117. [PERFORMANCE] Particle Effects (Jetpacks and explosions)
  118. [HARDWARE] Anti-aliasing causes text corruption
  119. Advent Keyboard
  120. [HARDWARE]GeForce 4 MX 440 and Dawn of War
  121. [HARDWARE] No Sound
  122. [HARDWARE] Possible AA issue
  123. [Performance] RAM crashes?
  124. [PERFORMANCE] Valve Steam
  125. [PERFORMANCE] Apparently random crashing
  126. [HARDWARE] My SiS Video Card isn't supported.
  127. [Performance] Game crashes to Desktop, NO! Router problem
  128. [HARDWARE] Crash Bug
  129. [HARDWARE] Mousewheel not zooming.
  130. [HARDWARE] Texture errors in 16bit colour
  131. [HARDWARE] video card
  132. [PERFORMANCE] Unable to play DoW after XP Service Pack 2 installed.
  133. [Hardware] Radeon 9200
  134. winfast FX 6800
  135. [HARDWARE]GFX card
  136. [HARDWARE] video card
  137. Big Issues Menus not working, Sounds Repeating & Heavy Lag in tutorial
  138. [HARDWARE] Crashes to desktop?
  139. [performance] 4v4 player matches crashing
  140. [PERFORMANCE] Is is it my PC or...??
  141. Crashing at the end of the game
  142. [performance - Resolved] Random Crash To Desktop
  143. attachments?
  144. [HARDWARE?] Opening a port with a firewall
  145. [PERFORMANCE]Make sure your AGP video card isn't running in PCI mode
  146. [Performance]Good performance but lots of pauses.
  147. [PERFORMANCE] RAM Usage
  148. [PERFORMANCE] Multiplayer disconnects
  149. [HARDWARE] Can't see any writing
  150. [hardware] Yellow tint in-game.
  151. wich Ports i have to enable ??
  152. [HARDWARE] Background screen and selected menu areas go white.
  153. System reqs
  154. [HARDWARE] [V1.4 and 1.3] Problems with what I think, my graphics card.
  155. [PERFORMANCE]Minimap Quick Jumping
  156. [HARDWARE][1.4] Freezing
  157. [Performance] Good news.
  158. [performence] failure to load folders
  159. [Performance] Patch?
  160. [PERFORMANCE] Multiplayer UI lagging?
  161. Army Painter
  162. [Performance] Choppy/repeating Sound
  163. [Performance] Game loading freeze when not hosting
  164. [PERFORMANCE] Stuck in windowed mode?
  165. [HARDWARE] ATI cards and cursors
  166. [hardware] ATI Radeon 7500
  167. [LOBBY] Host not found? Possible router Issue?
  168. [HARDWARE][1.4] Tint bug NOT fixed.
  169. [PERFORMANCE] Pausing and hitching in-game
  170. [BUG][1.4] Nooo,Nooo! help plz! PATCH problems!-FIXED!
  171. [PREFORMANCE]Do i have so low end computer for this game?
  172. [PERFORMANCE][1.4] Tutorial Post 1.4...still "clicking"
  173. [AUDIO][1.4] sound freezing ingame
  174. [PERFORMANCE][1.4] Stutter problems
  175. READ ME - Beta Patch 1.4 Bug List and Posting Guidelines
  176. [Hardware] [1.3+1.40] Frequent Game Crashs
  177. [PERFORMANCE] Rendering issues + General Performance (loading, stutter, etc)
  178. [HARDWARE][1.4] Green Tint
  179. [AUDIO][1.4] beeping sounds
  180. [Performance][1.4] Post patch
  181. [HARDWARE][1.4] White menu
  182. [HARDWARE][1.4] Game completely "locks"
  183. [bug]freeze during multiplay and drop
  184. [HARDWARE][1.4] Ork GUI is completely missing
  185. reinstalling error
  186. [PERFORMANCE] Possable video card issue
  187. [HARDWARE][1.4] did relic decreased the Grahpics?
  188. [PERFORMANCE][1.4]To Relic-Game stutters
  189. [Performance] Game Won't Run Full Screen
  190. [Hardware] system crash
  191. [PERFORMANCE][1.4] piss poor loading time and gittery gameplay
  192. [HARDWARE][1.4]Graphic problem
  193. [HARDWARE][1.4] Graphics totally crap...
  194. [PERFOMANCE][1.4]Can anyone explain this reason for choppiness?
  195. [HARDWARE][1.4] Major glitches (white stripes) appear.
  196. [HARDWARE][1.4] Will Anti-Aliasing Be Supported in DoW?
  197. Problems Joining Games....
  198. [PERFORMANCE] - MP dropping
  199. [HARDWARE][1.4] Shadow from Ork plane 'sticks'
  200. [HARDWARE][1.4] White lines all over the place!
  201. [Hardware] [Graphics] No fog of war ?
  202. [HARDWARE][1.4] Graphic Issues.
  203. Can't Read Anything
  204. [HARDWARE]Lobby error message window
  205. [HARDWARE][1.4] Words Are Rectangles of Colour
  206. [HARDWARE][1.4] When I start up (sort of a bug)
  207. [HARDWARE] Cannot Connect Through College Internet
  208. [HARDWARE][1.4] Weird fonts?
  209. [Hardware][1.4] Simulation conroller errors cause crash?
  210. [PERFORMANCE][1.4] Totally slow start on mp after long load
  211. Router / Ports
  212. [PERFORMANCE][1.4] suddenly running worse than 1.3
  213. [Hardware] Graphic card?
  214. Answer
  215. [PERFORMANCE][1.4] My system >/= DoW
  216. [HARDWARE]:Too slow net?
  217. I run a netgear server
  218. [hardwere/performance]-what Is Udp???????????????????????????????????????????????????
  219. [HARDWARE] Video Card/ Systems
  220. [PERFORMANCE][1.4] Not with the game, but because of the game
  221. [HARDWARE/PERFORMANCE] Firewall UDP problem
  222. [Performance] LUA Scripting Question
  223. [HARDWARE] problem loading
  224. [instal]
  225. Lag/preformance problems
  226. [HARDWARE][PERFORMANCE] Tool-Tips hardly readable & game stutters
  227. My minimap is black!
  228. Open Beta can't get past License Agreement
  229. Freezes before i can enter an profile name!
  230. [performance]
  231. [HARDWARE][1.4] Huge major graphics glitch!
  232. [PERFORMANCE] v1.4 Lag problems.
  233. System Specs: PLease List
  234. [HARDWARE][1.4] I'm getting performance issues
  235. "Could not initialize installation (CRC)" Hallion, Dundee
  236. [HARDWARE][1.4] orc building "drop"
  237. [HARDWARE] Widescreen - Can we keep the aspect ratio?
  238. [Hardware]Another log
  239. [HARDWARE]? - Buttons are all grey
  240. [preformance] After 30-40 games with pach v1.4 i get 1st crash
  241. Radeon 9800 pro/ GeForce 5200fx
  242. [HARDWARE/PERFORMANCE]UDP Firewall prob.
  243. [HARDWARE] Graphics appears with black triangles
  244. Port numbers for the game
  245. [INSTALL]Game wi8ll not start. (Info included)
  246. [Preformance][1.4]Color values in the Army Painter
  247. [HARDWARE] Windows XP Admin and Limited User
  248. [HARDWARE] the game won't start
  249. [HARDWARE] game keeps freezing please help
  250. [PERFORMANCE][1.4] very jerky when playing 1 player