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  1. [OPINION]Your Patch 1.3 Impressions
  2. [OPINION] Top ten changes to DOW
  3. [OPINION] New sound effects MUST go!
  4. [OPINION] Tooltip size too intrusive!
  5. [OPINION] Give me back my Ladz!
  6. [OPINION] I just posted this on the SP forums, but . . .
  7. Thread You Posted Deleted? Here's why!
  8. [OPINION] Middle mouse button rotate toggle?
  9. [BYDESIGN?] Eldar Upgrades Do NOT Include Seer Council?
  10. [Opinion] The top then changes I would like to see to DOW
  11. [BYDESIGN?] [OPINION] Upgraded Listening Points
  12. [Opinion] Bullet Effects
  13. [BYDESIGN?] Change video options asked to restart the game
  14. [OPINION] Automatch and Army painter
  15. [OPINION] The Dark Thread of Unwanted Units
  16. [BYDESIGN?] The lobby?
  17. [OPINION] Unit visability. (behind walls ect)
  18. [Opinion] Add Unique Heroes
  19. [OPINION] Open beta impressions, by a closed beta tester.
  20. [BYDESIGN?] adding save in tutorial
  21. [BYDESIGN?] loadscreen is random
  22. [OPINION] Too many upgrades!(?) Too many abilities!(?)
  23. [OPINION] Sayings
  24. [OPINION] Infantry Squad UI Improvement
  25. [OPINION] Suggested changes
  26. [OPINION] Camera angle and minimap
  27. [Opinion] Unit Experience
  28. [BYDESIGN?][OPINION] Holiday Transparencies?
  29. [OPINION] Bring more 40k into DOW
  30. [OPINION] why not add tyranid?
  31. [OPINION] On Subgroups
  32. [OPINION] DoW's success hinges on a better MP matchmaker service
  33. [BYDESIGN?][OPINION] Start Locations
  34. [Opinion]MiniMap
  35. [Opinion] Ork Tech Tree Discourages Mass Assaults
  36. [OPINION] Favorite unit configs
  37. [OPINION] Some voice files are repetitive and annoying
  38. [OPINION] SM Mix Heavy Weapons Icon
  39. [OPINION] possiblities?
  40. [OPINION]Please give us the ability to map out our own controls!!!
  41. Allied Teams Should be easier to ID
  42. [OPINION] Critical Issues & DoW's Future Success
  43. [OPINION]Too much griping about code.. not enough honesty about PCs
  44. [OPINION] My doubts, my list.
  45. [BYDESIGN?] Keyboard selecting units.
  46. [opinion] Orks' Blood should be green
  47. [opinion] Waypoints
  48. [opinion] Making grouped units visible
  49. [opinion]Make vehicles larger
  50. [Opinoin] Lobby must haves..
  51. [OPINION] vehicle squadrons
  52. [OPINION] Multi-player menu
  53. [opinion]maybe a trim painter also?
  54. [OPINION] Mod Nazis?
  55. [opinion] worker / game controls
  56. [OPNION]F1-8 defaults can be LOTS better
  57. [OPINION]Research is abstract and unnecessary
  58. [Opinion] Overall opinion from RTS veteran, and Warhammer noob
  59. [OPINION] Zoom out not far enough
  60. [Opinion] Hmm disappointment... (Changed my mind!!!)
  61. [opinion]plzz lets us make a multy player game with bots only
  62. [OPINION] Game Start
  63. [Opinion] Things that look out of place
  64. [Opinion]Make scout suats larger and take more heavyweapons
  65. [UI] Icons for deep strike
  66. [BYDESIGN?]Yellow tint?
  67. [Opinion] This game isn't ready for release....
  68. [Opinion]Micro Management
  69. [OPINION] Scrolling the battlefield
  70. [OPINION]Army Painter Improvement
  71. [opinion]Great idea for the trim colour problem with the A-painter
  72. [OPINION]plz enable a skirmish mode in the beta
  73. game browser refreshing
  74. [opinion]Just a few things to point out..
  75. [OPINION] DEL on your last building should be disabled or changed...
  76. [OPINION] Following units
  77. [Opinion] More intuitive auto focus on unit
  78. Following units
  79. [opinion] Need a center view on unit hotkey
  80. [UI],[OPINION]Ping needs to be more noticable on minimap.
  81. Game list.
  82. [OPINION] Chaos Voice Acting and fluff
  83. [OPINION] building process and placement
  84. [opinion] Damage effects?
  85. [OPINION] Prone or no Prone>
  86. [Opionion] Chaos and Marines
  87. [OPINION]Victory fanfare needs to change.
  88. [opinion] Blood Sprays
  89. [ByDesign] Bullet effects go through units
  90. [Suggestion] Stress-Test Observer Mode?
  91. [OPINION] SP Skirmish Games + Army Painter
  92. [BYDESIGN?] Minimap mouse controls can be useless?!
  93. [BYDESIGN?][BUG] pred tank not using all lasers
  94. Group Focus
  95. [Lobby/Opinion] Game rooms
  96. [OPINION] Unit Speech
  97. [OPINION] flat ground should be excluded from the units hidden geometry enlightment
  98. [Opinion]Friends box
  99. [OPINION] The ' Key
  100. [OPINION] After 2 days
  101. [BYDESIGN?] UNits/models in low/medium detail have polys missing.
  102. [Question] Is it planned to have a rnak ladder also for 2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4 ?
  103. [OPINION]Squad Selection
  104. [BYDESIGN?] Aspiring Champion for Raptors
  105. [Question]Chaos Defiler doesnt exist in tabletop?
  106. [BYDESIGN?]cloaked capping
  107. [LOBBY] General Lobby Issues
  108. [OPINION] improvements for all four races
  109. [opinion] KSL needs attention
  110. [OPINION]function to add units to groups
  111. [OPINION]A few changes to Chaos
  112. [OPINION] Devs... tell us cheats
  113. [ByDesign?] Look around the map, but Fog of War on.
  114. [Opinion]Auto-Damage when Disengaging from Assault
  115. more units
  116. [OPINION]How about
  117. [Opinion]Raptor Aspiring Champions
  118. [Opinion]Chaos Daemons: Flamers
  119. [Opinion]Interface
  120. -delete-
  121. [Opinion]Multiplayer Maps are Dull
  122. [opinion] customizable units?
  123. [Opinion]Admin in lobby
  124. [Opinion]Sell/Destroy structure
  125. [BYDESIGN?] a nice setup!
  126. [OPINION] Citadel Colours & A-Painter
  127. [BYDESIGN?] units on side of wall
  128. [OPINION][BY DESIGN] Indirect Artillery
  129. [OPINION] why i hate DoW's unit caps
  130. [OPINION] Give all buildings of same type the SAME hotkey!
  131. [OPINION]Make allied units move out of the way
  132. [BYDESIGN?]Multiplayer interface
  133. [opinion] buildings fortifiable?
  134. [Bydesign?] Shroud
  135. [OPINION] The main issues in DoW
  136. [OPPINION] Chaos Sorcorer's Spells Do What Exactly?
  137. [OPINION] Heavy weapons vs. no heavy weapons
  138. [Opinion] AI is way to weak ;/ And stupid.
  139. [?] annoying beeping
  140. [OPINION] New command for artillery
  141. [OPINION] Aura?
  142. [Opinion]About Multiplayer interface and buttons
  143. [SUGGESTION] GUI interface idea.
  144. [OPINION] Remove ALL buildings from the game!
  145. [OPINION] Standard Console button has to be changed!
  146. [OPINION] Weird pathfinding
  147. [opinion] random suggestions
  148. [Suggestion] Unit AI
  149. Army Painter- Patterns
  150. [OPINION][Long] Firing at targets in CC or near other targets
  151. middle mouse as camera
  152. Exiting transports
  153. [bydesign?] breaking the vehicle unit cap
  154. [Performance]Graphics going to be tweaked at all?
  155. [OPINION] Difference in tech levels too punishing
  156. [OPINION] Jump/Teleport/Deepstrike & Drop pods
  157. [Suggestion] Assorted Ideas
  158. [SUGGESTION] Intuitive camera control
  159. If there's One Race I wish Could be in this Game.
  160. [OPINION] What (I believe) should be in the next patch
  161. Infantry seeking cover
  162. [OPINION]Base Defense
  163. [SUGGESTION]How about giving Ork Slugga's melee upgrade options?
  164. [OPINION] unit acknowledgement
  165. [BYDESIGN?] Bloodthirster summoned throught a SORCERER??
  166. [opinion]give hq a force field
  167. [opinion] Ork "Horde"? ;)
  168. [OPINION]More terrain and weather effects required
  169. [Opinion] The Lobby Community
  170. veiw of the battlefield and group commands
  171. [Opinion] Commanders
  172. [OPINION] Unit follow command woud be a +
  173. [OPINION] thoughts to Patch 1.3
  174. Suggestions for Mini-map display
  175. [OPINION] Map Pings and Team Chat
  176. Unit Selection
  177. [OPINION]Comparison between cost for the first vehicule showing orks are crippled!
  178. [BYDESIGN?] Eldar teleport exploit on Quatra
  179. [SUGGESTION] Space Hulk related
  180. [Opinion] A few suggestions
  181. [Suggestion]Game Selection Scrolling
  182. [OPINION] Unloading Units From Transports (Needs Serious Change)
  183. [Opinion] Power fist graphics
  184. [Opinion]Raptor Aspiring Champion needs new model
  185. [Opinion] Double tap unit designate key needs to centre camera
  186. [OPINION] Bonesinger teleport
  187. [Opinion] Fend demands "more gore!"
  188. [Opinion] sacred relic
  189. [OPINION] status screen while loading the game
  190. [OPINION] Hot Keys for Specials
  191. Unit Experience
  192. [Opinion] Dawn of War's Music
  193. [?] Is there a bug list?
  194. Very hard to read 2nd page of online games
  195. [Opinion] Small change to the overwatch button flash.
  196. [Opinion] Make chat messages more visable in game.
  197. [OPINION]There should be a way to HEAL the Avatar unit
  198. [opinion] better zoom!
  199. [OPINION] Add lights to completed buildings
  200. [opinion-request]make "water" unaccecable to everything
  201. [Opinion] Different map varieties
  202. [OPINION] Get rid of default "xxxx's Game"?
  203. [?] A request
  204. [opinion] avatar
  205. I Want Ability to Destroy/Disable Own Units
  206. [OPINION] There needs to be a Select unit type shortcut!
  207. About the single player game after release
  208. [BALANCE] Rocket launchers overpowered vs Infantry
  209. [OPINION]Mines for all races is uninventive. Ideas Inside!
  210. [OPINION]Add bonuses/penalties for flanking/rear attacks
  211. [OPINION] Interface features
  212. [OPINION]: Lobby & Game Selection
  213. [OPINION] Show all unit abilities in a group
  214. [OPINION]Take and Hold
  215. [Opinion] Develepors, I beg thee...
  216. [Opinion] Lots of stuff here from and old RTS player
  217. [OPINION] Make vehicle units consume up power.
  218. [OPINION] Replacement system for buildings
  219. [OPINION] Make vehicles affected by morale
  220. [opinion][ide] for the game
  221. [opionion]when you fire at a unit, and you leave yours, bullets disapear
  222. [OPINION] Graphical and sound polishing
  223. [OPINION] No longer an Infantry Game.
  224. [OPINION] Suggestion: "Autocast" special abilities
  225. [OPINION]Fleet of Foot too obvious for manual control?
  226. [OPINION] Suggestion: Have all banners face the camera
  227. [OPINION] Best RTS to date - complaints are coming from a minority
  228. [OPPINION] Late game resources and gameplay
  229. [Suggestion] Seperate Colour.
  230. A small but important feature that should be added
  231. Eldar Reoganization
  232. [OPINION] Patching dilemma
  233. How to lead Squiggoth out of camp?
  234. [OPINION]We should be able to point the camera upwards to look up into the sky.
  235. [OPINION] Playable Races
  236. [OPINION] Why not do something different...
  237. [OPINION] this game has potential to change the RTS genre forever, but....
  238. [OPINION] Orbital Strike Lackluster?
  239. Fileplanet taken down their links?
  240. [IDEA]Clan-Support Online!
  241. [OPINION] NO CD!
  242. [Opinion]Cover is very disappointing.
  243. [OPINION]Who's with me? Vehicles NEED to explode!
  244. [BYDESIGN?][SUGGESTION] Leman Russ close-range direct-fire accuracy
  245. (suggestion) Pingometer reccomended for multiplay interface.
  246. [OPINION] Dump GameSpy!
  247. [opinion] Expansions
  248. [OPINION] New games sounds in 1.3patch
  249. [OPINION] Replays enabled during beta + valid reasons why so
  250. [OPINION]Stance improvements would be nice for Orks