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  1. About the Golden Throne
  2. Warhammer 40K books?
  3. Origin of the Blood Raven chapter? [speculation]
  4. Dark Eldar
  5. Do Imperial Guardsmen dislike Space Marines?
  6. Who are the good guys and who are bad?
  7. a Q for you eldar players.
  8. Are Valhallans Russians?
  9. Question on SM Dreadnought's
  10. fluff slip-ups
  11. titans..
  12. Assasins
  13. black dragons
  14. why did the iron warriors go chaos?
  15. 40K Flash Animation: Opinions/Suggestions/Fluff Accuracy [UPDATE: Sep. 20th]
  16. gazskull
  17. Warhammer Comics, any good? Were the IG ever featured?
  18. Daemon Death
  19. Warhammer 40K Storyline...
  20. Dwarves in 40k?
  21. Internations Campaings Rigged?
  22. What Chaos God Do U Worship & Why?
  23. Novels with Imperial Guard/Stormtroopers...
  24. Jus Something Cool
  25. malal
  26. Malal
  27. Scythes of the Emperor
  28. Sources of fluff on the internet?
  29. Rainbow Warriors?
  30. Desperately seeking Heresy Art...
  31. Eversor vs Death cult assasin
  32. Tau Hostile or Protective?
  33. Can somebody help me with this?
  34. What was the Cadia Planet before Horus Hersy like?
  35. A Little Race breakdown
  36. Grav Chutes, how do they work?
  37. Battle capabilities of a craftworld
  38. When were the Cadian Pylons built?
  39. I have no idea where to put this thread so I'll put it here.
  40. I have no idea where to put this thread so I'll put it here. cont..
  41. Peer, please read before lockage.
  42. What happened to Electoo Monks?
  43. Question about the Expunged Legions
  44. Dark Angels Legion History.
  45. Jokaero!
  46. Why doesnt the imperium ally?
  47. Why did the Nids attack the Eastern Fringe?
  48. Whats the complete ork storyline?
  49. Explain to me why the imperium hates mutants but not Ogryns or Rattlings?
  50. Blackstone Fortresses, C'tan, the sealing of the warp (and who's good and bad)
  51. Machine God and the Adeptus Mechanicus and why Chaos Technology is better
  52. Demon Weopons and the Space Marines
  53. Emperor's Children - What turned them evil and make them worship chaos?
  54. World Eaters fluff (I don't want to directly quote the IA Article)
  55. Armor materials in the 40k universe
  56. Black Templar fluff?
  57. Good Fluff sources - Post 'em here
  58. What was the First WH40K novel?
  59. Space Marines vs. Imperium.
  60. Best 40K stuff you have read?
  61. Evil or good
  62. when did the dark eldar go bad!? and...
  63. Chaos gods
  64. Fellow Imperial Citizens, What do YOU love about the Emperor??
  65. Imperial Navy or Imperial gaurd
  66. Whats a hive World
  67. ultramarinecommander.jpg=Captain Ardias guy?
  68. Altansar
  69. who's this guy and what's his story?
  70. whats your homemade eldar fluff?
  71. guard and there trainin
  72. marine relations
  73. History of warhammer
  74. Dumb question but... Do marines ever take off their armor?
  75. Is the Inquision good or bad
  76. Who's Your Favourite Imperial Guard Legion?
  77. Who Do You Think Is The Worst 40k Army
  78. What army/unit/bad ass character do you hate facing the most
  79. Any new Blood Angels "heroes"
  80. most common cc for chapters
  81. Battle Capabilities of a... Space Hulk???
  82. what the chapters represent in the past
  83. Couple of Questions
  84. one question about earth and space marines
  85. Battle For Macragge
  86. Blood Angel Fluff
  87. Requesting Fluff
  88. Not sure if this is the right forum but...
  89. the marine styles
  90. The Assassin Temples
  91. Im Confused...
  92. How do orks breed?
  93. tau and nids
  94. The Wolf Time approaches me thinks...
  95. The Necron and the Eldar Prophecy
  96. Essential fluff link
  97. Let's talk about the Eldar gods.
  98. The Eldar goin around in there big craftworlds
  99. Fluff request : Imperial Fist
  100. Armageddon Steel Legions and Kreig Death Corps
  101. who were the 3 space marine legions with the emporoer during the horus heresy
  102. From what I understand of the imperium [allies]
  103. Requesting Word Bearers Fluff
  104. Jetpacks
  105. What is the Cadian Gate?
  106. The galaxy is as good as dead
  107. Sensi or Star Child
  108. Crimson Fists Fluff
  109. Janus Drake and other such questions...
  110. Ork novels
  111. Could gork and mork beat C'tan(star gods)
  112. old dog in need of new tricks
  113. Leviathan Command vehicle - What the hell is it?
  114. How many different endings are there to 40k?
  115. The Moon.
  116. Space Wolves 13th Company
  117. When was warhammer 40k first released?
  118. Grey Knights size?
  119. power and force weapons
  120. A Novel Idea
  121. Space Marines and Imperial Guard
  122. Rouge Adeptus Mechanus
  123. Your opinion on WH40K Novels ?
  124. Leigion of the damned
  125. Assassins and grey knights as the relic troops for sm's!
  126. The Chaos Gods?
  127. Necron "Living Metal" What is it?
  128. what does the emperor look like?
  129. Iron Hands
  130. CĀ“tan and the adetus mechanicus
  131. What do you want to have happen in the next 'chapter' of 40k?
  132. The Chaos Marine Legions
  133. Questions about the Emperor..
  134. Some questions
  135. Define "dying race" ?
  136. Coolest Chaos Legion
  137. Fight Club
  138. Is the "Warhammer" just a cool name, or does it really exist in WH40K?
  139. just for the sake to get ppl arguing
  140. Ice Age!
  141. Anyone know any orky war stories?
  142. The Future
  143. Terminators
  144. Thousands sons
  145. My very own WH40k story!
  146. Can Anyone direct to a good 40k forum
  147. What happend to Roboute Guilliman
  148. Index Astartes articles
  149. Noise Marines?
  150. Homeworld "UNKNOWN" ?
  151. An Army of your very own.
  152. Officio Sabatorum?
  153. Heraldry and Cultures of Adeptus Astartes Chapters
  154. Rise of the Swarm
  155. What do the eldar look like without their helmets?
  156. The Dragon!??
  157. Sisters Of Battle
  158. How big is a Chapter?
  159. Teleportation in the fluff
  160. Thousand Sons replacements?
  161. Eldar's Headaches
  162. Whats up with the imperium?
  163. Whats up with the imperium of humanity?
  164. New question on the Thousand Sons.
  165. What are the Old ones?
  166. please put anything you want about primarchs here
  167. Leman Russ Tanks?
  168. New ORK klan..not EXACTLY fluff (plz view)
  169. what are the farsight enclaves
  170. Space Hulks.
  171. Just a thought on 'fluff'
  172. I Can Handle The Truth!!
  173. Books in Oz
  174. What Heretical or Xenos Army poses the greatest threat to the Imperium of Man?
  175. another dum question
  176. Puzzling question regarding the warp... I can't find a satisfying answer
  177. New Space Marine Chapter... Need assistance...
  178. Wounded
  179. other Warhammer game?
  180. Alpha-Class Psykers Q&A
  181. Favourite Special Character?
  182. The Imperium and the Galaxy.
  183. Should the Emperor have been interred in a Dreadnought?
  184. the stone men
  185. Eye of terror Campaign!??!
  186. Would you sell to Chaos? Pros and Cons
  187. Best....Chapter?
  188. Eldar Fighters vs Thunderhawks???
  189. Minor question on armor...
  190. Whatever happened too......
  191. Was the Emperor of mankind Jesus.??...
  192. SM Chapters & Chaos
  193. Imperial Guard Info requested
  194. The Lost??
  195. help with Tau story
  196. Any "good" warp... uh... demons?
  197. Tau & the Genestealers
  198. requesting fluff for Celestial Lions
  199. cypher
  200. Is there a good site to read 40k fluff?
  201. Black Library Novels
  202. Space Marines: Do they sweat? And some other questions.
  203. A worried FatalTheRabbit
  204. The IG vs The Space Marines
  205. What happened to Vulcan?
  206. tau timeline
  207. Riddle of Cypher Solved
  208. Are there any books compiling the wh40K fluff?
  209. People of Warhammer 40,000
  210. A Chaos Space Marines Diary
  211. Newb Backstory Question :)
  212. The Emperor, new data.
  213. A film about Space Marines.
  214. Makes me laugh so hard!
  215. If the Imperium focused all of their efforts....
  216. Geneseeds
  217. Who are the deathwatch?
  218. How big can a Ork get?
  219. Are the Sensei the Adeptus Custodes??
  220. Major Question regarding the Emperor
  221. Tau vs Eldar?
  222. what would our world be like if the imperium claimed it
  223. 1 on 1 wrestling (mud wrestling if thats your thing)
  224. Question about the cetan
  225. im new
  226. There is only War?
  227. Pointy heads on the helments
  228. What do spacemarines do in there sparetime
  229. How do Chaos Space Marines... propagate?
  230. The Emperor's (reluctant) wrath
  231. Are Tau Pyschic?
  232. Force Commander Weapons.
  233. Kroot Background
  234. Nukes?
  235. Dark Eldar
  236. please explain geneseed to me
  237. Emperor's armor and weapon
  238. New to the 41st millenium
  239. Eldar's Faces?
  240. Dark Angels secret...
  241. The Battle Field
  242. There a place to post stories and stuff?
  243. Dreadoughts question
  244. Khaine?
  245. How often are there SM casualties?
  246. Loyal Death Guard
  247. Forgeworld stuff
  248. Odo Hereticus Vs Odo Mallus (spelling?)
  249. Are Sisters of Battle and Grey Knights Space Marines?
  250. What do Eldar CraftWorlds look like