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  1. Coding Q&A with (some) new lua functions [updated 7/12]
  2. Company of Heroes Modding Wiki - please post up tutorials there
  3. HOWTO: Change squad weapon
  4. HOWTO: Edit projectile deformation
  5. HOWTO: Edit UI text
  6. HOWTO: Add a unit to a building
  7. Modding and You
  8. HOWTO: Make a Radio Man
  9. Change Resource from resource points
  10. HOWTO: Make a Howitzer buildable
  11. HOWTO: Settings up SCARs for skirmish missions
  12. How to: Limit the amount of Units in battle
  13. HOWTO: Raise engagement distance of units
  14. HOWTO: remove unit occlusion
  15. How to paradrop multiple squads
  16. Editing max zoom on the camera
  17. HOW TO: Make Smoke Grenades
  18. HOWTO : Rotatable Buildings
  19. Help for mapping requested
  20. How to: Territory sectors and map installation for dummies
  21. HOW TO REQUEST: How do you make any weapon usable by any unit
  22. [world builder] how do you make loading screens and over head map?
  23. [How to] Play Custom Maps Online
  24. HOW TO:Add random music to costum Map
  25. [Howto-Videos] Using Corsix's Mod Studio
  26. How to look at sectors without having to go into game..
  27. How To: Build terrain that can block shooting
  28. How To: Disable enemy healhbar
  29. making cupola MG's standard issue on all tanks.
  30. How TO: Reduce infantry speed
  31. Airborne support errors on custom maps
  32. -- Wonderdog's CoH Mapping Tutorial Videos --
  33. HowTo get your HowTo here
  34. HowTo: WorldBuilder: Starting Out
  35. How-To: WorldBuilder : Making a Working Staircase
  36. How To: Using Accuracy / Damage / Penetration modifiers
  37. [HOW TO] Create an installer for your maps
  38. How To: Have same vehicle with different skins
  39. HOW TO: Change Flag Textures
  40. How-to add your mod's logo to the game menu
  41. How-to add a new tile set
  42. How-to customize your pause menu by editing a .screen
  43. how-to tired of your infantry not staying put?
  44. HOW TO: Make Camouflage Squads
  45. How To: Alter the Units in Forward HQs
  46. HOWTO: Use SGA scenarios with your mod
  47. How to: Make a buildable medic with healing aura.
  48. HowTo: Singleplayer Campaign Creation (SCAR)
  49. How To: Income and Upkeep
  50. How to pack map files into SGA archives
  51. HOWTO: Basic NIS
  52. HOW-TO: Make dead bodys stay on the battlefield...
  53. HOW-TO: Make Vehicle Wrecks Stay On The Battlefield, With Heavy Crushing.
  54. How To: Veterancy ranks and modifiers
  55. New Units-Demolition Truck & Suicide Bomber
  56. HOW-TO: [Just for fun] Give vehicles retaliation plans.
  57. Model Exporting Q&A - Updated 26/9
  58. How to-use a custom loading screen
  59. Advanced SCAR example (dday coop)
  60. HOWTO: Advanced NIS
  61. How To: Adding repair engineers to Tank Depot or Motorpool
  62. How to Add Custom (ORIGINAL) Music to your Map
  63. How To: Make a New Pick Able Team in OF
  64. How-To: Change Character Models without Modeling tools.
  65. How to Make a new Side Pickable:
  66. HOWTO:Basic SCAR.
  67. How to: Get units to be map specific.
  68. Guide to install the Zoom-Out-Mod
  69. How to: Get mods to work with Steam CoH
  70. HOW TO: Use your own Teamcolours.lua for online play
  71. HOW TO Create CoH Style Normal maps
  72. How To: make falshirmjagers reinforce via paradrop
  73. HOW TO: Use rolevariations
  74. HOW TO: give slit trenches to other races
  75. HOW TO: make a commando paradrop ability
  76. HOW TO: make paradropable vehicles
  77. HOW TO: fix invisible weapons
  78. HOWTO: NIS Pictures
  79. How to : use action markers with worldbuilder ver 1.71 and 2.600
  80. [HOW TO] Make Units that don't Build, Build [Picture Tutorial]
  81. HOW TO: fix brit and PE voices
  82. How To: Give Rangers and other units build options.
  83. How To : Using World Builder and Photoshop to make new images
  84. HowTo: Extract and Convert Audio - Small Update: 7/28/09
  85. [SCAR] How-to: Play streamed sound
  86. [SCAR] How-to: Make visual timer
  87. How to: Load your mod in Worldbuilder
  88. HOW TO: Make Vehicle Wrecks Recoverable
  89. How To: Editing a Garrisonable Building's Visual Unit Slots
  90. How to: make bloody wounded soldiers
  91. HOW TO: Using Vehicle States
  92. [How To] Change guns in brits emplacements (working!)
  93. How-To: Make the 88mm Flak36 fire like a Howitzer
  94. [OLD] The Grand How-To (read first, kk?)
  95. [How To] Make a sub-menu
  96. [How To] Some Basic Scar for Mappers
  97. How-To: Make Team weapons exitable.
  98. How-To: Adjust Infantry View Range on the Move
  99. HOW TO: Make weapon model mixes
  100. How To: Editing Doctrines and their Abilities
  101. [HowTo] Tutorial Batch 1 - setting up tools and using them
  102. How to: Making Panzerkrieg Maps
  103. How-To: Make Tiger Commanders
  104. How-To: Adding Direct Fire to any unit
  105. How to: record a .clip in game. Then load in worldbuilder/nis
  106. How-To: Make a Flakvierling buildable
  107. HOW TO: Make turret rotating on custom model usign OE
  108. [HowTo] Tutorial Batch 1.1 - Hotfix for 2.50X
  109. [HOW TO] Debug (aka commands for testing) scar script
  110. Community Object Editor - for Vista and XP
  111. How To: Basic Macros
  112. How-To: Make custom reward units
  113. How to: Craters
  114. How to: Tracers, and vapor trails.
  115. HOW TO: Change turret rotation speed
  116. [HowTo] Properly texture custom CoH Models
  117. Object Editor Documentation, Video, & Relic Comments
  118. [How To]: Add 50cal and Tank Cmdr to other tanks.
  119. [How To] Make Artillery Auto-Fire
  120. [How To] Radioman that calls in reinforcements off map.
  121. [How-To] Change/Add units in Forward HQ
  122. [How To] Edit Weapon Stats *finished*
  123. [How To:] Import Custom Weapons **HD-VID**
  124. tutorial - sound mods
  125. [How To] UV mapping 101
  126. [How-To] Re-Skinning Infantry
  127. [Tutorial] Merging Faction Speechfiles
  128. [Tutorial] Custom SCAR Rules
  129. [HOW-TO] Add custom assets to existing CoH Models
  130. [How-To]Animating Treads in CoH - Video
  131. [HOW-TO] Remove The VP Points Choice Option In GameSetup.
  132. [Gold Edition] Editing Stock Maps: Step by Step
  133. [HowTo] Create a River with a Spline
  134. [How-To] Set up new critical blueprints
  135. The Ultimate 'How to make a new Faction' Tutorial!
  136. [HOW TO] Make any tank have camouflage ability
  137. [How-To] Create an Auto Installer with Desktop Shortcut using Winrar
  138. [How-To] Make CoH:Online ability in ToV
  139. [How-To]Setup and use the RGM Importer
  140. [How-To]Setup Custom Damage Boxes
  141. [How To] Corsix DirectX Overlay DLL + Instructions
  142. How To: Have have all units in Worldbilder and in Corsix Mod Studio
  143. How to: Combine Cheatmod w/ other Mods
  144. [How-To]Setup Physics with models
  145. Making Cpt_Mkay's Infantry Mod Work in ToV
  146. [How-To]Animate vehicles for CoH
  147. [Tutorial] Advanced Model Mixing
  148. How To: transfer units from one faction to another
  149. How to: draw/paint sectors in World Builder
  150. Custom Model Integration Q/A
  151. [How-To]Setup turret gunners and turrets
  152. [How-To]Use the Multi Tool
  153. [How-To]Complete Setup of a vehicle
  154. [How-To]Setup a Custom LMG
  155. [HowTo] fix M10 misfire (90%)
  156. How To: Change the Tiger Ace Campaign tiger skins
  157. How To: Convert a structure to be neutral
  158. How To: Extend the "Operations" UI and Display UI Boxes
  159. How-To: Fix the M4 Sherman Hatch
  160. How-to prevent your vehicles from crushing your defenses (The Solution)
  161. [How-To] SCAR coding a NIS intro in MP game
  162. How To: Setting Squad Reinforce Costs and Times
  163. How To: Making Stationary Guns Reinforce-able
  164. [HOW-TO]Setting up Custom Sounds
  165. [Tutorial] Adding Combat Slots to Vehicles
  166. How To have Aid Stations spawn doctrine specific squads
  167. [How-To] Waterfalls in Company of Heroes
  168. HOW TO: Design a Trench with Splines: Eastern Front Style
  169. How to: Make logo same alpha quality as coh_of_logo
  170. How-To: Edit Start Screen
  171. How To: Make Tanks Hull Down
  172. [How-To]Add Spawning animation/state to units (stock and custom)
  173. [How-To]Advanced custom model animation (model mixing & custom animations)
  174. [How-To]Make Custom trees
  175. [How to] Editing Doctrines.
  176. How To: Play Campaign Missions Without Playing Them All
  177. How To: Fix the Greyhound/Puma/Staghound damaged engine bug
  178. How to edit / add blueprint criticals alongside unit upgrades
  179. [How-To] Create new reload animations
  180. How To: giving units portraits, symbols and cards.
  181. How To: New Ability Off Map Mortar Smoke
  182. How-To: Making smf and bsc editing
  183. [How-To]Fix Shading errors on models
  184. [How-to]Creating a build menu like in vCOH
  185. [How to] Changing the display order of buildable structures in construction menus
  186. How to: Create a Relic-style tactical map
  187. [How-To] Avoid the stretched mesh issues of a custom infantry unit
  188. HOW TO: Setup the Tiger in a mod to use the ToV accessories
  189. Video on basic, semi, and advance Map making. For thoes whom have questions.
  190. How To: Setup a Vehicle to accomodate a Hero/Commander unit.
  191. [How-to]Create proper watermaps for maps
  192. [SCAR Tutorial] Classes, Rules, cURL, IO and more!
  193. HOW TO - Walkable Surfaces
  194. How To: Paradrop by Plane
  195. [How-To] Creating new secondary criticals
  196. [How-To]Matrix Animations
  197. [FAQ]Grand Modelling/Animating How-To
  198. [How-To]Create new Splats for your maps
  199. [HOW-TO] Working with the Camera in SCAR
  200. The Grand How-To v2 (FAQ) - [NEW TO MODDING? READ THIS!]
  201. [How To] Edit .action files with Cope's DOW2 toolbox
  202. HOW TO: Mod Tales of Valor 2.602 DLC Campaigns Using Corsix's Mod Studio 0.5.5
  203. [How-to] Totally fix and control unit call-in spam. End of Spam.
  204. [HOW-TO] Setup victory condition via scar on your map
  205. HOW TO: Mod Company of Heroes Operations Using Mod Corsix's Studio 0.5.5
  206. How To: Beefy^ Miscellaneous texture tutorials.
  207. [How-To] Video Tutorial Series - Building an Army
  208. [How-To] Make an ability to be NOT usable in Combat!
  209. How to - Make a Basic Scar file (Video)
  210. How To: Get Logging and On-Screen Debug Working for AI's