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  2. Paratroopers with Thompson upgrade
  3. Buildable Flakvierling for Axis!
  4. Allied Combat Medic (updated 10/15)
  5. No population mod
  6. M83 Illumination Flares Mini-Mod
  7. higher pop & cap
  8. German Infantry Mod Beta
  9. High pop & resource income mod
  10. German Desert Uniforms
  11. Allies Special Forces Unit UPDATED 11/13/06
  12. Infantry Skin Pack v1.0 ready for download
  13. stop commander icon blinking flashing
  14. allied infantry (please read all)
  15. British Infantry Skins version 1.0 (Version out of date see other thread)
  16. How are mods associated with a map?
  17. British Infantry Mod Final Version(Ready For Download)
  18. Realistic German Uniforms OF WIP skinpack v3.0 (Updated - July.1st)
  19. Russian Infantry Mod (Preview)
  20. Upkeep+Tiger+Pershing
  21. BlackLabels PANZER Skinpack VOL.1
  22. Skin Installation Tool
  23. Retreat Option
  24. Rangers Skins/Allied Camo Buildings
  25. making a skin pack
  26. SIG21_Skinpack (complete replacement pack)
  27. help
  28. my first small skin
  29. Haltracks Historical Vehicle Skins
  30. Anyone have any success modding weapon sounds?
  31. Here's How To Stop Panzerschrek Rockets From Passing Through Sherman Tanks
  32. Walking Stuka
  33. Tactical Tank Cover MINI-MOD
  34. Airdrop question
  35. How to make a plane appear when paradropping things
  36. Buildable bridges?
  37. Help Me
  38. Realism Mod (I know your thrilled)
  39. Editing tracerbeam
  40. Very Small Improvements/add-ons.
  41. how to fix the bug: bullets pass through tanks
  42. Question: How to extend the special-abilities menu
  43. Mod: Faster Pace Game *Updated*
  44. please help
  45. Axis Veterancy Mod
  46. Sound mod_new update_vehicles this time
  47. Suicide bomber mod (help)
  48. How to change camera zoom out further?
  49. Something fun I made while messing around
  50. larger squads mod?
  51. Release: Infantry Skins v2.0
  52. World_GetRand (min, max) ....... random or not?
  53. Couple of questions
  54. Buildable medic with healing aura.
  55. Changing camera zoom/behaviour (without -dev switch)
  56. ai squad take weapon like AT gun
  57. ai engineer repairs tanks and bridge ?
  58. The Community Content Initiative
  59. Sniper Mauser K98 for you all.
  60. Ambush mod
  61. Infantry auto retreat mod.
  62. Sand Paratroopers
  63. Creating a squad
  64. Tank Limitations
  65. Ace40k's sound mod
  66. Bombing Run
  67. Realistic Axis flag skinpack v2.0 compatitable with OF!
  68. How to get skins to appear ingame?
  69. New Flare effect ability in action (video preview)
  70. New weapon/effect: Chemical mortar (video preview)
  71. changing the menu music?
  72. Officer Leadership Aura
  73. i need some to create a
  74. Go Prone minimod (command unit to go prone)
  75. Go Prone mod (command unit to go prone)
  76. Moving Rangers to barracks
  77. lamps & lights
  78. Request:English Speechfile for CoH:OF
  79. old coh mod with OF
  80. OF Skins Preview Release!
  81. Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts Trainer release~!!
  82. Request: An All Airborne Mod or Skin Pack
  83. New units in campaing ?
  84. Tiger Tank Addition [OF]
  85. Scopeless G43 Skin
  86. OF sound mod_weapons and vehicles
  87. Release: Acidmod 1.0 (Vanilla & OF)
  88. Rifleman skin issue
  89. How do you make the Allies build the Flak 88.
  90. Request: 1-3 modders for some easy modding.
  91. working buildable flakvierling for allies
  92. [MREQ] FG 42
  93. G43 Rifle for PanzerGrenadiers
  94. Axis Skinmod (updated now with screens)
  95. TMOD (OF only)
  96. Extracting COH OF music
  97. Historical Skin Mod (v1.01) - 2.700.2.22 Compliant
  98. new mod (help)
  99. Super Weapons Mod[OF]
  100. No pop OF need help
  101. Problems with finding the correct Strategic Point
  102. SkinInstaller Download?
  103. Where can i find the Aide Station, what is the key of the whole rescue/wounded thing
  104. Jagdtiger
  105. Has Anyone Created an M36 Greatcoat to Download?
  106. Trenches.rgd
  107. Who to help me
  108. Help on my mod
  109. Would like a Model Skinner to help design 1940 style German Uniforms
  110. OF Occlusion Mod : Removes the red & blue silhouettes : -dev not used
  111. ROC Mod and questions encounter
  112. The Axis Skin Mod (Wehrmacht/PE) (Updated 02/14/09)
  113. I need some help here.
  114. Wirbelwind and Bergetiger skin (Hummel added) 2008.03.10
  115. How can i edit engineer build menus?
  116. "New" Infantry Models (Skinpack)
  117. PLease help im trying to locate a certain skin from Normandy 44 mod , please help.
  118. Sanity Check: How to make engineers paradrop? (my build steps inside)
  119. Airborne & Allied Rebalance Mod
  120. China does have some talented modders XD
  121. Quotes Mod
  122. skinning programs
  123. The Infantry Mod
  124. >>Please help, modded skin vanishes after scrolling out from unit.<<
  125. how do i make new unit icons?
  126. Nebel Launch Sound Mod
  127. How to Get the German 'POW' Unit in-game
  128. How to edit unit build text/info?
  129. How to Remove/decrese tracer rounds?
  130. German language files ?
  131. "A Question to all Modders"-'How to make an 88at gun fire Like a Howitzer 105/Hummel.
  132. Tiger I - Maya project W.I.P.
  133. [AI] Fixed Buildorders
  134. Capturable Vehicles
  135. Help!!! Grendiers weapon upgrade change?
  136. [WiP] 10.5cm leFH18/40 German Howitzer 3D model
  137. Please help, ive used some Normandy44 models in my mod and I keep getting Missing RGM
  138. My first skinpack (plz rate)
  139. Get a Panzer Commander to sit in cupola in Tiger tank.Also a"slow Down"vehicleability
  140. I'd like to make an Axis paradrop ability for the blitzkrieg doctrine. Please Help
  141. OF veterancy Mod 0.21 released, UI designer wanted!
  142. Sound Mod for german 81mm mortar
  143. [AI] Fixed PE Sector Artillery
  144. Searching certain Tiger Skin
  145. Widowmaker1's Skins
  146. [ScAR] Automatic Territory Capture v1.15.9
  147. Request: Axis skin pack
  148. 82nd Airborne mod
  149. Bunkercrew pleas help me!
  150. allied and british airborne mini-mod UPDATED V3
  151. Custom Mod Graphics: Order!
  152. whats an rgm
  153. allied glider skin
  154. Skins by tskross... Jagdpanther Up [now with correct files]!!
  155. [Macro+ScAR] Platoons v3
  156. Panzer Crew with Headphones Completed.
  157. How to apply abilities to buildings, i.e unit call-ins?
  158. Nice Panterhsound
  159. The True War mod
  160. slowing down units under certain conditions ?
  161. Blitzkrieg Mod v1.01
  162. Paradroppable Commando Squad
  163. Riflemen Skin Request Vietnam
  164. How do i change the cost of vehicles?
  165. HELP: Buildings .tc and .dif
  166. RGT ? How do I compile ?
  167. [Release] TeamColour Mod
  168. PzIV v Sherman Tank Mini-Mod
  169. I need help
  170. [AI] Resource Bonuses v1.4
  171. Officers mini mod
  172. HELP: texture error
  173. Request: Looking for Djukel's (sp?) Tracer Mod
  174. looking for a wher grenadier skin
  175. Need Help. How to limit # of squads
  176. Need help with skinning
  178. Default Color Change MOD
  179. Help: Axis paratroopers in original company of heroes
  180. help: particle effects!!!
  181. Better Sounds v1
  182. i have a problem editing units
  183. Please Help Me : Skin Tutorial
  184. Please Help Me : Skin Texture Tutorial
  185. Could some one point me in the direction of
  186. I need help with attack ground function for arty
  187. Grav Mod
  188. few simple questions
  189. Bunker´s Axis Skins Update 2
  190. Western Front Skins ***WIP IN 251 VARIATIONS***
  191. Multiple skins used in-game?
  192. AttribArchive.sga
  193. skins online
  194. Grey/Dark Grens skins for PE
  195. Xaliburs Tank Skins » 3x Jagdpanther update
  196. my smoke grenades are they correct?
  197. Help!!!!! how do i download mods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  198. How do you get custom sounds to work?
  199. Changing Building Textures
  200. Knights Cross Skin
  201. rsp v6 new skin_attrib.sga
  202. Axis defenses! (Featuring flak 88 bunker!) Now FIXED!
  203. Axis skin for british emplacements
  204. Grenadiers skin please
  205. Dane's Skins(6 New Skins)
  206. Flag Skinpack for all factions
  207. Medic Trucks?
  208. [Release] D-Day Bunker improved
  209. GnigruH's vehicle SKINS <19.01.2010 UPDATE!>
  210. Skins (WIP)
  211. Problem skinning the Panther
  212. Allied Glider Skin
  213. ive got a ?
  214. Shotgun and something extra!
  215. Hardpoints of Tanks, please Help!
  216. Frenchies
  217. vet icons skin?
  218. Models Mixes for download [New Series Preview]
  219. Request for Volks and Grenadiers rolled-up sleeves skin
  220. weapon modding help
  221. need mod help
  222. Question about PE panther & axis sniper
  223. [Release] Panzer Elite HQ Bunker
  224. PE Panzer IV tc.rgt
  225. Jagdpanther skinning
  226. Resrouce Mod
  227. Changing colors
  228. (WIP) Normandy Skinpack (tiger added)(updated 16-2-09)
  229. Infantry Skins. this time much better
  230. Abilities from inside buildings
  231. Critical hits
  232. Steam Skin Install
  233. *DEAD* Realistic Tank Moving
  234. 1st release: ambush pattern tiger
  235. Help: AI doctrine ability selection order
  236. Original ART SGA
  237. Skins by Painter
  238. LD's Mod Add-ons (Updated 25.06.10)
  239. Question for veterans!?
  240. Skins (Update 19th January 2012)
  241. Links for skinners and modders
  242. Surrender MOD... Ready for Use!
  243. Tiger tank skin
  244. MrScruffs "Skins and Models" REWORK OF A MONSTER (06.12.09)
  245. no hud, ingame??? need help!
  246. Random questions concerning skins
  247. Model Mixes for Download [Back to Life]
  248. UnHistorical Skins
  249. [WiP] Surrendering Units
  250. Deluxe mod SS Ready for download (only works with directx 10)HIGH RESOLUTION TEXTURES