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  1. Hi! And welcome to the Beta Discussion Forum.
  2. How do I participate in the beta?
  3. Vista 32-Bit OS users
  4. Creating a Games For Windows LIVE gamertag.
  5. Hey Hirmetrium, I'm excited about the beta, what can I do in the meantime?
  6. I have to watch the full intro every time I start the game?
  7. Soulstorm CD-KEY Problem
  8. Connection Problem with Windows Live
  9. Reactions to the Beta.
  10. Vista 64 error message already?
  11. OFFICIAL: Post Your Beta Benchmarks Thread!
  12. Eldar Study Group
  13. recognizing units
  14. Steam won't let me play!
  15. Windowed mode
  16. Post your beta Screenshots!
  17. Beta: Can you change the res?
  18. Current Unit Roster...and a hint at future units.
  19. Forcing High settings
  20. problem: text appears as boxes?
  21. Beta match thread
  22. How to DELETE units/buildings??
  23. As the Orks say, "Mines got the biggest boom!" but where's the boom?
  24. Repair
  25. Not sure if I like it?
  26. Help please!
  27. AI vehicle spam, just like CoH!
  28. Game currently unavailable?
  29. Steam & You. I can has beta nao?
  30. Unlocks
  31. AI - crap in COH, crap in DOW2?
  32. The game is unavailable?
  33. One-Second Review
  34. STEAM and downloading speed
  35. How to save and play replays DOW2
  36. Where is the Strategy in this RPG game?
  37. Gameplay mechanics improvement
  38. Are the commanders really what they say they are?
  39. Digging deep into the Beta (stats): Space Marines
  40. SGA Reader
  41. Experiance?
  42. How to re-enforce
  43. How switch off ingame microphone chat ?
  44. Nvidia 6100
  45. Eldar Grav Tanks
  46. AT Guns?
  47. How moddable does this game look so far?
  48. Voice Chat
  49. Sniper Units? (anyone use them yet)
  50. Unsupported Graphics Cards
  51. Is 3 vs 3 needed to fully experience the game?
  52. Unable to skip cinematic Intro
  53. I just lost 7 games by going out to lunch
  54. Games for Windows Live and DoW 2
  55. Is there a tutorial in the beta?
  56. Help here :S
  57. Technical Issues, suggestions?
  58. Did some features from DoW 1 not make it into the beta?
  59. Can I change my Ingame Name?
  60. can someone explain how tyranids work...
  61. [SM] Wargear strategy
  62. Request: Post some info about the maps please. :)
  63. DoW 2 General gameplay changes
  64. Destroying Tarantula Sentries?
  65. Way to View Visual Upgrades from Rank
  66. Lack of Tutorial
  67. Only Graphical Updates?
  68. shortkeys
  69. Is the game TOO mobile?
  71. System requirements met, runs low at 13fps...
  72. Orky Voice Commander (Da Gretchin)
  73. GfWL eating up games/victories?
  74. Outtage?
  75. can beta be backed up
  76. Official post your game replay thread!
  77. Let us use the upper right hand unit display to HEAL via the Apoth.
  78. Destroying and capturing power nodes
  79. Targeting Bug
  80. Did the CoH beta have very limited options as well?
  81. Some quick tips for the DoW 2 beginner
  82. DX10 Effects
  83. Will there be observer slot in retail version?
  84. Non-gameplay related issues/problems
  85. Playing LAN game like in DoW 1
  86. Wrecked Hulks?
  87. First-person Gameplay VODs: With commentary & analysis
  88. Lobby Issues?
  89. Commander buildings and pop cap
  90. Add-on for Requisition Points?
  91. Replays: A How to
  92. Are you sure DX10 is on? Antialiasing?
  93. Lack of prolonged combat
  94. Is there any shortcut key to reinforce squads like in DoW1?
  95. Crashing at end of matches
  96. Trog's Guide to Countering Suppresive Units
  97. Sqaud control and Management
  98. What "RPG Elements" are people talking about?
  99. X is the crack dealing neigbhor of Z
  100. Matchmaking Broken
  101. Victory Conditions: please explain!
  102. Quitting the game counts as disconnect?
  103. Does gaining levels mean anything for units?
  104. Robes for Space Marines?
  105. Unit/Ability List
  106. How Many Matches Have You Completed 100%
  107. Hard counters in?
  108. @Relic - will beta be updated?
  109. retreat fest?
  110. Forward reinforce nodes on req points?
  111. Suggestion - Retreat and Early Reinforce
  112. Deleting mistakes?
  113. Quick Question for All Beta Players
  114. Ports to open?
  115. UI Size Issues?
  116. Hotkey/Macro Change?
  117. the level up symbol
  118. Ranks carrying over to the release?
  119. Camera more restricted, texture detail and visual updates...
  120. Bases are too tough
  121. Beta Reactions
  122. "Under Attack" notifications? Zoom to event?
  123. Wow...so small...
  124. what's the button for reverse?
  125. Gifting the DoW 2 Beta to a Friend?
  126. where is the online lobby?
  127. A minor VISUAL FX feature missing...
  128. requisition intake
  129. Conceeding a Game
  130. Does this feel like Dawn of War to you?
  131. Change the Upgrades, Diversity Is Good
  132. Feedback: terrain too easily/ accidently cleared
  133. skimish require me to connect to LIVE?
  134. "Sign in status change" message
  135. Is Voice Chat and Text Chat broken?
  136. how is the BETA???? :D
  138. How big is synapse radius?
  139. "Dominate" Gameplay
  140. Victory point loss speed
  141. Your opinion on Windows Live...
  142. Has your opinion of the game changed as you've played it more?
  143. Skip the intro?
  144. Console + Deleting Units
  145. Pinging the Map
  146. Controls: Multiple units selected, individual highlight? (CoH style)
  147. Perf Bar
  148. I prefer DoW2 to DoW. I like it the way it is :D
  149. Base hitpoints, feedback
  150. Grenades feedback
  151. How do you deal with warp spiders as orc?
  152. Selection QUestion (Quick Select and Adding Units to Groups)
  153. Weak AI
  154. Anyone find the combat boring?
  156. What happened to the music...?
  157. DoW 2 sound
  158. Two suggestions about cover and ordnance
  159. Dawn of War 2 beta forums broken?
  160. ...Buildings?
  161. New MP game type: Seek & Destroy (no capping)
  162. Jump abilitys
  163. Victory Point: Sudden Death (Suggestion)
  164. Me and my friends all in the Beta...and VERY dissappointed.
  165. Dreadnought vs Predator: Tier 2 / 3 Question
  166. Tyranids too much micro?
  167. tunnelers incredibly useful?
  168. Very limited graphics options, is this intentional?
  169. Ork Kommando (leader)
  170. UI Changes: Recommendations
  171. Longevity
  172. lost connection to steam authentication server
  173. Slow Performance? AMD 64 Dual Core Processor?
  174. How can everyone even play?
  175. Ranking and Player Profile Question
  176. What's with the 'Perf' meter when joining a game?
  177. Championship
  178. Hidden updates?
  179. 9 units per race?
  180. Where is the Oberving Mode in MP??
  181. Small AI Team Oddity
  182. Force Commander OWNAGE!!!
  183. The Book Of Omnom - Beta Tyranid Strategy Thread
  184. Some Commander/Wargear info
  185. On victory points
  186. Suggestions from game dev/tabletop enthusiast
  187. On Listening Posts, or the lack thereof.
  188. Space Marine Strategies
  189. Displaying total unit kills for squads
  190. Where's overwatch?
  191. unit AI
  192. Force units to melee?
  193. Visual effects when upgrading Wargear
  194. power gens need to be more expensive?
  195. Tell us who we are fighting against
  196. How do you activate "Waagh"?
  197. server down?
  198. Ranks: what?
  199. Submit key - help pls
  200. Kick Lagging Player Mechanic?
  201. Sharing Resources
  202. Game often won't load for friend?
  203. [DLC] Commander Customization Suggestions - Beyond Wargear
  204. army wargear
  205. Ingame chat
  206. Matchmaking Eror - NAT
  207. How long will Beta be playable?
  208. Does Synapse auras benefit all units?
  209. Beta player Userbars here!
  210. 'deploying' shuriken cannons?
  211. Ok, who else is getting slaughtered online
  212. Apothecary invulnerabilty ability
  213. Player Rank Unlocks/Upgrades?
  214. Need to boot AFK hosts
  215. Eldar Tactical Discussion
  216. Eldar T3 Viable?
  217. Every last bit of Performance...HELP!
  218. Who has Detection?
  219. post your gamertag
  220. DoW II HUD... wth?
  221. Windowed mode?
  222. Teammate's teleporter relay beacons
  223. Starting Squads
  224. temporary solution to losing matches (crash)
  225. This Game's (Beta's) Biggest Problem - Maps
  226. Can't see messages (In-Game)
  227. POLL: Your opinion on the beta
  228. Physics cut-off in beta?
  229. Disable "page file" check?
  230. Space marines doesn't shoot enough?
  231. Any Kommando Strats?
  232. ASM melta bombs?
  233. BUG>Minimized game crashes when try to load
  234. New Map Design Philosophy
  235. Auto-Melee Button…..
  236. Multiplayer team game... how does the team match thing work?
  237. Thanks relic
  238. Ranking System
  239. Eldar's Fireprism and Falcon
  240. Never played CoH - What do I need to know?
  241. The Fundamental Problem of Early-Game Emphasis
  242. ranked games new units on rank?
  243. Hyve Tyrant, does it feel wrong?
  244. Destroying HQs aka "Fire at the Building Until the Occupants Starve to Death"
  245. Your top five favorite units, and why?
  246. DoW2 beta Strat section open.
  247. Anyone else disappointed?
  248. Late Game
  249. Automaticaly save all your replays
  250. Abilities not cancellable?