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  1. Dawn of War 2: Beta Bugs information - READ THIS FIRST!
  2. Ok playing the Beta now...
  3. Can't get a game started - or how the joy starts...
  4. Can't register key !
  5. Game runs like a slideshow, please help ** RESOLVED **
  6. Help; Dow II Beta is a slideshow
  7. Having a major problem, possibly Dx related
  8. DoW2 beta not starting up...
  9. NAT error
  10. Crash
  11. Beta won't start. Help please?
  12. Game Slows then Crashes after 6+ minutes.
  13. GFWL error
  14. Crash after loading map
  15. No reinforcment Uniticon
  16. GfWL
  17. Cant play the beta
  18. MekBoy gets stuck
  19. Help with wierd demo problem
  20. Beta Problem: Cannot start game - crashing FIXED!
  21. A little help please, graphics card problem
  22. SM leader adding message, pop, and assault barrage ability enery cost bugs (???)
  23. Game crashes right after launching it
  24. Mind War and Lictor Leap
  25. Odd Multi-Monitor Problem
  26. Live stuck on "downloading your profiles"
  27. Adding Sargeant problem.
  28. Play demo without Steam running?
  29. Which Ports does dow 2 use ? / 100% cpu usage ?
  30. Force Commander Standard and Teleporter wargear bug?-> no bug, can lock
  31. Random DC Due to account changes being made
  32. Game won't Start
  33. Invisible commander
  34. DOW2 Main screen
  35. the beta won't start and i don't know how to fix it..
  36. Loading screen errors
  37. DOW II Crash right before main menu
  38. DoW2 Slideshow Problem - Neither reported fixes work (Disabling Vsync/ ReInstl GWFL)
  39. Automatch Froze
  40. 8600GTS?
  41. Windows live issue? Possible solutions?
  42. Reporting Bugs for Relic
  43. DOW Space Marine Bug?
  44. Horrible Camera Bug
  45. "Beta working the first crashe the next few time Help plz!"
  46. Beta freezes PC- anyone else?
  47. Fleet of Claw
  48. Buy power plants after the game ended
  49. Space Marine Dev. Squad; Firing Arc Bug
  50. No Sergeant for Drop Pod Marines?
  51. Bugsplat?
  52. Space Marine tier upgrades
  53. getting kicked out of party randomly
  54. DOW2.EXE - Unable to Locate Component error
  55. We would fight for the emperor...but we can't find the door!!!
  56. Automatch stopped at 1 sec
  57. Game won't load!
  58. Unit won't leave cap point. (Ravener Alpha)
  59. Crashing during load and after game ends
  60. Huge Camera bug
  61. Running into post-download issues
  62. Immortal God-Warp Spider?
  63. BSOD Error
  64. Graphics card problem (in DOW2 beta subforum too)
  65. Game Drop
  66. problem with multiplayer matches.
  67. Disconnects midway through a game.
  68. Windows live for gamers
  69. No text ingame
  70. No text bug
  71. alpha lictor free nids
  72. Loading screen tip missing.
  73. No Unit Voice
  74. Reinforce with Sgt
  75. game crashes a lot..
  76. Apps with overlay make game crash
  77. Mek revive bug
  78. Odd lockup issue
  79. anyone getting beta to work with crossfire
  80. Odd black square issue
  81. Force Commander Bug
  82. Problem with Games for Windows
  83. Problems installing with XP Pro 64bit
  84. connection to steam lost.
  85. Loading Screen Missing Text
  86. "Input not supported"
  87. Steam-Beta problems
  88. Strange "Loss" Messages
  89. Score not registering
  90. Couple of Bugs:
  91. No ingame text
  92. Crash after losing a game and now the game has slowed down to a crawl
  93. Graphical bug involving Alpha channel
  94. Sound stutter and other audio related issues
  95. Weird trapped cursor bug
  96. Mouse cursor too low
  97. Bizzare Bug/Exploit
  98. Wrong Sound
  99. No ultra?
  100. wrong logo on SM shoulder
  101. Space Marine Melee sounds
  102. canĀ“t connect to steam
  103. Warp Spider Exarch Incapacitated Animation
  104. have u had problems with a beta before?
  105. Game Display Fashing Red
  106. HELP: Crashing in ALL 3vs3 games
  107. Can't start the beta, missing file?
  108. Bug - Unable leave game upon victory/defeat under this condition.
  109. this was shipped?
  110. mic bug?
  111. Falcons/Fire Prisms cannot back up
  112. Map scroll bug
  113. Changing vid settings = crippled framerate
  114. Possible Bug, Possibly due to being a beta
  115. Hive Tyrant
  116. animation bug
  117. Lockup Bug Update: Linked to FC?
  118. GFWL: No wins, but have all the losses you like!
  119. weapons team lines...
  120. Invisible Ravener Alpha
  121. Sync Error ?
  122. Missing Audio for Banshee War Cry?
  123. Missing help tip
  124. Flying Orc
  125. Sync error bug
  126. Assault Marine Sergeant not being produced
  127. Kommando with Rocket Upgrade not attacking?
  128. Game lobby crash
  129. Flesh hook bug
  130. Camera bugs out and constantly shifts to the right
  131. Updating my Nvidia drivers cured some of the problems.
  132. Player Rank & Statistics are stuck
  133. Techmarine bug (turrets)
  134. No acting voice?
  135. Lockup and Crashes - Possible cause
  136. Error Code 0x08151906
  137. Accelerated Animations Bug
  138. listed units that dont focus/shoot
  139. Trouble Launching Dawn of War II
  140. Sync-kill error?
  141. Disconnected from Live
  142. dread wouldnt melee grav tank
  143. Launching problem
  144. Space Marine Medic Movement bug
  145. Thunderhammer lighting effect stays in same spot after switching weapons
  146. stikbommas retreat bug
  147. Warboss appearance upgrade bug?
  148. suddenly game stutters
  149. lots of crashing...
  150. Crash when windos live + steam?
  151. warlock - warp throw
  152. "Multiplayer Privileges have been disabled on your account"
  153. Loading Screen Bug
  154. Laoding Screen- Missing data
  155. Ork Warboss - Will Not Melee Spore Mines
  156. Lag no kicks seems to kick
  157. Random freezes
  158. Trouble playing, asking for product key
  159. GFWL takes forever to form a 3v3 game
  160. I can`t start the game, Crash
  161. No Public Games Available
  162. NAT error when trying to connect with friends
  163. Lots of minor bugs list.
  164. Beta not launching, no errors or crashing
  165. Game freezed when someone quits
  166. Procdure entry point could not be located
  167. Ravener Brood Devourer Upgrade Tooltip
  168. Some concerns w/ Crashing and Units.
  169. Really f-cking Annoying Crash Error.
  170. "Squad Behaviour" loading screen tip
  171. Ranking system, Devs Please READ
  172. Random colour schemes in automatches
  173. bug glitch cheat map?
  174. Minor Bugs
  175. Steam + live + one product =/= happy gameing
  176. UI glitch after HQ destroyed in 3v3 VP
  177. AI controlled ally pings?
  178. VP Decap bug
  179. NO chat or Voice Seen
  180. AI bugs
  181. Repeatedly crashing while playing SM.
  182. Army color bug during race switch
  183. Loading Bar Freezes
  184. Lost in the Tunnels
  185. Nat Connection Issue
  186. Win/loss blues
  187. Some bugs
  188. Crashes during map load 1/5 games
  189. cheats in game..
  190. Kommando's infiltration kit
  191. Flying archonte
  192. game crashes when i play as tyranids
  193. Wierd lockup Stuttery choppy game
  194. Getting stuck in buildings.
  195. Commander Wargear Skill Bug
  196. Weird, reproducable FPS bug:
  197. Never ending Random crashies :(
  198. Game freezes and boots opponents 3v3 with team carried over from previous game
  199. Some problems with units obeying commands
  200. What're you doing? TAKE THE POINT!!
  201. Units won't respond
  202. Scout grenades don't work on buildings
  203. Technical Problem with launching DoW2 Beta
  204. Bluescreen of death!
  205. Kommando stuck unable to activate abilities
  206. Dow II (GFWL?) not recording Wins/Losses?
  207. Squad leaders won't build.
  208. Wierd bug, i can't play
  209. An error occurred while starting the game
  210. Widescreen 1400X900 NOT WORKING
  211. Im getting an error when I try to start up the beta.
  212. Warp Spider Exarch death anim loop
  213. Crashing mid game
  214. Sound messes up
  215. Mild, yet odd audio bug
  216. Unable to start Beta
  217. Graphics Card Problem: What to Do?
  218. Keeping the game frozen in perpetual limbo.
  219. Unable to continue testing due to crashes.
  220. cant seem to download the beta
  221. Texture Bugs
  222. Warrior Vanguard
  223. Apoth. hero can't be controlled.
  224. Unable to Launch (athlon)
  225. Units idle while being attacked bug
  226. Game Crashed with HD4870x2
  227. Intro movies stuttering/slowing down?
  228. Space Marines, Sgt. bug
  229. Trueskill = True Shit.
  230. Sticky-less melta bombs?
  231. Lobby bug
  232. "you have been defeated" ARRGHH!
  233. Ranks are stuck.
  234. Computer Locks on Graphics Settings Change
  235. Games for Windows Live! - Having connection issues?
  236. Where do I enter the CD-Key??
  237. Faultrep, my patootie
  238. Could we get a patch?
  239. Anybody know what the latest patch did
  240. 3v3 Match - Desync?
  241. Fog of war bug...
  242. GFWL / Automatch Not working with 2 computers on 1 Router.
  243. GFWL Connectivity Error.
  244. Unable to launch
  245. dow 2 beta problem
  246. Toucan IPC Window: DOW2.EXE
  247. Not enough virtual memory. Fix please.
  248. Sluggaz switch to ranged stance with burnas
  249. Camera scroll issue
  250. Huge gameplay issue