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  1. FIRST!
  2. OI! Youz boyz! Whats ya buildin' ordar?
  3. Hmm so far... On primarch
  4. Deff Dreads: How do you use them?
  5. Stikkbomma
  6. Orkses is the stompiest of 'em all!
  7. Starting guide to da Boyz!
  8. Power weapons vs chain weapons?
  9. Did great in the beta, now can't win a game unless it's against noobs.
  10. tyranid warriors
  11. deciding which direction the Avatar should use his flame sword ability
  12. Eldar Brightlance
  13. Leveling your doodz (Campaign)
  14. Map Control and Handling Mass Units
  15. Using the lictor?
  16. Ork abilities, a few tough questions...
  17. Is there any way to control units like in coh?
  18. On Strategic Assets, Fury, Resilience, Speed, and Experience
  19. Zoanthropes, worth it?
  20. Orky Strats for the New 1v1 Map
  21. Friendly Fire > Melee?
  22. Synapse Info
  23. On Special Weapons
  24. Against Tyranids
  25. Kommando Nob
  26. Walkers, vehicles or infantry?
  27. Dealing with Assault Marines
  28. Warp spider's and Shuriken cannons
  29. Does discarding wargear before you get the Dreadnought level up the Dread as well?
  30. Carnifex is a bit too sturdy
  31. Automatch Pairings
  32. NOBZ?
  33. [SP] Eldar hand lasers
  34. Shootas or Sluggaz?
  35. Whats your BO?
  36. garrisoned buildings
  37. Farseer Loadout and Tactics
  38. Beat Tyranids? Kill Synapse first!
  39. Da Boyz... help?
  40. Gone Fishing (SP)
  41. Alternative builds(SP)
  42. Howling Banchees - Femme Fatales or Bunch of Faries?
  43. Dealing with the Carnifex
  44. Eldar Heroes
  45. You guys use Rippers?
  46. Melee Tac Squad?
  47. Why are Orks so few in number?!!!
  48. Buid Order
  49. Are Venom Cannon still OPed?
  50. Global Ability thread for ORKZ
  51. FC can one shot melee or ranged. Choice seems obvious.
  52. 1 Ripper squad vs. 1 Guardian Squad
  53. Versus Ravener alpha swarms
  54. Anyone have a build order?
  55. Whats good against the Ravener Alpha?
  56. [SP] Purely melee build - viable?
  57. [SP] Armor vs. HP
  58. Big Shoota v Nob Upgrade
  59. How do you Kill a Deff Dread Fast?
  60. Nid Warriors
  61. Relicnews Mentoring Project - Learn to play at TS30+ in a week!
  62. [SP] Any questions...
  63. [SP] Bolter Vs Plasma: An Inquiry
  64. How do you put down shield fast?
  65. A question.
  66. The Viability of "Zerging" With Nids?
  67. Tyranids and Flamers
  68. Defend Missions vs Tyranids
  69. Map Strategy... 3 vs 3
  70. Taking down Power Gens (3v3)
  71. Melee in MP- What should it be for?
  72. carnifex Vc spam
  73. Warpspiders
  74. BangBang Hammer or Powerklaw?
  75. Waygates and their viability
  76. Does anyone find Rangers useful?
  77. Why should I pick wraithlord over falcon?
  78. Angel gate trouble [SP]
  79. Invisable Units
  80. Is it possible to win with space marines?
  81. Most difficult race to play
  82. How to deal with Eldar?
  83. Farseer vs. Tyranids Rippers
  84. Strategy....what strategy?
  85. Not to retreat to a beacon?
  86. Fightin da tyranid gitz
  87. humies, dey iz too tuff fer us!
  88. Indranel
  89. What I think would fix the Eldar.
  90. [MP]Typhon Arena
  91. Commander Builds?
  92. Waaagh details
  93. some burning questions...
  94. SM anti vehicle
  95. Common Eldar Build Orders as of 03/02/2009 (Updated - sorta!)
  96. Winning the first skirmish
  97. Hive Tyrant Upgrades
  98. Eldar in Heads on Head Battle
  99. Dark Reapers?
  100. Warrior (with AG/VC upgrade) + Hg/Tg = Win?!
  101. Rangers vs SM
  102. I am getting destroyed
  103. Lictor Alpha Pheromone
  104. Dealing With Heavy Weapons?
  105. Melee ability with VC/BS
  106. SP defense missions
  107. what are the detector units for each race??
  108. ravener....useful or not?
  109. Scouts: a discussion
  110. Anything that can beat tyranid warriors....
  111. Space Marine VS Eldar
  112. 1 ON 1 help
  113. Can multiple buffs be placed on a unit?
  114. Early game vs Orks
  115. Orks
  116. Warlock's gear
  117. Fire prism: which attack is better against SM?
  118. I can't beat elder, plz help, RANK 22
  119. M3lee resistance aura
  120. Lets call it: Frustration! (or l2p?)
  121. Guardians
  122. The mekboy--how to use him EFFECTIVELY, (experts welcome!)
  123. Attacking vehicles and 'tanking'
  124. Ork waaaagh group?
  125. Suppression units changing targets
  126. TACs and the Force commander + Force Field
  127. How to
  128. Do Spore Mines deal Friendly Fire?
  129. I don't understand D-Cannon's singularity
  130. [1vs1] What to build vs Nids?
  131. What is courage?
  132. Question (you can lock it up after i get my answer)
  133. SM != fun
  134. The Eldar are the most versitile/deadly race until... your run into Tyranids
  135. Question about Eldar
  136. mekboy electric armor against spore mines
  137. Countering Warriors
  138. Map control vs. Orks
  139. Countering ye ol' Falcon/Banshee/Farseer(Warlock) combo
  140. [Warboss wargear] Boss pole or Trophy rack?
  141. Setting up garrisons
  142. If you dont have this tool yet... here it is
  143. I tanked a carnifex...
  144. trucks!
  145. How to beat Eldar in team games
  146. Banshees? I really effing hate em...
  147. What do you do against Tyranid Warriors
  148. Help with weapon types
  149. Anyone getting bored fighting as/against SM?
  150. Orks vs Warlock + Immolator
  151. Is there a set of damage tables for DoW2 yet?
  152. deffs all around
  153. MP online need some tips
  154. Rangers - what is the point of holofield?
  155. Using the Apoth
  156. why is everyone upgrading hammer?
  157. The Timing Thread [WIP]
  158. Good Eldar players.
  159. late game antics
  160. 3v3 optimum hero lineup
  161. Tyranid Rank Upgrades?
  162. 3v3 as farseer killed 2.99 carnifex's
  163. Stormboyz
  164. is Assault Marine's Meta Bomb having problem?
  165. Basic Tactical Primer: Essential Skills, Practices and Preparation for surviving MP
  166. Marine detection?
  167. How do I beat razor spam?
  168. Can anyone post any successful uses of the Warp Spider Exarch in matches?
  169. Ladder hacks?
  170. Requesting replays 3v3 mixed race vs all SM
  171. Warrior in squads... perhaps not so great?
  172. Devastators - You've got to love/hate them
  173. Devastator Plasma Cannon Friendly Fire
  174. Iron Halo - How the hell do you beat it?
  175. Fighting Space Marines in Tier 2
  176. Rangers just want to melee??
  177. Dealing with ripper swarms
  178. Beating Razorbacks / Dreadnaughts
  179. Warp Spiders
  180. Basic MP notes: Resourcing
  181. Wanting to try out nids...suggestions?
  182. Do Webways work for your Allies?
  183. Rippers
  184. Shurkien Cannon Spam
  185. My Commander Wargear Choices for Tyranid
  186. My Commander Wargear Choices for Eldar
  187. My Commander Wargear Choices for Orkz
  188. My Commander Wargear Choices for SM
  189. How to counter rangers spam?
  190. Vintage's Guide to the Warlock
  191. Orks in T3
  192. 1v1 SM v Tyranids
  193. 3v3's. Brutal Melee, or Skillful Combined Arms
  194. [noob] Understanding the wraithlord + upgrades
  195. Energy Sapping Weapons
  196. Just me or....
  197. This is the match where for me Nids stopped being OP
  198. How to counter tac spam, as a marine player
  199. I honestly can't do it anymore.
  200. STRIKE against Nids!
  201. How to counter garrisoned troops?
  202. map tricks - SM
  203. Ork Grenades
  204. using mekboy
  205. How to deal with nids as SM
  206. Build Order
  207. 1v1 Domination - BO, Hero Gear, and Strategy
  208. Explodey nids iz killin my boyz
  209. Mark Target + Doom?
  210. Eldar Microing
  211. Techmarine
  212. Really need some help against SM..
  213. Aspect warriorz and the missing link in my BO
  214. Ork vs Eldar
  215. Ranger suppression ability...
  216. Besides melee, what _doesn't_ Shimmer Orb work against?
  217. Am I the only one?
  218. Vital Statistics
  219. Providence + Special Attacks
  220. How to counter nids?
  221. Commander + 2x fully upgraded nob squad did not kill carnifex, how?
  222. Stormboyz, actually kind of fun to use.
  223. Ork counter for bubbleboy?
  224. Why am I so horrible?
  225. WSE + Ranger foolery
  226. What is your non-lame Tyranid tactic?
  227. Angry Bits and Cybork Implants
  228. My Eldar Strategy and Some Notes on Tactics
  229. Help with farseer please.
  230. Relic please fix lag kick
  231. Online Database of Hero Items
  232. So, I think I'm getting kind of good at this game (Advice for new players)
  233. Providence bug
  234. New to RTS. Trying to learn
  235. Need help with WSE.
  236. Unbalanced rank matching
  237. New Balance Patch: Warp Spiders Getting Some Love
  238. AG Warriors, Spore mines and Carni nerf
  239. DoW 2 Attributes and Statistics
  240. should i skip scouts when massing tacs?
  241. lootas
  242. So, how about those deadnoughts?
  243. Using Assault Marines
  244. Apoth SM vs Bubbleboy SM v1.1.3
  245. Tips on how to use Kommando nob?
  246. Terminators cannot retreat
  247. Razing generator farms
  248. Slugga Nob Leader
  249. Kommando Nob Replays
  250. embolden+grenade