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  1. [SP] Terminator Armor not that useful?
  2. [SP] Which units do you leave on the Barge?
  3. Blighted Bolter?
  4. What's the secret to finishing maps quicker?
  5. [SP] Primarch campaign. On loot, bosses and everything.
  6. [SP] I Shall Not Fall
  7. [SP] A guide to Primarch
  8. [sp] Can you ever "lose" a planet to tyranids?
  9. [sp] No more defend missions!?! 1.1.2
  10. Singleplayer Discussion! What's it all about?
  11. I'm on day 21, and I have found nothing of use for Cyrus...
  12. SP - broad but shallow pool?
  13. Terminator armor & End mission
  14. Avitus setups.
  15. Wargear camping
  16. Units fortified in buildings.......
  17. Ranking up Question
  18. Bolters?
  19. Tarantula Turrets
  20. Odd behavior from squads.
  21. Slaughtered in Defend Missions
  22. Mod to use all 6 squads in SP?
  23. Anyone else notice ... that you can repair Thule w/o the "Rites"?
  24. [Sp] Campaign Draft
  25. What exactly does "melee skill" do?
  26. Why the change in the "Objective Complete!" sub-forum?
  27. Replay?
  28. If you lose a defend mission, can you take back the facility in a later mission?
  29. Armor rating research
  30. most/least favorite characters in SP?
  31. [SP] New achievement!
  32. Blood Raven Story ...
  33. Destroying Tyranid Hives
  34. Thaddeus in "God Mode"
  35. CO-OP Campaign
  36. Any word on SP-related patches?
  37. Sudden Death?
  38. Two quick questions
  39. AI Pinging
  40. Ideas for a better SP campaign (DLC, expansions)
  41. Weapons Questions
  42. How important are your choices? SOME SPOILAGE
  43. MPlayer Archievments for Skirmish?
  44. Is the computer AI less awful, yet?
  45. Zoanthrope with God cheat?
  46. Units in SP
  47. Questions about DoW2 single player
  48. Do defend missions ever go away?
  49. I am very new two days actualy
  50. can someone explain armour stats
  51. Last Mission possible bug? (Spoilers)
  52. Single skill points per level.
  53. Weird Builds
  54. Some newbie questions
  55. Anyone beaten the campaign on Primarch difficulty?
  56. % Damage Reduction vs Armour
  57. Force Commander with Zero Health Regeneration
  58. Recapturing lost assets
  59. Click here if you want to know how much damage armour reduces! [1.5]
  60. Your ideas for future Campaigns -story and races dynamic-
  61. Terminator Armor worth it?
  62. Can you lose a squad for good?
  63. Sniping with Cyrus
  64. A Bug in Coop Campaign
  65. The Flamers' Thread
  66. Second Playthrough,Suggestions?
  67. No more missions being given?
  68. Purps
  69. Difficulty Game Mechanics
  70. Medipack blues
  71. Apples and Oranges: SP DOWII vs FO3
  72. Problems in 1.4.1
  73. New Wargear with Beta
  74. Steam required for single-player?
  75. UMMM
  76. milking missions for loot and xp?
  77. Beginner Problems
  78. What is your s/p Squad's optimum build? (spoilers)
  79. Primarch bosses, I hate them.
  80. How to enjoy a skirmish
  81. Never ending hail of devastation
  82. Wishing for a new campaign.
  83. Bolter weapons in the campaign.
  84. Melee tarkus late game viabilty
  85. A Higher Campaign Score.
  86. Weird stats for weapons
  87. That's Close Enough!
  88. Melee Squads
  89. Is the computer AI less awful, yet? (Mk. 2)
  90. A few questions
  91. Favourite squad equipment?
  92. Max XP per mission: Speed or Kill All?
  93. Ranged Thaddeus?
  94. Are Item Drops random or Scripted?
  95. Cleared the game... now what?
  96. Can you capture a strategic asset in a defense mission?
  97. Avatar SP Boss
  98. Difference between Regular and master crafted grenades.
  99. Single player campaign question/bug?
  100. Flame damage
  101. why is there a save option?
  102. The Emperor told you to read it! (SP tactics)
  103. So how about those random missions?
  104. Tactical Mastery and Melee Tactician.
  105. Seargent Strategy: Tarkus
  106. Ranged or Melee?
  107. Question on Defense missions
  108. Continuing campaign?
  109. Does ranking up in multiplayer affect drops in campaign?
  110. Resilience help please (slight spoilers)
  111. Skirmish replay request (v1.8)
  112. Item Drops
  113. Stuck on Angel Gate
  114. mechanism of Fury and Speed rating? it seems to be illogical.
  115. Timeline of the campaign at the last stages
  116. What does increased difficulty actually do?
  117. Campaign mode final mission loot drop...
  118. Tyranid defence missions - so hard!
  119. Is there any way to reset ability points?
  120. Is there any way to reset ability points?
  121. Avitus? What up! (CR Campaign Discussion)
  122. Question on CR SP Campaign
  123. SP Corruption, Bug or WAD?
  124. Import old crew? Hmm maybe not...
  125. using friends savegame for CR
  126. SM vs Eldar Avatar - Round 2
  127. Chaos Rising final boss impossible without cheating the AI? (Spoiler)
  128. Repairing the Armor of Hurios?
  129. Relic, enough with unskippable cutscenes
  130. Blood Raven Fanboys Gather! SPOILERS
  131. Fighting the Traitor
  132. blighted bolter drop?
  133. Questions : Scriptor ?!
  134. Skirmish factions
  135. "Beat the Campaign - Chaos" Thread
  136. Jesus Christ[Spoilers]
  137. trait/ability questions
  138. Pure Campaign Completion *SPOILERS*
  139. Destroying enemies in buildings
  140. Endings Wanted
  141. Rush'em achievement.
  142. How long before you get access to techmarine?
  143. Guess it wasn't too bad..
  144. [campaign spoiler] curious question
  145. [CR SPOILERS] Determine the Traitor
  146. Command Supremacy: Greatest Trait Ever or Greatest Trait Ever?
  147. [2.1]Bugged achievement in vanilla campaign
  148. [Spoilers] Can anyone tell me what happens at the end?
  149. do basic equipment carry over to CR campaign?
  150. *SPOILER* All campaign endings!
  151. [spoiler] "Forbidden Knowledge" Achievement
  152. Level 4 screw up
  153. I need help {Spoilers}
  154. Explain the corruption mechanics
  155. Chaos Rising Campaign: So far, totally underwelming and a bit irritating!
  156. Assorted single player questions
  157. Saved Game Questions
  158. Mission 5 - someone saved scouts on Primarch?
  159. Standard squad member info?
  160. Do you get all unpicked-up'ed items when you complete a mission?
  161. OMFGGG!
  162. Campaign replayability
  163. greater blessing of zeal?
  164. I guess nobody tested vanilla single player on hard?
  165. Wearable ork armor?
  166. Save the Gabenor House
  167. Reasons for turning Traitor? [possible spoilers]
  168. purist achievement
  169. Difficulty affecting traitors?
  170. Torrent of Hellfire
  171. The "Receive Wargear" thingy
  172. Loot drop spam?
  173. What is the most accurate indicator of a weapon's damage?
  174. Has there been a change in SP saving?
  175. Few CR endgame questions - SPOILERS abound
  176. Rework SP?
  177. Achievment Bugs?
  178. How many terminator armours?
  179. Tarkus: Melee vs Ranged
  180. Do you think the bugged items should stay there as an easter egg?
  181. Post your bugged items screenshot here!
  182. Blighted Armour
  183. Judgement of carrion secret room
  184. What did you think about the Aurelian Crusade?
  185. Of Terminator and Servo Armours
  186. Bolters with Tarkus
  187. Killin Them In Buildings
  188. Questions About DoW2 v. Campaign now
  189. Ranged weapon for Dreadnought?
  190. The Librarian and his Warp Powers
  191. The THQ 'Redeem Wargear' for CR
  192. Terminator Lightning Claws in CR Campaign
  193. Campaign attribute points
  194. CR respec?
  195. So, tell me, how do you run your missions?
  196. $#%^%$&^$% AI
  197. Why do the Eldar turn against the Space Marines in DoW II ?
  198. [CR] Grinding experience/gear
  199. Termi Armor vs. Power Armor
  200. Vanilla DOW?
  201. Trait Info
  202. [CR] Last Mission, can't proceed
  203. Are There Wargear Sets?
  204. How to get the most out of DoW Campaign *SPOILERS*
  205. The Unknown Purity Seal
  206. Vengeance Rounds for Tarkus
  207. Stealth vortex awesomeness
  208. How to spec Jonah?
  209. Wargear Drop Mechanics
  210. Campaign Tactica: Purity Above All
  211. Sternguard's need your help! Enlist today!
  212. Post-CR Vanilla Campaign changes?
  213. So I completed CR...
  214. Plot for next expansion (spoilers abound)
  215. Heavy Bolters vs. Assault Cannon, Some [b]Important[/b] Facts
  216. Master Crafted Grenades
  217. CR hidden drop-pod wargear? (spoilers possible)
  218. What data does the computer use to calculate the damage outputs on the Retribution
  219. [CR] The Fate of Eliphas (major spoilers)
  220. defending angel gate on veteran difficulty setting
  221. Where's the terminator armor?!
  222. Captain Diomedes boss battle?
  223. CR final mission bug(?)
  224. Item Donation XP Removal
  225. Avitus in CR
  226. Tarkus missing from squad selection
  227. How do the gear stats apply?
  228. Squad loadout theory crafting
  229. Single Player Bugs (for the perfectionist)
  230. Wargear drops from buildings? (i.e. Chaos Rising Item Farm found)
  231. Is Chaos Rising a deliberate cliffhanger?
  232. Best armor and weapons in Dow2 chaos rising
  233. 3 Questions: Upon Campaign Completion
  234. Cruelty of Geoffros
  235. Campaign saving and bosses
  236. Wargear Screenshots
  237. Pure...or Corrupt?
  238. Preparing for the Last Two CR Bosses
  239. 'Nid Infestation in Generic Defences
  240. If I don't carry over the cyclone missile launcher for termie armor from OC ..
  241. Melee Tarkus in CR -- Blighted Bolter a good choice?
  242. Question about how to get certain ending cutscenes / conditions (spoiler maybe)
  243. [Traits] - Supremacy
  244. The "Pestilent Spewer" Weapon (Some SPOILERS)
  245. Plauge Fist
  246. [SP CAMPAIGN HELP NEEDED] Item Farming
  247. Is this a bug with cyrus
  248. Can't recover wargear cache? [CR]
  249. Librarian Wargear
  250. Ranged weapon for FC