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  7. Last stand game mode 1.8 dreadnought AI is dumb
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  26. Opinions on the Hive Tyrant, Sorceror in Last stand?
  27. Basic Sorcerer Guide (or why it is worth to endure 11 levels of being a dead weight)
  28. Did the Captain Plasma Cannon unit AI become dumber?
  29. doomblast armor boost
  30. Beating wave 20 in a pug
  31. What is your Most useless weapons in The Last Stand?
  32. Aren't you going to capture those Strategic points? Uhm no?
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  38. Ultimate Farseer Build(s)
  39. Orky Support
  40. [Sorcerer]Scroll of Vengeance
  41. Does anyone have any "non-standard" Last Stand builds that they've done well with?
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  45. "I beat wave 20" thread
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  47. Building bug exploit ?
  48. Tyranid minion health
  49. Mekboy...?
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  79. Give bonus XP for score
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  90. Dear devs,are you ever gonna fix this ??
  91. Remember the CR Glitch? Well I sure do.
  92. Tau Commander - Clone Kill Challenge
  93. [Tau] Tau Commander: Would you like some wine with that cheese?
  94. Wargear items that under perform and suggestions for improvements
  95. Do anything other than Trophy Rack stack ?
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  99. Think "the Fly" but with the farseer and tau commander.......
  100. I hardly find any players in TLS recently
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