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  1. The Newbie Guide to HW2 Modding
  2. Map File Spec (BIG)
  3. How To Map: A Tutorial
  4. SP Campaign Creation
  5. Heres how to add the HW2_ROOT parameter to windows 3.1, 95 and 98
  6. cut scenes tutorial
  7. Tutorial: Kitbashing with MS3D
  8. Tutorial: Creating MP Level Thumbnails
  9. Tutorial: Using Mod Packager
  10. Modeling: Alex's "Nose Theory" Ship Tutorial
  11. Taking Homeworld 2 raw models and creating good looking fully textured Maya models
  12. maya import tutorial thread amoung other things
  13. Maya Plugs and getting shaders to work right.
  14. MAYA3.0 - HW2- Step By step tutorial
  15. So You Want to Make a Mod?
  16. MAD animation tutorial
  17. Adding HW2_ROOT permanently, in 2K/XP
  18. [HW2 Weapon-Script Editor v1.4.4]
  19. Simple Madstate Tutorial (Now with source files!)
  20. Texturing Tutorial WARNING PIC HEAVY
  21. My UVW applying tutorial -Image heavy too-
  22. Modding FAQ
  23. Team Colours/Stripe texturing Tutorial
  24. Homeworld 2 Background Tutorial
  25. Spec Lighting
  26. Making the Keeper a playable race - a modding tutorial for newbies.
  27. How to edit ships - the quick and dirty guide
  28. Skinning the UI Tutorial
  29. SP Campaign Tutorial
  30. MODAR - Modding At Relic (A set of tutorials)
  31. Making the Keeper Build Ships Tutorial.
  32. Texturing the AFF Way
  33. How to Extract The HW2 Music and Convert to WAV
  34. New Tool: BTG2BGHODConv v1.0.0.1
  35. Tutorial: how to make HGN textures (part1)
  36. Homeworld 2 Formation Tutorial
  37. Tutorial - Getting Models Ingame With CFHodEd (and other useful stuff)
  38. Mod Developer's Mac OS Compatibility Resource
  39. Making Team Colors, Molemans Way, A Simple Tutorial, (warning picture heavy)
  41. Subsystem Weapons Creation Tutorial
  42. New Tool Added: QCDE - Edit your ClassDef. QDE Updated
  43. Ship icons creation tutorial in Homeworld 2 style
  44. Wings3d UV Map - Team Color & HW1 ship to HW2 conversion, & Basic .hod Tutorials
  45. hi i was directed here by a moderator and i need some help...
  46. Repeat[?]: Please help with UV mapping and textures in Wings3d?
  47. General Gamerule Scripting Tutorial (Complete)
  48. Improved Explosion Damage Script, v2.0
  49. How to remove or increase Cap Limit?
  51. Ship Explosion/Death Timing
  52. Modifying campaign start fleets
  53. Enable Hyperspace?
  54. Tutorial : engine trails and glows
  55. hey been a while since i posted here
  56. Mod Crashes While Loading
  57. Karos Graveyard Download?
  58. If your Homeworld 2 mod is crashing or not working and you want help...
  59. Problem: custom made gigantic ship not hyperspacing when built
  60. My mod is causing homeworld 2 to crash on map load
  61. Crash on AIInit
  62. Big Problem: My dual beam turrets keep missing the target
  63. Torpedo Frigate weapon edit problem.
  64. CFHodEd Basics Video Tutorial
  65. Tutorial: Making Non-Interactive Sequences (NIS) using MilkShape 3D [IMAGE HEAVY]
  66. CFHodEd V4 Tutorial Videos
  67. Psiyon's Stupidly Simple Texturing Tutorial
  68. [Tutorial] - Destroyer that is built like a shipyard UPDATED 06/28/2011
  69. How To make shields in HW 2 (little advice)
  70. Modeling, UV Mapping and Texture tutorial.