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  1. Warhammer 40k: Space Marine - Section Rules (Read Before Posting)
  2. Warhammer 40k: Space Marine
  3. Space Marine first screenshots
  4. Senior Member Nominations!
  5. GameSpot Most Anticipated Games of 2010 - Space Marine
  6. Question about W40k SM
  7. What kind of game mechanics do you want to see?
  8. SM gameplay
  9. Customize Your Chapter?
  10. Which Chapter Would You Like to See in Space Marine?
  11. Darksiders is coming to the PC, so what about W40K: Space Marine?
  12. IGN Article WH40k through the ages
  13. E3 2009 Interview's
  14. Any veneralbe dreadnought like this?
  15. Is space marine just another console hero romp?
  16. what do you want to see at this years E3
  17. RELIC GOT TO SEE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Let's have a recap thread!
  19. E3 2010 Space Marine trailer
  20. warhammer 40k mmo
  21. CVG and GamesRadar Space Marine article in here!!!
  22. The True Foe?
  23. No PC version ?
  24. Gameplay Space Marine Video
  25. joystiq arcticle
  26. A highly informative read...
  27. Too cartoony?
  28. Space Marine Avatars!
  29. Any confirmation on other game modes?
  30. Split screen PLZ!!!
  31. More races to play
  32. PC version
  33. Will it use GFWL or Steamworks?
  34. What you want in the game?
  35. Server fundraising
  36. New Space Marine Gameplay Footage to be unveiled at Gamescom.
  37. Space Marine preview on GameSpot
  38. Class based MP! (You know you want it...)
  39. joystiq.com Preview
  40. Relic Studio Tour
  41. Eurogamer, RockPaperShotgun, Kotaku, Destructoid, Shacknews, IGN Previews (and more)
  42. No campaign co-op?
  43. really relic really?
  44. Cinem-Action Combat?
  45. This just fell OFF my radar!
  46. Space Marine site renew
  47. WH40K: Space Marine preview by Gamestar(translated in english)
  48. [GamesCom 2010] New Space Marine Interview
  49. Additional races for Multiplayer
  50. more variety for finishing moves pls
  51. Space Hulk
  52. Move for the PS3 version
  53. Space Marine looking ugly
  54. Wallpapers?
  55. Who leads the Ork invasion?
  56. Weapons Info
  57. failure not an option
  58. Info from GamesDay?
  59. Voice acting
  60. Some basic gameplay mechanic queries
  61. Makes you wonder ?
  62. Multiplayer request, if you will
  63. Summer 2011
  64. New screens
  65. Space Marine CG trailer?
  66. PC Gamer Preview
  67. Twitter Info
  68. Probable system specs...
  69. AusGamers Preview - 12/13/10
  70. Gameplay we know so far.
  71. So, what races will make it into the game.....
  72. Space marine PC confirmed on steam with no coop???
  73. So presumably there won't be a collectors edition then?
  74. tyranids in space marine?
  75. Spess Mehreen Press Event 25/02/11 Info Thread
  76. Recruits Needed for Playtesting!
  77. Gamer Tags
  78. Bonnie Jean Mah article - Narrative Designer on Space Marine
  79. A new challenger appears... it's Chaos!
  80. Chaos have been announced.
  81. Chaos Confirmed
  82. Small space marine article about the engine
  83. Bad news!
  84. Preview Thread
  85. Space Marine Developer Diary
  86. New Space Marine video
  87. speculations/your opinion.
  88. well done horde mode plz
  89. Helmets
  90. North American Press Event
  91. Facial expressions?
  92. Space Marine website ..?
  93. Local Co-Op?
  94. Space Marine dlc suggestions
  95. Space Marine e3 2009 Debut Trailer Music
  96. Space Marine Boxart Revealed
  97. Space Marine Boxart Revealed
  98. Collector's Edition and Preorder Discussion
  99. Can't register on to the Honour Guard..
  100. Space Marine Preorder Loyalist & Traitor Skins Pictures!
  101. Release Date
  102. $90 USD in Australia?
  103. Steam Achievements
  104. W40k Kill Team - a Space Marine "handler" game?
  105. Space Marine @ E3?
  106. Space Marine Multiplayer infoleaks from Steam
  107. Raph answering your questions on the official forums
  108. THQ Site Update: Inqusitor Drogan and 2nd Lieutenant Mira
  109. Space Marine removed from UK Steam Store.
  110. Space Marine PC Specs Revealed
  111. THQ Site Update: There's a Pic of a Bomb Squig. What Else Do You Need?
  112. Space Marine delay?
  113. [IGN] Cadian Guardswoman
  114. Multiplayer Blowout Consolidation Thread
  115. Comic-Con stuff (new footage; Thunderhammer/Jetpack action)
  116. Any chance of a Multiplayer Beta?
  117. melee combat
  118. PS3 Space Marine Clan - The Silver Crows
  119. Will the PC version use steamworks or windows live?
  120. New trailer
  121. Cinematic Trailer
  122. to Relic - shitty trailer codecs
  123. Not really sure if this will be a good game or not.
  124. Question regarding Multiplayer
  125. GiantBomb Quicklook of Space Marine
  126. IGN Space Marine Footage+ 3 New Enemy profiles *SPOILERS*
  127. Woah... serious?
  128. Rate game now by ESRB
  129. Scenarios where we play as other races? Or DLC?
  130. New Video
  131. Suggestion: Last Stand for Space Marine as DLC?
  132. I want your questions to ask at the Space Marine community event
  133. Capture the Flag
  134. Space Marine - Found a Handbook
  135. Some cool videos you might of not seen......
  136. pics/infos from community event
  137. Relicnews @ Space Marine community event pictures!
  138. Relicnews @ THQ's Space Marine Community Event Compilation thread
  139. Space Marine DEMO Inbound!
  140. Relicnews @ Space Marine community event videos (mainly Multiplayer)!
  141. Tips/Ideas/Strategies for Space Marine Multiplayer
  142. No dedicated server support?
  143. Xbox 360 Avatar Gear
  144. Someguy's Single Player Impressions
  145. Mandochlorians's Impressions of Space Marine
  146. Slight Question, haven't found an answer so I'll post it
  147. Controller support for the PC
  148. Power Sword for the PC?
  149. Power Sword In SM Collectors Ed only?
  150. Modability
  151. Mark Strong video interview
  152. Community Event
  153. Questions on the Space Marine Plot.
  154. Pre-ordering for those in the UK
  155. Split-screen option (PS3)?
  156. Couple of things to fix on the pc version if you can before release
  157. Demo Gameplay trailer
  158. space marine demo thoughts
  159. Space Marine FAQ
  160. Trouble getting the demo via steam?
  161. If you could fight anything in the 40k universe....
  162. Squadmates
  163. Space Marine Technical Assistance NOW OPEN!
  164. Welcome to the Forgeworld.
  165. Grenade launcher
  166. Space Marine multiplayer feature set
  167. Will there still be weapon proficiencies/skills in single player?
  168. Co-op Info EXTERMINATUS!
  169. Win a chainsword with Destructoid
  170. Collectors edition unboxing video!!
  171. Cover Is For The Weak [promotional poster]
  172. Any sign of a story? *SPOILER*
  173. Two multiplayer videos from miniwargaming
  174. Three new trailers
  175. what does the inscription on Titus chainsword mean?
  176. Relic Auction, For a worthy cause.
  177. Pre download now available in Steam!
  178. Why does Europe get the game later (NA 6th EUR 9th)
  179. UNOFFICIAL unboxing of the PS3 Collectors Edition (Close look at the SM Artbook)
  180. VG4EVER: Space Marine Singleplayer First 15 Minutes (Video)
  181. A new idea for a game, possibly amazing
  182. game on shelves since 2nd september, still no reviews?
  183. Join THQSledgehammer via Steam!
  184. Reached Level 41 under 7 hours of playtime?! wtf
  185. Single player... what's available?
  186. Steam release date just changed to the 8th?
  187. Review of Space Marine over at Eurogamer.dk
  188. First impressions!
  189. SM on PC or Xbox/PS3 ?
  190. Lessons from a newb
  191. Win a Space Marine PS3 with Kotaku
  192. Can someone at RELIC confirm this or infirm this about the coop dlc...
  193. What happened to the Killa Kans?
  194. Power Sword in Campaign Mode?
  195. RPG elemants..
  196. Custom Badges
  197. Global stats for MP?
  198. Congratulations Relic
  199. Eye color
  200. Co-op ?
  201. Hey I'm bored can someone post a stream of themselves playing?
  202. Multiplayer VOIP/PTT
  203. Question/Request regarding Multiplayer Games
  204. Chaos horned helmet?
  205. Hacks already?
  206. You will wish THIS was the sequel
  207. Space Marine through Best Buy?
  208. Mute other players in MP?
  209. My thoughts on Space Marine.
  210. Just a reminder to visit the modding section, Titus now has helmets!!
  211. Which company does Captain Titus command?
  212. Space Marine - Forum Avatar Submissions
  213. Struggling to find games
  214. Coming down in price?
  215. Windowed mode
  216. "Master Crafted" Achievment
  217. Help me decide whether to get this game or not
  218. MP challenges question
  219. Low FPS in MP
  220. Fix For PS3 matchmaking?
  221. Why the hell does this game not have Dedicated Servers?
  222. Why Dedicated Servers are Needed
  223. What happened, Relic?
  224. FooF's review
  225. Master Crafted Wargear
  226. Space Marine Multiplayer - The Positives
  227. Relic, please add executions to multiplayer
  228. [Steam Group] Dolts unite, to fail for the Emperor and/or Chaos Gods!
  229. why no facial expressions?
  230. Cool Bug
  231. Why is there no Thousand Sons or Night Lords Warband Schemes
  232. "My Game code" on myTHQ
  233. Possible hacker/cheater
  234. Leftenant?
  235. Pipe Dream: Multiplayer Sergeants
  236. MP mod team-color?
  237. Suggestion Box - Manufactorum Ajakis
  238. Pre-Order Bonus
  239. future DLC for spacemarine?
  240. How are the sales?
  241. Official 41 Club Thread.
  242. Bug weirdness: ETERNAL WAR
  243. Campaign or the greatest dissapointment this Year
  244. Customizer question
  245. Campaign is the Dogs Danglers!
  246. Adjusting the fov???
  247. Presets arent working
  248. I F-ing love playing a Raptor.
  249. This game will die in 2 months
  250. My thoughts on SM and Multiplayer Questions