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  1. Press the button
  2. Dealing with Assault Marines/Raptors
  3. Major balance issue: ASM lose close combat fights with ranged units.
  4. *MP Question thread*
  5. Storm Bolters / Twin Linked Bolters
  6. Why so much LAG?
  7. Map
  8. Signum Link?
  9. Suggested fix for shoulder ram/asm boost ram
  10. Teambalance
  11. Map rotation
  12. The Vengeance Launcher. Does it need improving?
  13. No-Scope Lascannon Headshots
  14. Beam of something?
  15. Melee combat in Space Marine's multiplayer
  16. Random Gameplay Hints/Nuances
  17. About the killing blow 'bug'
  18. Devestators+ Bolt Pistol (or "thats a dick build hirm")
  19. Plasma Cannons- should they have reduced accuracy if fired whilst moving?
  20. It's Time We Discussed It: Devastators.
  21. Perk discussion
  22. Grenades
  23. Assault Marines: One trick pony needs to learn more tricks.
  24. Everything that needs to be fixed about multiplayer.
  25. Melta Gun head scratchin'
  26. Tac Marine Perks
  27. Armor and Health questions
  28. Stealth Update: Mute All and Push To Talk
  29. Melee stuns - WHAT IS THE POINT!?
  30. HB devs just became way more IMBA
  31. Colour Schemes: Tactical Advantage?
  32. Making the Power Axe work...
  33. Killstreaks
  34. Stupid question: how does the capture point thing in exterminatus work?
  35. Why do people vote in exterminatus defeat?
  36. Bolt vs plasma pistol and sniper in exterminatus
  37. Add badges ?
  38. Exterminatus Mastery
  39. Weapon popularity
  40. so called "rocket jumping", a bug, intended, or OP?
  41. Psyker class for Multiplayer