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  5. [TOOL] BAF (attr_pc) <-> XML converter 1.0 - 02/14/2012 - Visual Editor in Toolbox
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  12. Gore Mod
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  16. Armor/weapon stats (armor types and damage multipliers)
  17. My Captain Titus, how does yours look?
  18. Nvidia DDS Converter Help
  19. I'm having some problems/issues with modding, desperately need a expert
  20. Bolt Pistol using ammo - problems
  21. Alpha Omega Protocol's Space Marine
  22. How do I add weapons to every member of the squad.
  23. TrashMan's Phoenix Knight Chapter v1.0
  24. Audio Postprocessing
  25. Editing Normal Maps?
  26. Where are the sound files?
  27. Removing the main menu
  28. chaplain mod
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  30. 3ds Max Help
  31. Titus MK4 Helmut Help!
  32. [REQ] Relic Weapons
  33. Need a bit of help: Replacing the default pistol with the default stalker bolter
  34. Game crash, is there some detailed log?
  35. Remove Thunder Hammer/Jumppack Wargear Restriction
  36. FPS Camera Possible ?
  37. [req] A way to make impact marks permanent
  38. Is there a way to fix Titus' left shoulder?
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  40. Br. Nicodemus's Mod (Space Puppies)
  41. Anyone got the Chaos Jump Pack to work in SP?
  42. How to remove the HUD completely
  43. Starscream's Drunkcrafts
  44. Titus reskin request
  45. Can't find the Traitor Guard / Psyker models
  46. U.I qustion (rage meter)
  47. [IRC] Community Chat Channel Details
  48. [SM] THE FORGEWORLD - Forum Guidelines and Information
  49. Possible to export two meshes, merge them and import as one with textures intact?
  50. Tech Heresies (Space Marine Homebrew Modding Tools)
  51. ATTENTION - Subforum Restructured!
  52. MP Weapons
  53. Guardsmen model swap?
  54. Guardsmen bodies...
  55. Finally....it's finished :) Dark Angels Tribute
  56. Replace and/or add sounds.
  57. Replacing fx files
  58. Multiplayer Librarian Files?
  59. Editing the chaos lord/demon prince textures
  60. Any good campaign mods?
  61. ability_ranged_primary_vsmarine
  62. controller_rumble
  63. target_filter & collision_filter
  64. Positions available at Relicnews - apply within!
  65. Dreadnought for SP?
  66. How to even install a mod?!
  67. Can someone please with a very simply modding request?
  68. Ork Data for Space Marine
  69. Reliable sound extraction?
  70. Lack of mods??
  71. Shoulder glitch - any ideas how to fix?
  72. How to mod Blood Ravens, Ultramarines & Black Templars in the campaign?
  73. Grey texture bug on Titus's modded armor.
  74. Help please (extracting Space Marine and Darksiders 2 textured models)
  75. Can anyone send me these mods.
  76. (Update) Can anyone send me these mods.
  77. Some helmets, and a couple of questions
  78. Green Blood
  79. Are these mods possible? Frostblade(glowing chainsword) and Rotor Cannon
  80. Having Jump Pack and Hammer along with 3rd & 4th Guns?
  81. Can I run any of the mods without using Steam??
  82. Dark Angels Maximus Helmet?
  83. Dark Angels Mods
  84. Looking for a Celestial Lions skin for the Campaign
  85. Alittle Help for someone who doesnt mod much.
  86. Space Marine ENB
  87. Extracting Models and Skeletons to 3DS Max or Maya
  88. MP Maps viewing or just its plans
  89. help for 3d model
  90. Are there map making tools avaliable?
  91. Power source?
  92. Help with extracting and texturing Invictus!
  93. To anyone that still lurks here, PLEASE READ!
  94. Could someone please link me to all the mod tools for the DOW games?