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  2. Crazy preorder bonuses
  3. Company of Heroes 2 Forum Guidelines
  4. Closed Beta NDA rules
  5. Let's Talk about - Flamethrowers
  6. Sales!
  7. Mortars too accurate?
  8. General Early Impressions: Russian-German matchup
  9. CoH2 Content Wishlist
  10. Penal Sqaud with SVT.
  11. Where to put in beta key C0H2
  12. Framerate Issues compared with vCoH
  13. Rifles Grenades
  14. General Winter and Snow/Ice Maps
  15. Free closed Beta keys on facebook!
  16. Game will not start.
  17. Map Pack Paid DLC
  18. New beta patch
  19. CoH2 Stats
  20. COH2 and Custom Models
  21. thoughts so far?
  22. Stats Lost?
  23. German late game
  24. Armor, as it was used in worldwar 2 by the germans
  25. Bullets suck?
  26. CoH2 GFX/FPS query
  27. Would you agree that the AI is to hard?
  28. Tank "armor angling" and direct fire modes.
  29. Balance/historical accuracy/game mechanic tweaking suggestions thread
  30. The red snow
  31. Infantry "Vaulting"
  32. Can't make nests or OP points.
  33. End of Beta
  34. Soviet Maxim MG Team
  35. Sunday Night Fights Beta Edition Apr.28th
  36. Molotovs
  37. Mortar Counter Battery Not Working?
  38. Katayusha, where art thou?
  39. What on Earth is "Battle Hohors"?
  40. General Update 3
  41. Theater of War Info.
  42. COH 2 update
  43. Post-Closed Beta Discussion
  44. COH2: Red Star Edition announced (retail collectors edition)
  45. CoH 2 Server Stress Test
  46. My personal post-closed beta and pre-open beta suggestions
  47. friends request to relicnews
  48. Post Closed Beta > What happened to the graphics (and other stuff) ????
  49. Missing Executable [Need Help]
  50. Coh 2 new beta up?
  51. Report a player
  52. Open beta question
  53. Is closed beta still open?
  54. Open Beta, Your Thoughts?
  55. Where to download Open Beta?
  56. Coh2 normal maps
  57. No reconnect? No player report? No better matching?
  58. No mouse pointer
  59. Open Beta Memory Problems?
  60. Open beta crush
  61. This forum, the future, &c.
  62. Impressions and suggestions - Iteration 3 (Open Beta one).
  63. CoH 2 mouse cursor corruption issue
  64. Game Browser
  65. Crash in the middle of the match. Now with warning logs YEs
  66. COH 2 Steam issues. HELP
  67. COH2 pre order bonuses?
  68. Anyone recommend a good laptop for CoH2?
  69. Problem registering on the offical site?
  70. How to make SGA
  71. "Unable to connect to the Relic servers. Automatch will be disabled ...."
  72. Has there been a fix to the AMD HD 4600 driver crash yet?
  73. Relic Entertainment is on Reddit talking about CoH2 TODAY (19th) 4PM EDT
  74. Question about CoH2 retail version
  75. Native voices possible?
  76. Can someone give me the DPS formula for CoH2?
  77. CoH2 Modding Wishlist
  78. Company of heroes 2 normandy 44 mod ?
  79. Lag in every game so far...
  80. Commander details revealed by the Great Pocktio
  81. Full list of bugs, fixes and workarounds for COH2
  82. its all quiet on the eastern front?
  83. Wow, COH2 is much worse than COH1 for battlefield control of the map
  84. why do i have to download
  85. Are these buying sites legit or invalid?
  86. Thoughts on the new Commander and Bulletin systems
  87. CoH2 Performance?
  88. Automatch loadding screen crash
  89. Cheapest Download or Standard Boxed Version UK?
  90. ETA on coh2 large overhaul ?
  91. Any chance the Theater of War balance will become fair?
  92. Coh2 trainer from cheatengine.com
  93. How do you play CoH1 skirmish in CoH2?
  94. Collector's edition commanders exclusive?
  95. The CoH Wiki was really helpful, so...
  96. Favourite commanders / abilities / call-ins
  97. So you've had a week or so... thoughts on the game so far?
  98. SLI support coming at all? Temporary Fix?
  99. IS-2 and ISU-152
  100. CoH 2 crash
  101. Relicnews Penal Battalion [SteamIDs & Playtimes]
  102. Missing campaign medals.
  103. The little enhancements you like in COH2
  104. Thoughts on adding the KV-1
  105. Relic News community CoH2 bug thread
  106. The German Infantry Models
  107. ground problem
  108. Bulletins Question
  109. Any word from Relic as to keybindings, or at least a keydefaults.lua?
  110. What will future DLC look like?
  111. coh2 lags on steam. and i always kicked by other player after 10 mins
  112. Funny Pic: 3 Arty Officers crew HMG
  113. Let's discuss defensive play and how it could be tweaked/improved
  114. Progress reset
  115. Russians vs German AI start strats?
  116. 30/07/13 patch notes + discussion
  117. About COH 2 server?
  118. 20/08/13 patch notes + discussion
  119. Fall Blau
  120. Patch 10/09/2013 Notes
  121. New Content Ideas
  122. CoH 2 Producer Letter - September 2013
  123. Is CoH2 the first Relic game to fail to interest RelicNews peeps?
  124. From the Stream 9/24/13
  125. A belated thanks
  126. Future ToW DLC will not be free for pre-order/CE owners
  127. Part two of the Case Blue 1942 ToW live stream tonight @ 1930 GMT
  128. 24/09/13 patch notes + discussion
  129. Any of you guys got any replays featuring the new DLC doctrines?
  130. Interesting Discoveries
  131. Osttruppen?
  132. If you could tweak one of the existing commanders, which would it be?
  133. Commander abilities fail to work constantly, Stuka dive bombs fail to activate!
  134. Which CoH2 VO can you recommend?
  135. Relic live stream today @ 8pm GMT (balance patch changes)
  136. 09/10/13 patch notes + discussion
  137. Goodbye old friend
  138. If you think (some) things are bad now...
  139. Has anyone had any crashes recently?
  140. Company of Heroes 2 for £20 @ GameFly
  141. Not One Step Back! (SNF S5 hype video)
  142. Company of Heroes 2 and Windows 8.1
  143. Turning Point
  144. New CoH2 Forums
  145. Is this DLC buying an advantage?
  146. gfx options changes do not affect my fps, stuck at 10 always, help?
  147. CoH2 33% discount
  148. relic developer breaking brad now on reddit
  149. The Southern Fronts
  150. Stalingrad Factory NIS
  151. Company of Heroes 2 for £15 on Steam
  152. Company of Heroes 2
  153. For those of you who missed Noun's interview on the SNF cast
  154. Stug III Ausf. E Assault Gun vs. T-70... bug or not?
  155. Unable to start match. Get "Please Wait" Forever.
  156. Campaign Lag Problems
  157. Unplayable Performance, WAY Worse than the original.
  158. Lagggg problems over and over
  159. Who wants CoH2 for 116% off?
  160. Sudden FPS drop
  161. Ever wanted to design your own commanders? (Community idea)
  162. How would/will you guys restructure the Soviet and German tiers?
  163. Bug Report: Impassable Destroyed Tank Traps
  164. German Sniper Bug? What is he wearing?
  165. Why are there very few base defenses in this game?
  166. I want Engineers that can change 'gfx' file.
  167. Unbeatable AL
  169. Aftermath away!
  170. The Dolts march on!
  171. Is this really the way to play this game ?!
  172. [Update] March Deployment
  173. [RN article] Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies announcement (inc trailer)
  174. Relicnews interviews Relic about the new expansion - post your questions here
  175. The Western Front Armies
  176. An excerpt on games modding
  177. Workshop Maps
  178. RN interviews Relic: Company of Heroes - the Western Front Armies - the interview
  179. Needing help with NIS
  180. Unable to connect to server...
  181. Company of Heroes 2 Update Interview on Strategy Informer
  182. bug or "feature" ?
  183. Patch 24/04/2014
  184. I cant run Company Of Heroes 2. User not have permission.
  185. Petition: revert to and keep the original main menu layout
  186. Crashing when i play a snow based map
  187. Issue with models/textures Skirmish against AI in custom/non custom maps
  188. Western Fronts Alpha
  189. COH 2 How to remove team colors
  190. The _____ Front Armies
  191. The 5 Year Plan
  192. Teammates destroying allied bases
  193. War Spoils: Yay or nay?
  194. Do you hate Noun and want him to choke?
  195. Patch Changelog - 15th July 2014
  196. How to American?
  197. Maps blocked on steam
  198. Lack of immobilization
  199. How to Oberkommando West?
  200. Do The Western Armies Have Skins and Commanders?
  201. Issue regarding new update and unlocks
  202. Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault Announced - New Singleplayer campaign!
  203. Second screen blackout.
  204. Massive Green Man Gaming sale on COH2
  206. Relicnews Interviews: Company of Heroes 2 Ardennes Assault interview (inc modding)
  207. October patch + obs mode + mod tools coming tomorrow (October 29th)
  208. New to COH2-> Blizzards no more?
  209. Company of Heroes 2 for £7.50 on Steam
  210. Would you like to see a custom campaign in CoH2?
  211. Merry Christmas all ye festive Dolts!
  212. Which COH game/expansion has the best story
  213. Volksgrenadier Appreciation Station
  214. MAC coh2 start problem
  215. Pierre Qumsieh, French-Canadian balance designer, leaves Relic
  216. I bought Ardennes Assault standalone and can't play multiplayer?
  217. Relic Entertainment Announcement Twitch [Did nobody see this??]
  218. The Relic weekly Humble Bundle
  219. Company of heroes 2 MAJOR issue
  220. For King & Country! - British Forces finally revealed...
  221. Worldbuilder won't start
  222. Anybody know how can customize locale File in steamapps<<coh2 folder?
  223. British Forces
  225. Steam bundle