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  1. Replay section posting guidelines and How to's.
  2. Huzzah! My first 1v1 in CoH2
  3. [] Initial 1v1
  4. How I play Soviets (1vs1) Patch (
  5. How I play Zee Krauts (1vs1) Patch (
  6. Requesting good defensive/comeback replays
  7. My second replay (2v2)
  8. A pair of player 2v2s vs standard AI
  9. A pair of player 2v2s automatches
  10. 1v1 automatch
  11. So I just played a game vs CcArtS03.
  12. 2v2 automatch
  13. 2v2 automatch (AKA how not to play as the Germans)
  14. So ISU-152's are pretty awesome.
  15. Brummbär - are they any good now?
  16. 1v1 vs Guard Spam
  17. 4v4 custom game (me & AI)
  18. A pair of player 2v2 custom games vs. Hard AI
  19. 2v2 automatch (we won!)
  20. Attachments enabled for this section (hopefully).
  21. 2v2 on Rzhev Summer or How the Vacation at the Lake Went Terribly Wrong
  22. gg on Langre vs NorthWestFresh
  23. 2v2 automatch
  24. Soviet Sniper Strat+ Facepalm Game
  25. KV-Won! - 2 Soviets vs 2 Oberkommando West
  26. [2v2] The US returns to Rails & Metal
  27. [2v2 Pack] Minsk Pocket & Trois Pont
  28. [1v1] The M15A1 AA Half-track won't save you this day
  29. Meat Grinder - 2v2
  30. [2v2] Holy Sherman Spam Batman!