View Full Version : Tank attack bug

4th Sep 06, 3:51 AM
This has got to be addressed... Frankly I'm not sure why there aren't more people complaining about it. At least a few times a game I'll tell a group of tanks to attack an enemy only to see one or two of them blitz said enemy... The blitz results in little-to-no responsiveness as I try to pull them back. More often than not it results in my tanks taking more damage than they should, and occasionally causes me to lose a tank when I shouldn't have at all. It's an insanely frusterating problem.

Now I know tank pathfinding in general is not very good right now in CoH, but this has got to be improved.

Also to be addressed:

Tank group pathfinding - Thanks running into eachother, not using reverse properly

Tank orientation - Turning 270 degrees instead of the shorter 90

Tank reverse command - Allow your tanks to retreat in reverse without them slowly turning under enemy fire, exposing their rear... I realize you can click about 10-20 meters behind them, but sometimes I just don't have time to micro a tank column's retreat...