View Full Version : [1.4] Pershings vs. Tigers

9th Jan 07, 12:09 AM
The first game is me against EverBorn. 2nd against DayGloNinja. These were two great games. the 2nd replay shows how much ownage pershings can have against tigers. 2 pershings vs. 6 tigers.

9th Jan 07, 1:10 PM
Will we get to see the Tiger's dancing bear act around insignificant obstacles and firing into the ground and the rear of friendly vehicles?

The Tiger is the best armor unit in the game -- if by "best" we mean most comical.

9th Jan 07, 7:07 PM
Jesus gutb you dont miss a trick to spout some axis balance propoganda. Am I to believe you think that tigers suck now too? Comments of yours like this just strip away any credibility you may have had.

18th Jan 07, 4:46 AM
Aye Mutters. Some folks just won't be satisfied even if the Allies drove around in plywood mockups with pop-guns.