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4th Sep 03, 12:09 PM
Ok, this isn't a game problem, as in its not a bug or anything. This is something that I don't like about the game. I was playing in a multiplayer game with a guy, and it was going on forever. We both had humungo forces and all. Along with our huge forces, we also had gun platforms all over the place. Now, it was virtually impossible for anyone to win the way the game was going. Someone had to take a hit somehow... these battlese that were going back and forth weren't going to solve anything... So I got the RU's, and then Hyperspaced my whole fleet of 21 frigates behind his base and start killing his MS. At the same time, I moved all my fighters and corvettes in the front door. Now, this would have killed his mothership if not for one thing. He hyperspaced it out. Well... even tho it was outta there, I could have finished it off with the little 3 milimeters of life left in the bar with my bombers. fair enough right? wrong, he hyperspaced it AGAIN... Because of this, there was no wa for me to kill his MS... He would jsut jump 5 ft every time I got within striking distance. I wanted the moso gone so he wouldn't make anymore cariers, with all the carrier supply gone, he can't make more, and all I have ot do is take out his 1 carrier. But noooo.... I think the amount of RU's that it takes for the MS to hyperspace should be increased. or there should be a cool down time on the MS so it can't hyperspace for say, 2 min or somrthing after a jump. Its still a good game and all, but eigther MS hyperspacing should be disabled in multiplayer games, or the RU's needed to do it should be increased or somthing cause this is BS... I mean, 2 jumps right after eachother within like 10 seconds or so?? man.. Jsut voicing my opinion and asking what oyu ppl think...

4th Sep 03, 12:11 PM
I wouldn't worry about this too much in the final game. Ever hear of a "Hyperspace Inhibitor"? :)

4th Sep 03, 12:13 PM
and we can make those in this game?? Don't remember if we could in Homeworld... Don't think we could...

4th Sep 03, 12:16 PM
Hyperspace Inhibitor may be a Vaygr weapon ONLY. And from the way it looks I think it latches on to the ship it inhibits.

4th Sep 03, 12:17 PM
GravWell generators stop hyperspace in Homeworld, and yes there will be a "hyperspace inhibitor", i have heard it so much its hard to remember when i first came across this marvel.

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4th Sep 03, 12:17 PM

4th Sep 03, 12:29 PM
here is a picture: http://well-of-souls.com/homeworld/hws/hw2/images/display.htm?e3gs_homeworld2_screen013.jpg

4th Sep 03, 12:53 PM
Problem is the demo doesn't have the build able gravity well modules or hyperspace inhibitors that the retail, full game has so there is no way to stop a possible hyperspace able ship except for surgically striking his hyperspace modules in the area.

So bear in mind that a good or large, important chunk of the tech tree isn’t available to you in the demo, and you have to live with hunting them down for now in the demo.

One piece of advice, when they hyperspace open up tactical display, and go to sensor manager either way if you got enough sensors around the enemy jumping ship you can watch his hyperspace movements for a bit. This’ll give you a general idea where he just jumped to.

My suggestion for the demo is to get bombers with the improved weapons for sub-system attack, and surgically attacking his hyperspace modules. The bombers are pretty good at this task, and you should be able to destroy them in short amount of time. If you want to also take all your capital ships and strike at the module as well you could, but it’s no where near as effective as bombers taking out modules.

Also, if he’s jumping this much he’s blowing resources, a long range jump is costing him nearly as much as 2400 RUs (I believe), and short jumps costing him I believe 400-600 RU. He’s wasting allot of RUs still, and if he jumps too much he’ll put himself into a major disadvantage. :deal:

4th Sep 03, 12:56 PM
well its the demo they want us to buy the game not to get stuck with the demo :D