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6th Sep 09, 10:17 PM

Normandy 1944: European Theater is the Sequel Remake of one of the most exciting mods available for Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor. The mod focuses on realism and is a Total Conversion of the game, Including lots of new abilities, units, models, skins, strategies, and much more
The tradition continues!

N44 Home Page (http://atlanticwallmilitaria.com/Normandy%20%2744/index.html)

N44 XFire Community (http://www.xfire.com/communities/normandy1944/)

ModDB Site (http://www.moddb.com/mods/normandy-1944-european-theater1)

We want to dedicate the mod to Christian "MrScruff" and Loran Korn - talented team members and wonderful friends who we lost too soon. They left they're work as their legacy - they will always be remembered.

The N44 Dev Team

Project Leaders

SIG21_Surgeon (mod founder, CEO)
Sweeten2213 (Operations)

2D and 3D Skinners



MrScruff - May he rest in peace
Loran Korn - May he rest in peace

Custom Icons



Loran Korn - May he rest in peace
Gamerisin (Sounds, Forums Assistant)

Personal Assistants

CitizenSoldier (Head Tester, Historian, Forums Assistant, Coding Consultant)
Dartborne (Coding Assistant, Advisor)

Webmaster/Forums Supervisor

Therewasatime (Webmaster, ModDB leader, Historian)

Public Relations/Promotions

Twitchy (Text editor/creator, Video)
Revolucion09 (Public Relations/Promotions, Video)









XFire Community Host


Skins/Models/Icons Included





AI Support

The following provided assistance, advice, or code for the AI

Capt. Combat

Also, additional things brought over from the Blitzkrieg mod and Battle of the Bulge Mod - so thanks to Xalibur and Halftrack

Thanks to all my closed beta testers, the community for support, and Relic for the game!


And a HUGE thank you to Men of War (and all it's developers), especially 1C, the members of the German Soldiers Mod, and the members of the Dynamic Campaign Generator Mod, for allowing us to use some of their models and textures!!! They made a great game and great mods (pick up those mods is have MoW, guys) and were VERY kind to allow us the use of their models!!!

Some specific artists from the MoW mods (GSM and DCG mods) used :

Zeke Wolff (3D models) and ngvede (textures) - Both proud members of the Dynamic Generator Mod
The BTRH Team

Main Features:
-Command Trees revamped Based on historical categories, based on real divisions of Normandy phase at World War II. Each Division now enables 16 command choices instead of the classic 6 the game offers!
-Sub-Divisions: After you chose your main division/doctrine, you must chose one sub-division, which will enable specialized buildings with unique units based on the real Command you chosen, these units differ from each division/subdivision!
-Realistic combat: As the game focuses less on building strategy, you will have to take care of more units, and of the battle it self *Infantry will act as infantry, will have a realistic fear factor, and will move depending of the survival of their leader, and much more. *Vehicles will suffer hard consequences if not taken care of. They can lose visibility, mobility, lose ANY of their gunners (including the Gunner) and more
-Weaponry works based on realistic information and a balance for great gameplay, this will make you focus in the safety of each unit. Explosions cause coherent suppression, SMGs dangerous in short ranges, rifles working as they should (bolt-action, autmatic, etc), grenades with no 100% accurate throws and much more
-All the game's Graphics changed, all units with historically modified Skins, being different even between Sub-doctrines, Plus lots of new units, improved sound quality, and UI modified for better gameplay

Why the mod and why this way? -

Of course I'm a gamer and a fan of historically accurate content in games. BUT, there is a bigger reason why we spend so much time being both historical and historically accurate. The men and women who served in WWII were both brave and bold, on all sides. And none have ever asked for a thing in return. This is my tribute and thanks to them - to represent what they did and what they went through as accurately as possible. Unfortunately, there are too few of them left to tell their stories, and many are too proud to do so. To all our vets - THANKS!

Also, I want to note something. As some know and some don't, my wife suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. It is not a life threatening disease, but it is life altering and incurable at the moment.

I will personally donate $1 to the MS Foundation for every 100 downloads of the mod. I'm asking for nothing from the community or my team - but know that by trying the mod (and hopefully enjoying the experience and maybe even learning something about WWII :) ) you will also be giving to a greater cause.

Money Raised So Far - $271.00

Detailed Features:

The simplest way of putting it would be...everything is changed to be more realistic!!
- All weapon stats have been adjusted to better match their real life counterparts
- New command tree and squad abilites - squad abilties include several new thrown weapons, and call ins for air strikes/arty
- Fully revamped AI GREATLY improved over vanilla AI - very challenging!
- Full sized squads and Orders of Battle to match real life counterparts during the time frame
- Real life divisions, regiments, etc... that played a major role in the European Theater from D-Day to the late fall in 1944 - each unit is broken down to the regiment which is included in the description
- Vehicle and Infantry skins to match their real life counterparts (85% complete)
- Unique higher upkeep system replacing pop-caps - each unit draws more on certain resources, lowering income based on the needs of the unit
- Completely different way of units becoming available based on a main doctrine and 3 "subdoctrines" to choose from (see below for description).
- Command trees are completely redone and based on not only doctrine, but sub-doctrine chosen
Like I said - everything is different and more realistic. If you're familiar with the mod, it's everything it always was and more!

Sub-Doctrine System Description and Lists
As soon as you start the game YOU MUST choose a doctrine to start building (starting units cannot capture). After you choose a doctrine, your builders will be able to build a basic "barracks" and "light motorpool" for that division. In the case of the British, you will unlock a specific infantry unit based on the doctrine from HQ, as well as an Infantry Truck based on the doctrine. Choosing a doctrine will also unlock one column of the Command Tree. After choosing a doctrine, 3 "sub-doctrines" will become available from your HQ. Choosing one of the three sub-doctrines will unlock one more building (or in the case of the British, the Armour truck) based on the sub-doctrine. It will also unlock the corresponding Command Tree column for that sub-doctrine. Each sub-doctrine is unique and has it's own strengths and weaknesses. Details of the doctrine and subdoctrines (as well as some history) is also included at the doctrine selection screen. There are also details of the sub-doctrine at their selection section. Once you choose a sub-doctrine, that's it - there's no going back! The sub-doctrines were chosen as either a specific part of the chosen division (doctrine), or an additional division(s) that worked with the main division in the summer/fall of 1944.
Here is a list of the different doctrine/sub-doctrine combos, and a little history as to how they were related (there is also a list of divisions/regiments included in the mod folder) :


US 29th Infantry Division "Blue and Grey" (also has some armor units from the 747th Tank Battalion and 821st Tank Destroyer Battalion, both attached to 29th ID, spread through sub-docs)
~~ 1st Infantry Division "The Big Red 1" : landed on Omaha Beach with the 29th ID, and continued to fight alongside them into St.Lo and beyond
~~ 2nd Ranger Battalion : landed on Omaha Beach with the 29th.
~~ 30th Infantry "Old Hickory"/113th Calvary Group "Red Horse" : these two frequently found themselves fighting together and often working with the 29th ID, especially in and around St. Lo

US 101st Airborne Division "Screaming Eagles"
~~ 82nd Airborne Division "All American" : landed behind enemy lines with the 101st just prior to D-Day, and frequently "dropped" together with them as part of the 1st Allied AB Army (899 Tank Destroyers also included as they were at times attached to the 82nd)
~~ 327th Glider regiment - glider regiment of the 101st (also includes units from the 70th Light Tank Battalion who were attached to the 101st)
~~ UK 6th Airborne Division "The Red Devils" - also landed just prior to D-Day

US 2nd Armored Division "Hell on Wheels"
~~ 82nd Reconnaissance Battalion - they were described as the "Eyes and Ears" of the 2nd AD.
~~ 702 Tank Destroyers - the anti-tank wing of the 2nd AD
~~ 2nd Free French Armoured Division (2e Division Blindée) - at times fought alongside 2nd AD when it got up to strength

British Commonwealth

XXX Corps (many of the divisions included spent time in the XXX Corps, and all fought at least alongside - the 50th (Northumbrian) ID is the starting infantry division with some light motorized help from the 7th AD)
~~ 7th Armoured Division "Desert Rats" - the main and consistent armor component of the XXX corps
~~ VIII Corps - often worked with and helped XXX Corps. It's main armor component was the 11th AD "The Black Bull". Also included the 15th Scottish Infantry Division, the Guards Armoured Division, and the independent 6th Guards Tank Brigade.
~~ 51st (Highland) Infantry Division - part of XXX corps. Also includes the attached 33rd Armoured Brigade.

6th Airborne Division "Red Devils" (gliders from the 6th Air Landing Brigade are included in main tree column)
~~ 6th Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment/1st Canadian Parachute Battalion - both fought as part of the 6th ABD
~~ 1st Airborne Division/1st Independent Parachute Brigade (Polish) - part of the 1st Allied AB Army with 6th ABD
~~ 4th Special Service Brigade - landed on d-day (also includes 4th Free French SAS)

3rd Canadian Infantry Division "The water rats"
~~ 2nd Armored Brigade - supported the 3rd ID on D-Day and part of II Canadian Corps with the 3rd ID
~~ 1st Polish Armoured Division/79th Armoured Division - the 1st polish AD was also part of II Canadian Corps, and the 79th assisted the Candians, including D-Day (also includes the Divisional Royal Canadian Engineers - 6th Field Coy regiment of the 3rd ID)
~~ 2nd Canadian ID and 4th Canadian Armor Division - also fought as part of II Canadian Corps, and often alongside the 3rd ID


709.Infanterie Division
~~ 795.Osttruppen Battalion - Georgian volunteers, they fought as part of the 709.ID at Utah Beach and fought with them in the Cotentin Peninsula
~~ 352.Infanterie Division - also fought along the beaches in Normandy at Utah beach and the following battles
~~ 243.Infanterie Division - also fought in Normandy in the Cotentin Peninsula and near Cherbourg

2.Panzer Division
~~ 38.Panzerjäger Battalion - the anti-tank battalion of the 2.PzD. Also includes units from Panzerjäger Abteilung 559 who were attached inside XLVII Panzer Corps with the 2.PzD in the fall of 1944
~~ 2.Aufklärungs-Abteilung - the recon battalion of the 2.PzD and was known, like the 82nd Recon of the 2nd AD, as the "eyes and ears" of the division. Also includes units of the 26.Volksgrenadier Division who fought as part of XLVII Panzer Corps with the 2.PzD in the fall of 1944
~~ 9.Panzer Division - the "sister" division of 2.PzD, and fought as part of XLVII Panzer Corps with the 2.PzD in the fall of 1944

12.SS Panzer Division
~~ Schwere SS-Panzer Abteilung 501/Schwere Panzerjäger Abteilung 560 - fought as part of I SS Panzer Corps with the Schwere Panzerjäger Abteilung 560 attached to the 12.SS PzD (also includes further 12.SS vehicles)
~~ 3. Fallschirmjägerdivision/12th Volksgrenadier Division - both were also attached to I SS Panzer Corps in the fall of 1944
~~ 2.SS Panzer Division - though part of II SS Panzer Corps, fought alongside the 12.SS near Caen and St Lo

Panzer Elite
21.Panzer Division
~~ KGr Oppeln - the armor side of the division (with mobile arty)
~~ KGr Oppeln - the more mobile, recon side of the division. Also includes 200.Panzerjäger-Abteilung for anti-armor support
~~ 15.Panzer Grenadier Division - fought as part of XXXXVII Panzerkorps with 21st PzD

91.Luftlande Infanterie-Division
~~ 16.Luftwaffe Feld Division - fought with 91.LID on the Cotentin Peninsula
~~ 6.Fallschirmjäger-Regiment - was attached to 91.LID on the Cotentin Peninsula
~~ 77.Infanterie-Division - together in cotenin peninsula as part of II Fallschirmjägerkorps with 91. LID

17.SS Panzer-Grenadier Division
~~ 1.SS Panzer Division - fought as part of I SS Panzer Corps with 17.SS PzGren (some units are also included as part of one of 17.SS PzGren buildings). Also includes Schwere Panzerjäger Abteilung 560 (attached to I SS Panzer Corps) and Schwere SS-Panzer Abteilung 501 (who were specifically attached to 1.SS)
~~ Panzer Lehr Division - fought at times during summer and fall of 1944 as part of I SS Panzer Corps
~~ 9.SS Panzer Division - part of the divisions who assisted in Falaise Pocket to help the 17.SS PzGren Div. and other trapped divisions

Instructions for Installation :

0) Delete any previous EuropeanTheater1944 folder
1) Download all 3 of the zipped files.
2) Unzip zip1 to your desktop
3) Place THE CONTENTS of zip1 into your main CoH directory
4) Do the same for zip2, and zip3 (they will merge into the main EuropeanTheater1944 folder)
5) Open up the main folder and read the readme (also includes installation instructions)
6) Right click on your CoH Shortcut, and choose "create shortcut"
7) Right click on the new shortcut and select "properties" - set the target line to read as the following :
"C:\Program Files\THQ\Company of Heroes\RelicCOH.exe" -dev -mod EuropeanTheater1944
8) Rename the new shortcut whatever you'd like
9) Click on "Change Icon" inside properties, and "browse" to find the icon included in the mod folder - choose it
10) Then you're good to go!! Known Issues
- As stated, the icons are still a WIP (but will be stunning when finished) and the matching skins are not complete. Most units that do not have a skin to match the division are using unmarked skins. Unfortunately I cannot skin, and have no team members that can skin, so I have to count on the generosity of the community for help.

Thread is still a WIP as is the mod!!!


Due to the size of the mod and all the added content, there is a dropoff in performance. In the mod's last thread I did a poll asking whether or not people would like to see more things (skins, units, abilities, etc...) at the cost of some perfromance. The answer was an overwhelming "yes". So, you may have to lower graphics settings from what you normally play CoH or other mods. A simple rule of thumb is making sure the "memory usage" bar on the graphics settings page does not go above 1/3. A basic "minimum requirement" for RAM memory appears to be about 3GB of RAM. You will need about 4GB of USABLE RAM (which would mean the need for a x64 bit OS) to play on high settings, and about 6GB of RAM to start playing bigger games on high or Ultra.

For those with less than 4 GB of RAM, a x32 bit operating system, or who are having graphical crash issues - keep ALL the settings other than 1) Shader Quality, 2) Model Quality, and 3) Texture Detail on low or off ALL the time. They're just about useless in the big picture (that comes from thousands of games watched and played, so I have to STRONGLY suggest doing that at least for the mod if you are having crash issues). Keep Shader Quality and Model Quality on "high" all the time. Also, keep the model detail slider bar in the middle (though that seems to make no difference). The only thing to adjust is the Texture Detail. "Medium" texture detail is pretty much the default setting for just under 4GB RAM, although you can try high and see if it works for you. If you're using Wehr on a 3v3 or higher and already having issues, I suggest low. If you are going to mix factions, I STRONGLY recommend low if you are already having issues- maybe medium for a 2v2 where it's PE vs. a US and Brit mix - but never high for a mixed faction game with less than 4-5 GB of USABLE RAM. Obviously if your having issues, dropping one of the 3 main things (texture detail first) may be necessary.

My old CPU specs : Intel Core 2 Quad Core Q8200 @ 2.33 GHz x32 bit Vista 4 GB Ram NVidea GeForce 250 GS 1024 MB. The above suggestions both worked and were needed with those specs

I thEN installed Windows 7 x64 bit (no other changes). Basically meaning I was able to use my full memory due to the x64 bit OS (x32 bit OS's are only able to use about 3.5 GB's of RAM mimus your graphics card memory). I then was able to play mixed faction games on Ultra and High settings. So, the mod is VERY dependent on RAM memory, and for better performance you need more memory.

My newest rig has much higher specs and there are no issues at all (9GB RAM)


Intro video from Revolucion09 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWKukpvlKLI

US Intro from Rev : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHICBYXzxDk

Some gameplay video from Rev : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOF4dYOEoqs

More gameplay video from Rev : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RUVTfjVu9U

Gameplay video from DeepCore : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l08v_RkUC_0

ScreenshotsGallery 1 (http://s1007.photobucket.com/albums/af197/sweeten2213/Normandy%2044%20European%20Theater/)

Download Links -

You can get zips 1 and 2 for the version 2.0 Alpha here : http://www.moddb.com/mods/normandy-1944-european-theater1/downloads

FULL VERSION 1.7 (http://www.moddb.com/mods/normandy-1944-european-theater1/downloads/normandy-44-european-theater-version-17-full)

N44 : ET V1.7 Full Auto-Installer (http://www.moddb.com/mods/normandy-1944-european-theater1/downloads/european-theater-1944-ver-17-full-auto-install)

Alternate Download Source for 1.7 Auto-Install : http://companyofheroes.filefront.com/file/Normandy_44_European_Theater;109139

And here is a link to a pdf guide that can help with installation and gameplay - N44 : ET Guide (http://www.moddb.com/mods/normandy-1944-european-theater1/downloads/n44et-field-operations-manual-basic-training)

Also, a lot of the skins we use can be found here - Waffen Mod (http://www.cohmods.com/western-front-skins-and-waffen-mod-t10.html)

6th Sep 09, 10:49 PM
I shall be remembered as the first poster in the N44ET. I'm immortal. :P

Can't wait to have the 4 parts.

Thanks a lot sweeten!

6th Sep 09, 10:55 PM
Nice, good to see that N44 is getting new a fresh new thread! But why did you make a new thread? (I guess because no you can edit the first post). Another question: Why did you make the installation so complex, instead of uploading 1 .rar archive?

Herr Kodax
6th Sep 09, 11:02 PM
Great news, can't wait to get my hands on the new toys after so long.

New thread is great too, as it'll help in keeping ET's stuff together (and sweeten was made the "chief" if I remember well). So, the first post will be updated accordingly each time something new arises I guess, which is/will be very helpful.

6th Sep 09, 11:02 PM
Im the first one to dl both zips now i gotta wait for the other 2 :P

6th Sep 09, 11:21 PM
The files were too big for one upload (FF has a 600 MB limit, and the Wehr models alone are nearly that)

FF seems to be down ATM (after 3 tries at zip 3). I'll keep you posted, and when we're all done uploading I'll offcially retire the other thread (and yes - it was so I could have control of post 1 since SIG has bowed out due to time constraints)

Here's a link to the post in the other thread where you can see what the icons will look like in the future (not when I get this uploaded, though - Dooms far from done) : http://forums.relicnews.com/showpost.php?p=3636831&postcount=4100

Edit - I'm trying a site called "filedropper" ATM (at least temporarily). We'll see how it goes

And, if anyone can let me know if they are also having issues with Filefront (i.e. trying to download zip 1 and 2) let me know either way. I hope it's not just me :)

2nd Edit - I confirmed they are down (and other site was crap). Bah!! I have to get some sleep - maybe early tomorrow?

7th Sep 09, 1:04 AM
Yeah its also down for me, but filefront have just is upgrading or something like that.. I think they er finished around 3:30 am :) Looking foward to try your superb mod :)

7th Sep 09, 4:15 AM
Very nice, can't wait to play.

7th Sep 09, 6:50 AM
Hello there Sweeten2213! Maybe you can try uploading the files to megaupload? I believe their limit for one file upload is 1GB and the upload/download speeds should be faster than filefront. Cheers on your excellent mod!

7th Sep 09, 7:53 AM
Hell, I should be, I'm an assistant to the Commander-in-Chief. I also want to post that when everything is up and running( after this zip thing is finished), anyone who has a question about the mod or anything at all you would like to ask , and maybe don't feel comfortable posting on the main thread, or to Mr.Sweeten directly, Feel free to PM me , CitizenSoldier, as I will be glad to assist you in any area that you might have questions in...History, mod probs, bugs, or stories of carnage experienced in ET44, I'm your man.... Any stupid questions will be dealt with the Firm 'OL Gen.Patton slap:donny: . Just Kidding!:slow: There are no stupid questions, my elementary teacher always said. That's why you can PM me, and save yourself any embarrassment.... Have Fun, This mod is the best CoH has to offer, and I am honored to be a part of History (at least of this forum!)

OH- nice video Rev09! I wish my computer looked like yours-- I was glued to youtube for a while dreaming!!!

7th Sep 09, 9:02 AM
Its great to see my name on the front page, and its great to see how far this mod has come.

If anyone has any questions or needs help with anything, I check the forums daily, so don't hesitate to send me a PM.

Rev, Loving the videos! Once the Public beta is fully uploaded I'll see about getting some Screenies and videos up.

Have a good one,


7th Sep 09, 9:14 AM
Sweeten, its not just you. Filefront gets finicky for me sometimes too. However, I did manage to download part 1 after the second attempt, and part 2 on the first. The stars must be aligning just right or something, cause I almost never get that with them. Although, it is a weekday and most kids are in school, perhaps that's been a godsend to the bandwidth lords.

7th Sep 09, 9:39 AM
Ummmmm... where can I find zips 3 and 4?

7th Sep 09, 9:43 AM
they haven't been uploaded,sweeten will do it later,hopefully for afternoon you'll be able do download the full parts.

7th Sep 09, 10:19 AM
Hurra !!

7th Sep 09, 10:37 AM
Hip hip Hurra'!
we can't Wait!

7th Sep 09, 12:48 PM
believe me mate,it's worth waiting the mod and then remember this is the open beta,sweeten need to release the second version,with new and very cool icons thx to Doombringer1982.

7th Sep 09, 2:25 PM
All zips are up (but 3 and 4 aren't tested yet)

Edit :

I tested 3 and 4 by downloading them - no corrupt files.

Should be good to go!

7th Sep 09, 2:26 PM
Ill do my best to finish the Wehrmacht till next beta Update

Caius Bingerus
7th Sep 09, 3:33 PM
sorry to say sweeten, but n44et.zip-part4 doesn't work, when i extract it shows an error:-(

7th Sep 09, 3:44 PM
here are the corrupted files

! C:\Users\\Downloads\N44_ET_Beta_zip4.rar: CRC failed in N44_ET_zip4\EuropeanTheater1944\Data\art\models\races\panzerelite\soldiers\shared_textures\tex_pe_4ankbuster_diff.rgt. The file is corrupt
! C:\Users\\Downloads\N44_ET_Beta_zip4.rar: CRC failed in N44_ET_zip4\EuropeanTheater1944\Data\art\models\races\panzerelite\vehicles\hotchkiss_h35\hotchkiss_h35\model\tex_pe_hotchkissgeo1_dif.rgt. The file is corrupt

the word "races" is not seperated. It just came up that way in the post
there is another space for the file name in the post but can't find it

A problem is that the hold position button is at the same spot as the unload button on the kangaroo and other vehicles. Also can you just let us use all the command point ablities other than only getting some since the extra command points cannot be used for anything else.

7th Sep 09, 4:32 PM
Luckily I had just enough time to start an upload just before I went to work.

The Zip 4 link now has the newest version (I hate the upload process - especially for a mod this big)

Let me know how this version works

A problem is that the hold position button is at the same spot as the unload button on the kangaroo and other vehicles.

This will be a common question - right click on the icon of the unit you want to get out

Also can you just let us use all the command point ablities other than only getting some since the extra command points cannot be used for anything else.

No - that would completely go against the sub-doctrine strength/weakness concept

7th Sep 09, 4:39 PM
it's vista compatible?
italian ucs compatible? ready to play?

7th Sep 09, 4:42 PM
if you have the game installed and it works, you can put in the mod and there is an Italian .ucs file but the words will be still in English

7th Sep 09, 7:01 PM

I have installed the game properly but I am getting an application error. Anyone else having the same problem?


Here's the error message:

Company Of Heroes: RelicCOH.exe - Application Error
The exception unknown software exception (0xe06d7363) occurred in the application at location 0x7c812afb.

7th Sep 09, 7:19 PM
I have to say I've never seen that one before.

Anyone have a clue? These #'s (0xe06d7363, 0x7c812afb) do look like numbers from the mod (inside of the lua files), but where I have no idea. I know you said that you installed the game properly, but I think it's possible that somewhere along the line something went wrong. I guess we'll see if anyone else is having the same issue, and if not - me or one of my assistants can try and help with the install process.

BTW - I'm guessing the new zip 4 is unzipping OK?

7th Sep 09, 7:38 PM
I can get the mod loaded correctly to the CoH screen. I set up a skirmish as recommended with high resources and it begins to load the selected map and stops half way through the loading process. I was able to get all 4 zip files with no problem.

BTW - The UCS file has blank lines of code and spaces. Any issues with that?

7th Sep 09, 8:02 PM
Thumbs up for the mod, Sweeten and the team! This will go great :)

7th Sep 09, 8:22 PM
I can get the mod loaded correctly to the CoH screen. I set up a skirmish as recommended with high resources and it begins to load the selected map and stops half way through the loading process. I was able to get all 4 zip files with no problem.

BTW - The UCS file has blank lines of code and spaces. Any issues with that?

From the bottom - the blank spaces are OK.

Which map are you using? What are your CPU specs?

Also, try with low graphics settings to see if you still have an issue.
Here is a quote from a post I had in the last thread as far as graphics settings :

Just so we're all on the same page with settings :

I keep all the settings other than Shader Quality, Model Quality, and Texture Detail on low or off. Their just about useless in the big picture (that comes from thousands of games watched and played, so I have to STRONGLY suggest doing that at least for the mod). I keep Shader Quality and Model Quality on "high" all the time. Also, I play on a 1680x1050 Widescreen with that setting, and I keep the model detail slider bar in the middle (though that seems to make no difference)

The only thing I adjust is the Texture Detail. To play that last game, i had Texture Detail to low.

On a 2v2 or 1v1 I set Texture Detail to Medium or even High on a small map.

Obviously if your having issues, dropping one of the 3 main things may be necessary.
My CPU is :

Intel Core 2 Quad Core Q8200 @ 2.33 GHz
32 bit Vista
4 GB Ram
NVidea GeForce 9800 GT 512 MB

7th Sep 09, 8:45 PM
I have just returned to my comp after a nice Labor day with the fam...

I just DL'd the 4th zip and I'll extract and see if there's probs with me....:crash:

7th Sep 09, 8:54 PM
I believe the N44_ET_zip1_Beta_online.rar is corrupt, though I'm going to try redownloading just to double-check. When extracting, it came up with an error message saying,

"! C:\Documents and Settings\Jonathan\My Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes Data\European Theatre\N44_ET_zip1_Beta_online.rar: CRC failed in N44_ET_zip1_online\EuropeanTheater1944\Archives\EuropeanTheater1944SoundLow.sga. The file is corrupt"

For further proof, I tried playing 1vs1 skirmish on 2p_best... loading bar reached aprox. 75%, then it hanged. I had to force-close CoH. I checked the error log in My Documents, and there at the bottom, it was failing to load, see here:

13:26:39.93 GAME -- *** Beginning mission 2p_best (1 Humans, 1 Computers) ***
13:26:40.12 GAME -- Recording game
13:26:40.17 Activating screen: GameLoadScreen
13:26:40.17 Got dlman msg [ack game CompanyOfHeroes allowtraffic]
13:26:40.54 OnlineUpdateStateAsync: updated state for gid=83453605
13:26:40.68 THREAD: Hyper-Threading Technology Processors are not detected.
13:26:40.71 SOUND -- Initializing ...
13:26:40.93 SOUND -- Initialization completed!
13:26:40.98 QuazalPostStatsAsync: Simulation results sent to server for gid=0
13:26:40.98 PHYSICS: detected processor(s) capable of handling 4 threads.
13:26:41.04 MOD -- Locating MOD for scenario 'DATA:scenarios\mp\classic\2p_best\2p_best'
13:26:41.04 MOD -- Using Mod 'EuropeanTheater1944'
13:26:41.10 Unable to load/parse precache file [DATA:scenarios\mp\classic\2p_best\2p_best_precache.lua]
13:26:41.14 Re-winding a compressed stream for file 'data:sound\wav\music_nonstream\m07_ob2_findrocketlo_load.smf'. Expensive operation
13:26:41.14 Re-winding a compressed stream for file 'data:sound\wav\music_nonstream\m07_ob2_findrocketlo_load.smf'. Expensive operation
13:26:41.96 GameObjLoader - upgrading load_count from 0 to 1152
13:26:43.93 GameObjLoader - upgrading load_count from 1152 to 1875
13:26:43.93 PHYSICS -- Created node factory 'HVOK'
13:26:43.93 PHYSICS -- Created node factory 'DMMY'
13:26:48.00 Transport - median kBPS [hi/cur] sent = 0.0/0.0, recvd = 0.1/0.0, #p/sec[s/r] = 0.1/0.2, max unsent 0, version err 0, merge 0
13:27:13.00 local host PeerID 1 CONN ack= 0 ( 0ms~0) unack= 0, retry= 0, highwaterOOS=0 @WINaddr:; (ping=0ms) 100.00%, pending=0, dead=0
13:27:13.00 MessageCounts: inval=0/0, seek=0/0, join=0/0, integ=0/0, seek_reply=0/0, join_reply=0/0, add=0/0, remove=0/0, drop=0/0, data=0/0, voice=0/0, rchk=0/0, nudge=0/0, peerhdr=0/0, proxy=0/0, ping=0/0, frag=0/0, Errors=0/0
13:27:16.57 Re-winding a compressed stream for file 'data:sound\wav\music_nonstream\m07_ob2_findrocketlo_load.smf'. Expensive operation

Notice the 'lo' sound files? Thing that's wierd is I've got my sound quality set to Ultra... I didn't think it'd use the low sound files aswell... ohwell, I hope this helps.

7th Sep 09, 9:04 PM
I didn't check the online DL - I actually may just change that to the changed files anyway so no big deal. I'll be at work for the next seven hours, so it will have to wait till then

And again - I hate the upload process :banghead: :censored: :D

There's no way to know why or how the files become corrupt as your uploading. After all that time, it says everything's fine just to hear the grim news. Let's just say I estimate the time spent just on uploading for the last couple days has been 7 - 8 hours (break down, zip, test, upload, download, test, repeat)

And it's not the actual files as I checked them all before uploading - sometimes it gets screwed up in the upload process for no apparent reason.

7th Sep 09, 11:43 PM
Gameplay video put together by Rev09 is up on the first post.

And, I'm guessing zip 4 is OK now?

Oh, and BTW - an alternative to that online version issue would be to use the sound files in the archives folder from the main version zip 1 download. They're both the same (but of course not corrupt in the other zip).

And, like I said, when I reupload an online version I will probably only include the files changed for the online version. It will make swapping between the two versions easier, and the upload/download smaller.

8th Sep 09, 3:52 AM
I Dl'd all four zips, and implemented them into COH, and no problems, played a very nice round as Wehr (the most graphically intense) and found the framerates have improved, as well as streamlining the mixed models since the closed beta.. (congrats Sweeten on that!).

@Fluffy1942, I would have to say that we've found that any setting (at least graphics) on "ultra" is just too sketchy for N44ET, this was true for all of the versions before this open beta, and still is unfortunatly because of the forementioned (mixed models) issues. I would only have to assume the same for sound issues, but I'm not positivly sure of this..

I try to be objective on the graphics issues, as I cannot speak as one who has a "ultra" anything comp, I found that you really have to find a "sweet spot" (no pun intended, you could say this thread is a Sweet spot:lol: ) with your graphic settings, and the typical rule is nothing on ultra. Whatever your particular rig can handle up to that setting is your choice. This is because of all the different skins, and units N44 utilizes, especially infantry and specifically the Wehrmacht faction. I found a balance and I typically never have a crash due to this issue anymore.. Almost..:err:

8th Sep 09, 4:16 AM
Sweeten, I Dl'd all four zips and put them in like I normally do, did a 2v2 on Rails and Metal, And it seemed that NONE of the AI built anything, because I advanced right up to his base as the 709th without a shot being fired, after I'd done that I readied some tanks, and I got Fatal AI Error.

Did I do something wrong or what? I'm here for about...20 minutes then Im off for most of the day, so a Quick way on a chance to fix this now would be appreciated.

Thanks ~Twitch

8th Sep 09, 4:20 AM
@ Twitch - umm, maybe? I haven't played rails in a while but there are occasions when the AI brainlocks. The Fatal AI error is a thing of the past, though, so I'm thinking there is something wrong.

I would try removing all old files, and replacing them with the new ones (a copy paste over the old version could cause an issue)

8th Sep 09, 4:24 AM
@Sweeten - Thing is the only thing I copy and pasted over was the Modules, I deleted all the old European Theater files. So I dunno whats wrong here.

8th Sep 09, 4:47 AM
I too have an error while loading a map... but the error gives a "Error could not be written, make sure there is enough space in your TEMP folder" warning (which there is), so I can't really say what particular thing is causing it.

8th Sep 09, 4:55 AM
@ Twitch - Hmmm - hopefully just a hiccup then (or a bad download). Let me know if it happens again

@ Wills - I'm guessing it's the too high graphics settings issue, or a SCAR coded map.

One thing that was consitent in the last thread was people saying, "But I use these settings for vanilla COH," or, "But I play mod XYZ on these settings and it's fine."

This mod is different and you will have to lower settings. I actually "polled the audience" in the last thread and it was voted on that I should add more stuff and more quality skins at the cost of performance.

8th Sep 09, 5:16 AM
Its possible that the settings may be a bit high... running everything on highest iirc :D

8th Sep 09, 5:40 AM
awesome to see an online version of this mod! now comes the real testing........ :D

8th Sep 09, 6:43 AM
I don't know about this version, the first time I downloaded it, I couldn't load maps, it just froze halfway through.

The second time I downloaded it, I was able to load the map, but got the same error as willsey "Error could not be written, make sure there is enough space in your TEMP folder", and I haven't changed my graphics since the last version? Any ideas?

Oh and I got the crash with the map "The Scheldt"

8th Sep 09, 7:25 AM
I had that same problem, turn down your graphics and you'll get it running :)

8th Sep 09, 7:44 AM
O..m...g...Nice work Sweeten and co. Downloading now.

Now if i had to choose a card for the proper 3v3 games since the last closed beta wouldn't let me play till the end on my 8800gtx (756mb) at all lowest settings, at no budget i assume i want the biggest memory i can find?! The game sure eats a lot of it :muffy: :D:

Very nice icons too.

8th Sep 09, 8:00 AM
Where do I look to post a report when the game hangs? So far, all I can give you is that I was playing Wehr defensive tree and I was on the Ithaca 4v4 map. Texture detail was turned down low as well.

8th Sep 09, 2:31 PM
I'm running out the door, but the online files (just the changed files - not the rest of zip 1) has been uploaded and the link changed

8th Sep 09, 6:12 PM
I got it working, turns out I put the first Zip from the OLD beta and then the other three new ones, Whoops.

Anyways, Ive been tweaking abit with the graphics, there has no crashes which is good, And I did a 3v3 to test it out, Put Shadows on low and turned Terrain detail upto high just to test, I got INTO the game and didn't have lag until about 5 minutes in. Then again all the AI was on Expert, I then froze.

I was expecting this to happen, However, Before I couldn't even get INTO a match of 3v3 with those settings. I'll be turning the Terrain detail back to medium and I think I might take the shadows off to, see how that goes.

8th Sep 09, 6:47 PM
@ Bink - you can post bugs here for now. I may put one of my guys in charge, soon.

I believe I forgot to mention that Wehr draws on more memory than the others. And, 4v4's are very difficult top play ATM, especially when Wehr is involved.

I'm by no means saying that I won't or can't get the performance better. It's just going to take some time.

And, from my testing and what my beta testers have reported, it seems 99% of all crashes are due to the graphics issue. It's not a bug, per se, but it is an issue I'm working on.

8th Sep 09, 6:52 PM
Just tried a match playing PE 77th ID from the Luftwaffe Field Division doctrine. After building the Pionere squad and electing to use my 1 accumulated point to gain the capability to build light emplacements, no building options appeared in my pionere's build menu.

8th Sep 09, 7:05 PM
@ slug - In that subdoc, only the pios built out of the 77.ID building can build those buildings.

One other note for graphics settings...

when on the graphics settings page, there is a green bar on the bottom right for memory usage. That is based on your specs. For the mod, you'll want that to go no higher than half, and preferably around 1/3

8th Sep 09, 7:31 PM
Yeah, given the chatter in the other thread, I went in on my second go around to ensure the memory thing was way down. What I meant earlier was that for bug reporting, isn't there a file the game uses for each instance, and where can I find it to relay back to you (I figure, you're a code guy, you'll wanna see code)?

I had two hanged games total out of three on the same map. One of them I had to quit mid way through for something else unrelated, and one hang I needed to reboot. However, the game got great going for awhile. I played Wehr defensive doc twice, and US airborne once on that map. I'll try a 3v3 next time.

Also, I don't know if anybody has a particular way to test, but for now I'm going to try to stick to a side/doc hopefully until I can complete a game with it.

8th Sep 09, 7:53 PM
@ Bink - ahh, Ok - I got you now.

If you go into your my documents/my games/Comany of Heores folder, there is a folder called game logs (I think that's what it's called - I'm not at home).

Usually crashes will be reporting at the end of the warnings file. However, if the game crashes due to the graphics issue, it won't say that specifically.

I also appreciate that you're doing testing in a "controlled experiment" manner like you are. Being a code guy usually means your a math guy (which I am). And being a math guy, I like logic and structure. So, good job by you :awesome:

BTW - I certainly want bugs and stuff reported here no doubt - it's a big part of a beta.

I would also like some general feedback, as well. Things like the gamplay elements, sub-doc system, etc... I'm not afraid of negative comments, but I am curious as to how people are enjoying the new aspects

8th Sep 09, 7:57 PM
Kinda weired, Ive been playing some games already, made those videos (and some more) and never ever got any crash, I dont have the latest Gaming rig, to take as comparison this is my Rig, and I play without problems on ultra (1280x1024, no AA). Still I admit I have a slower game, lower fps, and some fps drops, but that's ok considering the content this mod adds, yet playable:

E8400 @ 4.0 (dual-core)
4870 512MB (single-vga)
4GB Ram 800 DDR2
P5Q Motherboard
Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

This is just for you people to compare and check if it's a hardware problem, or something else, as for me, as I said, i hadnt any problems yet

I got rid by Allied AI in Normal on Caen map, though I could easily Win on Vire River on allied Side, very fun game, intense and realistic


8th Sep 09, 9:11 PM
Congrat's on going live sweet!

Since you opened the beta I have not bothered playing anything else with CoH. Love the realism. And the replay value. Built a Sherman Easy 8 up to veteran status the other day, and was glad to see how much more damage it could take than Sherman's could in the past. Certainly seemed a lot more realistic than when Sherman's were pretty much exploding death traps.

Just one question. Are the new files revised from the last version of the beta? Or do i still need to update?

8th Sep 09, 9:14 PM
@ Eury - I wondering where you went :) How do you like the new digs?

Yes, there have been things added, fixed, etc... So you should update.


9th Sep 09, 3:12 AM
Couple more things I'd like feedback on :

1) Online play (since that's new to this version's beta)

2) Gameplay balance between factions/divisions/subdivisions - this will be where a lot of the secondary tweaking will be after the major stuff.

So, those 2 in addition to :

1) Bugs

2) General gameplay experience

3) Gameplay as far as new stuff added for this beta

9th Sep 09, 4:27 AM
Played a 3v3 last night, 3 US normal vs 2 Wehr and myself as PE, Worked fine the entire match until about 45 minutes in, then my UI randomly went black and the menus disappeared, I alt tabbed out then back in, Seemed to fix it. It then came up twice more before I finished the match, Its mildly annoying but nothing that bad.

9th Sep 09, 6:22 AM
Twitchy, I've been getting that graphical thing since day one of CoH myself, but find it generally clears its self out after much of the things needing produced building-wise and upgrade-wise have been done. By late game it becomes less and less of an issue, and less alt-tabbing in and out.

Tried upgrading my card's drivers a couple of times to no avail. Don't know what I'm doing wrong there but it usually ended up with windows starting and all I get is blackness resulting in a system restore back to the way it was.

Other general stuff: I notice squad numbers next to their icons don't represent actual squad size (and I know Doom is working on icons an such for later), so its confusing to find out what units can fit inside Bren carriers/halftracks/bunkers etc. I noticed the increased troop capacity for trenches, curious to know if everybody in them can fire out or if its just the ones you see.

As for other defenses and such, its a little disorienting since I'm used to starting with a handful of engineers, and I'm only still figuring out the subdocs where I can build stuff with them.

9th Sep 09, 8:56 AM
I just played a round 4vs4 Wehrmacht against American.
I've chosen the Ostbattalion and must say...this was the best CoH battle in my life. In 45minutes there was a total casualty of three thousand man (600"volunteers" by me.I don't give a fuck on my infantry when I chose Ost ;) )and three hundred vehicles. This is truly epic, but the whole thing has a big contra. The performance was CRAP.

I am playing with: Dual Core 2,4Ghz. 3Gig Ram. Gtx260 "Superclocked". My settings were: Shader High, Texture Medium, Object Details High and the rest was middle(e.g. physics) to low/off.

In the beginning of the match the problems weren't that big, but as the fight continued performance got worse. One of the main problems was that later I wasn't able to see effects like smoke, explosions or trails though my effect details and effect density are set to middle. Was a shitty feeling to see >10 man dying in one second not knowing what killed them.

9th Sep 09, 12:40 PM
@Freewar:yes that's one of sweeten's priorities,the Wehrmacht uses heavy model mixes,not counting the faction you were playing against,I only recommend to lower your graphics and find what are the best options to increase performance,so you'll have a real funny and enjoyable CoH match.

I know it's a pitty to have a great CPU and can't use it at it's full capacity,but I hope we find a solution,meanwhile you can report any bugs to improve gameplay.

9th Sep 09, 2:47 PM
Just a quick post here to attach something for Twtchy

It is an OLD test guide for N44 - not for use with this version!!

This was just the best way to get it to him - he will be working on a similar one for this version

9th Sep 09, 3:53 PM
Great job on the mod, as usual!
The subdoctrines improves detail, immersion and replayability a lot... great idea and implementation!

(nice to see those old text files still being around... if I weren't so busy, I would have made new ones for this version)

9th Sep 09, 4:09 PM
@ Kohl - I forgot AGAIN who did them the first time.

Yes - Kohlrabi wrote the original text files (and I know you weren't looking for credit, Kohl, I just know you deserve it).

And no worries - Twitch will take care of them now

9th Sep 09, 5:38 PM
@sweeten:I think I could check the german forums,ummm...also I need a translator,someone that speak german,I understand a little,but I need to be sure before writting german,anyone willing to help the mod please PM me so we can start checking at the german forums.

EDIT:I'll wait for someone that speaks german and english!!!

9th Sep 09, 5:44 PM
@ Sweeten, What is the Test Command Line? It would make my job on these guides ALOT easier. Thanks.

9th Sep 09, 5:45 PM
@ Gamer - sounds good

@ Twitch

Which can go anywhere in the target line

9th Sep 09, 6:00 PM
argh i havent been able to download the new files due to internet usage used up atm , but ill be good after the 13th this month , then ill start testing again XD wootttt

9th Sep 09, 6:05 PM
An addition to the team -

I want to welcome whitewolfmxc to the N44:ET team.

He's always been an avid tester and full of great ideas, so he is a welcome addition

That should round out the team (unless we find a full time skinner or modeler :) )

9th Sep 09, 6:11 PM
Thanks Sweeten.......I was building engineers from the root building (the wrong one). Whilst on the subject though......the engineers I did build had no objects at all listed under the build menu (these are the basic ones from the 91st infantry spawn). Shouldn't they at least be able to lay wire or build sandbag emplacements?

9th Sep 09, 7:00 PM
actually sweeten , i think due to the amount of unit that we already have , we might have to think of a way for a new interface for more units to be placed , either in existing building menus (a turn page function to another menu page , which has been looked into the pass with mixed success) , or the doctrine trees that can have roll down page functions (thats something new XD) , or roll down page on building menus for units

And i actually have some interesting new building ideas too XD we'll talk later

9th Sep 09, 7:10 PM
Class to me has liked but here signs dollar are not present inscriptions of one figures and game of an error greetings of fashions takes off help with error completely to play in fight why game takes off im from Rassia

English I do not know I translate from program PROMT8

9th Sep 09, 7:15 PM
@ isvr - you have the Russian version?

I still have to make a compatible version (but I will - maybe in english though)

If anyone knows how to translate into Russian, maybe that can be passed on to him?

Note - post 1 has been updated thanks to Rev09!

@ White - yes, we will talk. I want to get on the same page with you, and hear some ideas.

9th Sep 09, 7:30 PM
There are inscriptions of soldiers who they engineers or infantry only what that no figure and fashions good but all time game flies and suggests to send the report in relic

Respected certainly at me the Russian version of game COH VT 2.600 in Russia really you too play have forgotten that our country was at war 4 years and how many we have lost soldiers and I always download your fashions and I play here only with English badly I do not know language too I wish to make fashions natural where tanks press machine guns and tools and at Germans would add technicians

Help with your dandy I want that it worked and did not take off fashions that super real and soldiers that they have been signed who instead of figures

There is at you a program skype can to send sreens of a desktop with errors of game and game sreens that you have understood with an error

9th Sep 09, 7:33 PM
I understand the error - it's from the graphics settings. They have to be lowered some.

And I by no means have forgotten about the Soviet part in WWII - I hope to add them at some point

I will try and get a russian version for you soon

9th Sep 09, 7:36 PM
Something interesting , just for laughs , when we add in the franch we should give them the ability :



9th Sep 09, 7:43 PM
Thanks that will help with an error if you simply superman and make fashions with RUSSIAN that east front something not as will not make ане you could help me how to do fashions of video instruction rollers it is possible in English send references

Give I will send you a screenshot of game with an error to you it will be easier to solve a game error

9th Sep 09, 7:45 PM
I'll see what I can do

(BTW - I think I've earned a degree in broken english from doing this :D )

I think it is fantastic that so many non-english speakers are interested in the mod!

@ White - the French are already in (2nd Free French Armored Div, 4th Free French SAS) :p

9th Sep 09, 7:53 PM
And you played game face of war 2 our Russian game about war 1941-1945 there technicians much and the weapon and there it is possible to go by the tank and to press guns car machine guns

From this site I always mode swing and I play them but not all work learn to do mode

9th Sep 09, 7:54 PM
@whitewolfmxc:hi there,you were in the KMOD team right???

9th Sep 09, 8:00 PM
Moreover if you will do mode for Russian 1941-1945 we make soldiers in a normal form of that time not all in caps caps with ear-flaps we go thanks for attention is glad to new dialogue that someone will make in game mode for Russian

And in it mode KMOD he played the good works

9th Sep 09, 8:32 PM
@ isvr - we will stay in the summer and fall of 1944 with the Russians if we are able to implement them

@ Gamer - yes, he was part of the K-Mod team. And Rev was the author of the Commando Realism mod which is one of the best mods EVER for CoH (how I got him to work with me, I have no idea :D )

9th Sep 09, 8:42 PM
KMOD + Commando Realism:hours of pure fun,well at least until they stop modifing the mods,best mods (2006-2008/9)

I remember Rev because before I got CoH,I always entered companyofheroes.filefront.com only to see the screenies and white because I always saw him in the Kmod forums,aside Kyranzor,ooohh boy,the good ol' times. :lol:

9th Sep 09, 8:43 PM
Gamerisin : i use to be , but the mod is dead >< yeah good old times XD but im still here in the COh community for sure a long time XD

Sweeteen : humm , i actually have a funny idea about that little function XD.......although im sure it violates the forum rules to discuss here......

9th Sep 09, 8:50 PM
thx you for that,glad to meet such a telented modder and working with you it's...a privilege and I mean it,sorry I got lost for a few moments :bored: !!!

10th Sep 09, 12:34 AM
Well we do have a dream team now don't we?! I bet the admins are wondering when were gonna stop making love to each other and get down to the business of making WAR!:rofl:

Sweet, I'm going to add to my team title General Comedian-Commander of Tactical Shenanigans....:beer:

10th Sep 09, 2:26 AM
Now after reboot PC mode Normandy 44: European Theater does not work and errors in game no range and figures ahead

I hope soon will make correction of an error I wish to play this mode Normandy 44: European Theater

10th Sep 09, 4:42 AM
@ Sweeten- Just an Update, I'll be finishing up the 243rd ID then I'm completely done the 709th Doctrine, I've even gone the extra mile to ensure that all the German spelling is correct compared to the spelling in the mod.

Also, I put in the Divisions that the units are from infront of there names, just to make it abit easier for anyone useing the guide trying to look for a specific Divisions units.

My goal for today is to Completely finish the Wehrmacht Doctrines, I dunno if I can do this, but I'll sure as hell try. ~Twitch

10th Sep 09, 5:07 AM
Thanks Twitch - good job

Attached are the files to make the mod Russian compatible (in English, but it will run)

10th Sep 09, 5:19 AM
Thanks the big all game work and there are no numbers all inscriptions in English

10th Sep 09, 5:31 AM
Very good, Comrade


@ CS - you're also in charge of bringing the :beer: (no cheap stuff, either)

10th Sep 09, 7:23 AM
@ CS - you're also in charge of bringing the :beer: (no cheap stuff, either)

You seem to know me without even meeting me personally, I haven't drank a domestic brew in years.......

10th Sep 09, 12:06 PM
@Sweeten2213: Do you got the .rgt file from the Axis emplacement, that were in an older version of N44? It is the one with the Splinter B camo for the Commonwealth MG nest. If so, could you PM it to me?

10th Sep 09, 12:38 PM
Is it just me, or is something wrong with the AI?

10th Sep 09, 1:45 PM
what do you mean??? please post the bugs,what is wrong,so far the AI is one of the best ever made,challenging and deadly.

10th Sep 09, 1:48 PM
Played a few games after that post and the problems disappeared. Loving this mod, man! Keep it up!

10th Sep 09, 1:50 PM
whitewolfmxc is a welcome addition to the team, all your previous work has been golden. :salute:

10th Sep 09, 1:52 PM
@Shadowmetroid: that's just ok,if you find any bugs,please report them so we can improve or fix the problem.

10th Sep 09, 3:30 PM
Is the range for the 105mm correct?

10th Sep 09, 4:15 PM
@ Shadow - if you mean can it fire a heck a long ways, yes.

@ Celestial - the only files I have are in the mod, and I haven't touched the mg nest - sorry about that

10th Sep 09, 5:17 PM
Hi sweet!

A couple comments on recent games. All the 1v1 games I played went fine (mostly as US 82nd Airborne and one as 2nd SS). Was even able to increase the video options a bit.

Only glitches I noticed was the 82nd's MG and mortor. They had a triangular configuration on the mini map (like a vehicle) and could not set up the MG's facing to fire where I wanted. So when they got hit by the enemy naturally they were facing the wrong way and were quickly annihilated. Conversely the 101st MG's worked fine.

Just tried a two 2v2 games (specifically Redball Express) without any luck. Was playing as Wehr Falls and both games crashed. Lowered the video settings on the second game, but still crashed about half way through. Also noticed that the Whirlbend unit was a blue box. Maybe it's a function of the map, not sure. Will have to try them on a different map.

Will pass along anything else I spot.

All the best,

10th Sep 09, 5:26 PM
Thanks Eury and I'm glad you got the new files DL'ed.

The 327th WC's I am aware of and will be fixed.

The Wirble is a new one - I'll check on it.

Sorry about the crashes - we're still on it.

10th Sep 09, 5:57 PM
Sweeten: Theres always one big realism problem that bugs me so much in the game itself after Opposing Fronts , which is the removal of the collision effect on vehicles and units in order to "fix" their own poor path finding

Now , is it wise or possible to mod back this realism effect ? what do you guys think ?

10th Sep 09, 6:20 PM
Probably not, white, but I can look into it.

I Pm'd you and the rest of the team with an update.

10th Sep 09, 8:20 PM
Do I need ToV to play this or just 2.600? I know it says for ToV in the description but... well, I hope I don't have to buy the goddamn mediocre expansion.

But, to play N44, I will, if I must.

10th Sep 09, 8:48 PM
@ Khannis - no, you don't have to have ToV

10th Sep 09, 9:03 PM

glad to see you're back.. IMO you give the best "after action" reports, they are very helpful to the team in finding specific errors. As for the weapon behaviours and stats, I've only just begun taking a look see at them, at first I was befuddled at where to begin, but I've decided to look at the MG's and Arty first, as those are my personal playing preferences. Admittingly, its going to be a big ol' WIP, but keep on letting us know what you find out.. I might just do a quickie on the mortars, because the AI loves to sit way back and drop them, and I think its unbalanced at best right now...

I would just want to remind you to always set starting resources on "high", that is usually the culprit on those matches where the AI has it's thumb you know where...

10th Sep 09, 9:25 PM
@ CS - really - you always set them on high? Or do you mean the opposite?

Has anyone tried playing online or LAN?

I'm curious to hear about that.

10th Sep 09, 9:45 PM
If i was to give log files from the document section, which ones help mostly for crashes , as i just played a 2v2 with 2 wers and 1 brits, 1 allies on hedgerow and the ai was playing with lots of planes and suddenly it froze up with sound looping. Also because of the freezing it's a Pita to alt-tab-delete my way out of it.

10th Sep 09, 10:02 PM
I appreciate the feedback, Weaker.

Unfortunately the logs won't really help with that one - it's issues we're aware of. Also remember - as of right now, Wehr (especially multiple Wehr) will cause performance issues more than the other 3.

However, we have a new sound archive coming in the next update, and we are continuing to work on performance issues in general.

For anyone curious from other threads on the boards (namely ammo box)...

Yes - we are going to put in the Jagdtiger
Yes - we are putting in Widowmaker1's new Tommy skin.

10th Sep 09, 10:29 PM
Sweet, I just PM'd you on some stuff..

11th Sep 09, 10:37 AM
Everytime when i start a map, before its finished with loading i get an error... :soul:
please need help


11th Sep 09, 10:57 AM
Markus1 You have to lower your settings(extremly).
I didn't think this was causing the error either, but it was. ;)

11th Sep 09, 10:59 AM
OH ok...


11th Sep 09, 1:26 PM
small error with Filefront

when i click part 2 the link leads to filefront and then i click download now and goes to the download page, 10 seconds after it goes back to the download now page

i need help i've done part 1,3 and 4 i need part 2 :help:

11th Sep 09, 2:38 PM
I think you just have to keep trying... same thing happened to me on all 4 parts but got them after some time.

This thing seems to happen very often latelly :wtf2:

11th Sep 09, 3:38 PM
Filefront has definitely been odd to me like that. One way around it I sometimes succeed with is to clear out cookies/cashe and hit that download page fresh. Could also be time of day as a factor, people hitting them servers hard etc. Hard to gauge.

11th Sep 09, 3:58 PM
i cant choose from the subdivisions, there is already one highlighted for me, so i have to pick this one by default....bug?

and also, u can only pick 3? because i kept accumulating points but not spend them, only on the original 3 that was picked

11th Sep 09, 4:18 PM
@The40ronin -Its not a bug, Look in your HQ, there will be three Icons with the Sub Divisions, Pick the one you want and then you will have Access to that Tech Tree.

Points will still gather even when your done those two parts of the Tree, even though you cannot spend them. Have fun.

11th Sep 09, 8:57 PM
European Theater Artwork, a gift for you :)





11th Sep 09, 10:37 PM
the first picture and the last one with the Hetzer are beautiful,I mean,the four are great but I liked most the first one and the last one.

12th Sep 09, 1:24 AM
Very cool. I had done some pics of COH in photoshop along these lines( emboss, painting, pointilism).. These(I mean Rev's) came out looking very good.

12th Sep 09, 1:31 AM
One way around it I sometimes succeed with is to clear out cookies/cashe and hit that download page fresh

just did that and now it works thanks man

12th Sep 09, 2:01 AM
Nice working with filters Rev!

12th Sep 09, 6:00 AM
If anyone on the Modding team would like to help me in a small way for the Guide, Send me a PM. I'd really appreciate it.

12th Sep 09, 2:46 PM
Well, tried the multiplayer version today with a friend of mine but we couldnt get a game going when we played 2v2 or more, only managed to play when we were 1v1. We just have to copy and paste the 2 folders from the online version in the mod folder right ?

Whenever we tried a game with AI players, the game just froze just as we finished loading and entered the map. Sometimes we got this Fatal Scar Error - Game Paused too, which if I remember correctly in single player is only a matter of pressing Pause button and then playing problem free (but of course cant do that in multiplayer).

Any ideas ?

12th Sep 09, 3:20 PM
OK, I've downloaded the mod but am having some problems getting it going. I followed the installation instructions and when I use the shortcut I made it starts the mod. But when I try to play a game it freezes while loading. When I alt-tab out it has an error message say it wasn't able to create an error message and then it just comes up with a thing saying "CoH has stopped working" and shuts it self down.

I am running windows vista with 4 gigs of ram.

Any one got any ideas?

12th Sep 09, 4:00 PM
did you installed the mod as the instructions specified??? maybe the folders aren't in the right location.

Double check'em

in the properties the shortcut should say:
-dev -mod EuropeanTheater1944

12th Sep 09, 5:37 PM
Ok, know its working. I had the "-dev" in the wrong place. Thanks for the help mate.

12th Sep 09, 6:23 PM
no problem,that's what I'm here for.

12th Sep 09, 7:34 PM
@ doomis - not quite. Because there are files removed, you have to get rid of the moan scar folder, and completely replace it with the online one. A copy/paste won't get rid of the scar files that cause the scar error.

12th Sep 09, 7:57 PM
I have a question about the mod: Will it be able to run on any version of OF? And if i dont have ToV, will certain features be taken out of the mod? Also, last time i tried to install the older beta, it didnt work for me at all. Hope this one does =).

12th Sep 09, 7:59 PM
@ Netclash - it should be OK

@ team members - I also forgot to mention in the PM I just sent that I also added the 17th AB in the same manner

12th Sep 09, 8:02 PM
Alright then i'm going to start downloading this mod again, hopes it works and all the features are there too! =D

12th Sep 09, 8:53 PM
@Netclash:if you don't have ToV it doesn't matter I don't have it either,if you have the latest patch you may run the mod without problems.

12th Sep 09, 10:07 PM
Ok, the problem wasn't quite fixed. After I bit more time of playing (or trying to play) it seems that the games still crashes on the loading screen half the time and when it doesn't it crashes about a minuet into the game.

12th Sep 09, 10:16 PM
mmm...check the folders,if you unziped all in the same place it should work fine,use the instructions in the first page and remember you may need to rename folders.

12th Sep 09, 11:09 PM
@ Jedi - I'm guessing your graphics settings are too high. See post #1 for suggested settings

So that you guys don't think I just sit around on a throne high up on a hill while my team toils away, here's some stuff that has been added for the 1st update :

- new loading screen (thanks Rev!)
- changed some sound files around (thaks Gamer for your research!)
- adding new languages to be compatible
- fixed some bugs like the 327th box bug
- added new skins to the 101st AB
- added new skins to the Brit 50th ID
- added new improved JagdpanzerIV model with skirts (from tankdstroyers thread)
- moved Sturmtiger from PzLehr (replaced by Marder III) to a one time call in for 12.SS
- added Jagdtiger as one time call in for 17.SS
- added one time mass call in of 4th AD vehicles (with proper skins) for 2nd AD
- added one time mass paradrop of 17th ABD (with proper skins) for the 101st
- added one time mass call in of mechanized troops from the 2nd ID (with proper skins) for the 29th ID
- added a CP and then an upgrade to allow 2.PzD and 21.PzD to be able to build 88's
- currently adding more player_ability call ins and will probably expand Command tree Further.

I'm sure lots more before we update!

Back to work :program:

13th Sep 09, 12:16 AM
Hello, I am French-speaking thus I added a French file in Locale and when I launch the game, there are codes as $xxxxxxxNo Range. What can I make?

13th Sep 09, 12:23 AM
"adding new languages to be compatible" this was writen by sweeten in the update up your reply,maybe he include french.

13th Sep 09, 12:26 AM
I hope!

13th Sep 09, 12:29 AM
Attached are files for both French and Russian versions.

You can unzip them into your CoH folder

Panzer VI Tiger
13th Sep 09, 12:29 AM
Just found a small skin bug ingame. Seems like 9 out of 12 riflemen in a 29th ID rifle squad are corporals (two chevrons), while they are supposed to be privates (1 or no chevrons). Also, 82nd airborne weapons squads also suffer from this. Finally, 82nd airborne HMG teams have the lua yellow box. Any of this going to be fixed in the patch? Or are there more important bugs to fix?

13th Sep 09, 12:51 AM
Thanks for the quick reply sweeten, seems I didnt understand correctly the instructions, gonna try it again today.

Also glad to hear the command trees are expanded :jump:

13th Sep 09, 1:13 AM
Thank you very much!

13th Sep 09, 1:23 AM
1st Polish Armoured Division/79th Armoured Division have bug their infantry has yellow box error btw very good mod i cant wait for update

13th Sep 09, 1:32 AM
EH Sweeten look that! Extract with winrar!

13th Sep 09, 3:36 AM
I just had a full game has British against the AI. Enjoying the mod and looking forward to when you get it more polished and complete.

Also, not sure if this is a bug or not but I though I'd mention it. Has the British 30th corps I could only access two of the doctrine branches. Is this WAD (working as designed) or are the unimplemented yet or is it just a bug?

13th Sep 09, 4:12 AM
@jedi1- if by doctrine branches, you mean only two of the columns you spend CP's on , then yeh, thats how its supposed to work mate , you have the main column for the doctrine, then the column for the sub doctrine you picked from your HQ

13th Sep 09, 4:43 AM
Not sure if you guys are interested, my game loads and plays fine, but ultimately always crashes before the end of a match.

Being a software dev. I cannot rule out a problem with Vanilla CoH. If I was to post a couple of bug report files, would someone mind having a butchers?

13th Sep 09, 7:53 AM
wer i download new version

13th Sep 09, 8:04 AM
@Arbituh101 - Look on the first page, it has all the instructions you need.

13th Sep 09, 8:23 AM
You have too blue cube in the game?

13th Sep 09, 9:04 AM
I See many people getting blue boxes of missing rgm, guys install the mod correctly with ALL 4 Parts (install it one after another to be sure) and apply the multiplayer patch ONLY if you are going to play multiplayer

13th Sep 09, 10:10 AM
Hey, Sweetness did you get Widows new Commando skin? Or his tommy skin?

13th Sep 09, 11:41 AM
@ Flash - yes and yes

13th Sep 09, 11:57 AM
Sweet... those will look epic in this mod.

13th Sep 09, 6:54 PM
Hey i downloaded all the parts, followed instructions, got the shorcut, started the game, and i got a the normal version of OF... Is there suppose to be a specific version of OF to play or Vanilla is good?

13th Sep 09, 7:05 PM
@ Netclash - vanilla is fine. I would have say there is a problem with install, since we have around 1000 downloads and this is the first I've heard of this issue with this version.

It could be with the files themselves or in the shortcut (more likely the files).

In your CoH folder (located at program files/thq/company of heroes ) should be 5 .module files that start with EuropeanTheater1944. There should also be 1 folder called EuropeanTheater1944. In that folder should be a couple of miscellaneous files, and 3 folders - locale, data, archives.

13th Sep 09, 7:14 PM
Yea, i had all 5 modules and the folder, merged with all other 3 parts. just that when i start with the shortcut nothing really changes, its just plain old OF. This also happened to me while beta testing the previous version.

13th Sep 09, 7:52 PM
I know you've been patient Net, and i will certainly try and help.

I'm assuming you are making a new shortcut, correct?

If not you do this by :

6) Right click on your CoH Shortcut, and choose "create shortcut"
7) Right click on the new copy of the shortcut and select "properties" - set the target line to read as the following :

"C:\Program Files\THQ\Company of Heroes\RelicCOH.exe" -dev -mod EuropeanTheater1944

8) Rename the new shortcut whatever you'd like
9) Click on "Change Icon" inside properties, and "browse" to find the icon included in the mod folder - choose it

13th Sep 09, 8:53 PM
@sweeten:the link I sent you is the last and updated version,don't get confused mate,it's the one that should be used in N44 :salute:

14th Sep 09, 2:54 AM
I've been playing this mod avidly past couple of days. Regarding Netclashs problems;

I started off with unpatched Vanilla OF (I reinstalled several times to verify this), this mod will not work until OF has been updated to at least 2.5 (preferably 2.6). I tried it with every version up until that update, you start it up and you get Vanilla CoH. (Which is a bit annoying, it's about 2 Gb of updates from Vanilla to 2.6).

Other than this, I must say an excellent mod truly a great improvement on Vanilla. I try and post about bugs as I find them.

Also, does the amount of RAM affect the performance of the mod (I have my settings turned down until I'm using about a 1/3 of my memory on the options page but it still crashes at some point in the endgame).

I have 2 Gb RAM, a GTX 260, Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q6700 and am running XP SP3.

I'll have to get around to getting another 2GBs.

Edit: Other Bugs:

Missing Lua: http://www.vulomedia.com/images/63997relic00000_1small.jpg

This happens occasionally, after producing a unit. There seems to be no set trigger.

Incorrect order in commander tree: http://www.vulomedia.com/images/43481relic00001_1smaller.jpg

Tank Destroyers appears to be able to be unlocked before the preceding tech has been. I'm not sure if this is by design though.

14th Sep 09, 10:27 AM
Someone may have reported this one already, but building the Flak 88 emplacement using the 16LW Field Division engineers produces a yellow box where the 88 should be.

14th Sep 09, 3:20 PM
@Lack_26: Thanks alot for testing this out, unfortunately, i always get errors when trying to install patches soo yea... I think my regestry is a bit messed up... So sad i could not play this awesome mod...

14th Sep 09, 5:54 PM
Hi sweeten 2213
Greetings constantly game fly take off the error only writes will start to play and failure an error help to play in this mod good mod Normandy 44: European Theater

14th Sep 09, 6:35 PM
@ isvr - try lowering your graphics settings

14th Sep 09, 6:40 PM
@Netclash:hi mate,I had similar problems when trying to patch my CoH,you need to uninstall the game and erase all folders of CoH,eveything of CoH must be deleted,then install it again and start patching,it worked for me and now I have version 2.600 wich is the latest one.

Of course you can save your skins and stuff,you only need to erase all CoH folders,make sure you deleted eveything,first uninstall,then,erase all CoH folders and then reinstall,hope it helped :p

EDIT:@sweeten: I found a british bug,playing with the Canadian Commander Tree choosen I found why the game crashes,a LUA is causing this problem, 1st Polish Rifle Squad is missing a LUA and causing crash,I was able to play a little longer before crash and didn't found other bugs.

15th Sep 09, 3:15 AM
Hi, i tried playing this mod with my friend (WE PLAYER VS COMPUTER) we have installed correctly and can play SP, but everytime we start a game together against CPU game crash.

WE replaced the 2 flies for MP mode.

Is this a SP only mod?

Pls help.

15th Sep 09, 3:52 AM
NeoJD@ No there is Multiplayer, but you need to download the Multiplayer Zip from the first page, and make sure to move or backup your ET Folder for SP.

15th Sep 09, 4:28 AM
I played 5 minutes at N44 and i have always blue box.

15th Sep 09, 5:49 AM
well we did used the multiplayer zip and replaced those files.
I can open a game and host, my friend comes in, we set up the CPU enemy, then i start. The map loads... The he get kicked out and my games says FATAL error, game stopped or something.

Anyone else tryed playing a coop game?


15th Sep 09, 9:48 AM
I did excactly the same mistake mate, you should delete the whole ET1944 folder and reinstall the mod, only this time when the 4 four parts are installed before doing anything open the mod folder and delete the scar floder inside data folder and THEN replace.

Hope this will help, unfortunatelly I am not at my pc so dont remember excactly the name of each folder. Anyway gl and have fun in with your friend, multiplayer really pwns :D

15th Sep 09, 11:14 AM
Thanks have helped game on the permission of the display 1200*900 works and has adjusted a video map on productivity it is a pity on the high permission of the display 22 "does not work

15th Sep 09, 12:09 PM
Just to keep everyone updated (including the team), though I've been quiet here lately it's not for lack of N44 work.

I've added 30 or so new player abilities, most are call ins of existing vehicles, some new models, some new divisions not currently included, and some new abilities. Each Command tree will now have 4 rows in each column instead of 3. All of which had to be entered in to the AI system and tested which takes a great deal of time.

I also added some new skins and fixed some bugs.

I'll be finishing up the new player abilities over the next couple of days, and then probably start seeing how to best address and get out performance improvements.

15th Sep 09, 12:49 PM
I've totally been concentrating on RL things instead of the guide, I'll be resuming work tonight. Sorry about the slow progress everyone, its tedious work.

15th Sep 09, 3:26 PM
Sounds good Sweeten, keep up the good work.

15th Sep 09, 3:45 PM
I've downloaded and installed your mod onto my copy of Company of Heroes. I am using the Company of Heroes Anthology version of the game.

I can launch the game without a problem but when I try to start a skirmish I get the following error message (I've had to attach it as this forum doesn't like URLs).

Where should this TEMP folder be?

I am running Windows XP SP3.


15th Sep 09, 4:00 PM
Hey guys, thanks for all your hard work, it really shows :D Just had a CTD. I have attached the log.

Also, would someone mind posting a replay of a game where they win? The AI is supreme! Even on Normal difficulty, they just wipe everything out with artillery and planes! So, help technically and help tactically, if you can.


15th Sep 09, 6:19 PM
Looks like the bug is the old graphics monster biting again in both cases (the TEMP folder thing comes up when the error logs are too big which is usually the case when it crashes).

I actually did some research last night (as I was ordering a new graphics card :D ). From what I understand, when a graphics card's memory gets overloaded, it basicall yjust shuts down - hence the crash. I was describing N44's problems to a tech, and he agreed that the mod is drawing on a lot of video memory - hence the problems.

So, for now, the only solution is lowering graphics settings. I have already improved performance since the closed beta, and will continue to try and improve it as time goes on.

As far as help, Twitchy is going to work on some guides (including possibly video guides) for the mod.

It will take a little time, but we're certainly all working on various aspects of the mod ATM.

Glad you like the AI!

15th Sep 09, 7:19 PM
I just have to drop in here to say as being one of the players who has been here since the way back beginnings of this mod, to the newcomers.
EuropeanTheatre/Normandy '44 has come an awefully long way since the beginning, the crashes have definatly come a long way, I feel they're testment to just how big the scope of this mod is in compared to Vanilla.. I have stopped playing other games completely since N44v3, It has the columination of what I have wanted in a WWII game since I was a child. (dreaming of a game with my little army men) Having all the historical aspects of the war, and being able to "toy" around with history never loses it's flavor for me, I never feel bad having to give the mod it's "respects" and turn down the graphics to play the mod in it's glory.. We as a team and certainly with Sweet as the leader are always striving to improve the mod..Hell, look how far it's come just in this few months since conception! Its always an honor and a pleasure to be a part of this mod..:salute:

By the way, Sweeten, what Graphics card did you end up getting? Im so freekin jealous of you! (and Rev09 who obviously from the video, has one damn good card!) Oh well, maybe someday...(hint, hint, don't go recycle your ol card, I will definatly take any hand-me-downs/ donations.:idea: :rolleyes:

15th Sep 09, 7:31 PM
@ Citizensoldier. I have to say that u said it well this mod is focking awesome, Its really got everything and so so much more, so many ways to play it allways different. I must say that i am really impressed with the work sweeten and the rest of the team has done. As one of many people who play and love this awesome mod, Thank you guys for the all the hard work and constant support you give. Cheers!!!

15th Sep 09, 8:02 PM
@ CS - first off, thanks. Second, I got the GeForce GTS 250 overclocked with 1GB of RAM. PM me.

@ von - thanks and your welcome.

And trust me guys - I'm not "satisfied" with the graphics crashes. I'm going to do the best I can to improve performance. But, I have to say, it seems all of the crashes are solely due to that and there are very few real "bugs" in the game. Not too bad considering the pure size of the mod

15th Sep 09, 8:18 PM
Wow Sweeten you've been busy. Thanks again for all your hard work.

Is it possible to tell us how much memory on a graphics card this mod eats up at the lowest > highest settings at all?

I feel like donating to you for you hard work :D :salute

15th Sep 09, 9:13 PM
Thanks, Weaker

The best guess I can give isn't so much an amount as much as a gauge.

When you go to graphics settings, it has that little bar on the bottom right that has memory usage. It takes your graphics card and CPU into consideration.

If that is over half, you will more than likely crash quickly. By best guess is to try and get it to about 1/3. With 1/3 of it filled, i am able to play with the graphics settings I described in post # 1 at medium texture detail on a 2v2 with any faction w/o issues. Once you add more players, it gets a little bit more dicey though I have been able to play 4v4's with those settings.

So i would say keep it at 1/3 and lower texture detail to low (if it isn't already depending on your graphics card) if you want to play 3v3 or 4v4

16th Sep 09, 4:04 AM
Played a 3v3 with the Model settings nice and high, but with the terrain low instead of normal, and I turned my sound quality to low because I have music on while I played. I didn't get a crash, And I barely got any lag. The match was more then playable.

If your finding it hard to play, turn your sound quality down aswell. It does help. Also turn off ANY other program your not using. I only had one Anti Virus program on, My Internet Connection, Itunes and the Game itself, I made sure Relic Downloader was turned off also.

@GenZhukov - I won the match just for you. I chose the 2nd Panzer and wiped the floor with the Americans. 3v3 on Montherme with all AI set to normal. Hope you can learn from that as I cannot make any tutorials until such time as I finish this Guide.

Speaking of which, Thats what Im currently off to do.


16th Sep 09, 4:09 AM
I Finally got internet quota to download the mod >< !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR (killer nerd mod ) XD

citizensoldier : I too agree on what you said about the scale of the mod and its related "burdens" , but im sure we can sought it out as much as we can XD

16th Sep 09, 4:43 AM
hey, just gotta say, this new version of the mod is loads more stable! its not crashed on me yet..... :D

and sweeten... did you see my comment about toning down crew repairs in the old thread? was just wondering if you had an opinion on that?

16th Sep 09, 4:48 AM
Yeah it was be pointed out by me and others sometime ago already , his sure aware of it . Perhaps some changes would be done soon XD

PS: file errors for zip 3 ,

error : CRC failed at N44_ET_Beta_zip3.rar\N44_ET_zip3\EuropeanTheater1944\Data\art\models\races\axis\soldiers\Luftwaffe\model\tex_ax_LWgrenadier.rgt

16th Sep 09, 6:36 AM
I Re-downloaded part 3 and I do not have any more a error CRC and blues cubes! The best is… N44!

16th Sep 09, 12:31 PM
Hey Twitchy! Thankyou very much for taking the time to get that replay for me, it was enlightening :) I doubt if I will suddenly get the hang of it, but at least I understand the direction. That and artillery is king! Thanks again.

16th Sep 09, 12:36 PM
@ GenZhukov - Until I finish the Guide I can't make any tutorials, Try your best with one Doctrine that you like, learn what its strengths and weaknesses are and stick with it.
Once I've got the Guide done I'll be posting Video Tutorials for each Doctrine.

Also an update on the guide, I'm close to finishing the 2nd Panzer Div. Doctrine. Note that Im skipping the Doctrine abilities until I've finished all of them, I've also found a way to do the Doctrines ALOT faster.

16th Sep 09, 5:10 PM
@ twitch - good job getting a reply together!

16th Sep 09, 5:15 PM
@ Sweeten - No problem. I dunno if you mean reply as in PM or as in Replay. But I'll leave this on just in case. xD I saw his post and just decided to play a game. I'll be done with the 2nd PzD by tomorrow, then Im onto the 12th SS

16th Sep 09, 5:24 PM
after re downloading zip 3 for the third time i finally got it working >< oh my poor internet quota XD

16th Sep 09, 9:54 PM
OK - I finally got all the abilities done, and I'm pretty happy with them.

Now i'm going to playtest some, and start really looking at the performance issues.

We'll probably update somewhat soon (don't know when)

17th Sep 09, 9:58 AM
Hey again guys... I'm afraid Twitchy's reply has made me curious, if anyone else feels like posting a replay of a good game they had with this mod (win or lose) I would be very grateful. Its always interesting to watch from a third person.

Thanks again!

17th Sep 09, 11:47 AM
MAybe you upload it as 1 File, i think hosters like moddb may give you there space.

Question: I didnt yet figure put how to play coop with my friend.

We replaced the files from the multiplayer zip file, startet a game and after the loading it says "FATAL ERROR GAME HAST ABORTET" or something.

Is it normal that the Stuart Tank can takeout a German Panzer IV with 2 hits to his front? I have no Knowlegde about tanks, but in the Blitzkrieg Mod, wich is also about realism, the Panzer IV can handle a little Stuart pretty much better.
I would like to know how it was in real :D


17th Sep 09, 12:31 PM
@NeoJD: hi,glad you ask and guess what,no,the Stuart had little chance against the Pnz IV,if you had like 5 or 6 Stuarts possibly yes you will win since the Pnz IV can destroy a Stuart in 1 shot,let's wait for sweeten to read the Stuart bug and then wait for the fix.

17th Sep 09, 3:15 PM
NeoJD are you sure you first deleted the scar folder before replacing anything?

On a side note, I played today def whermacht and noticed that the howitzer from the ostgruppen does not move when you order it to fire outside its arc (hope you understand what I mean...). Is this intentional ?

Ps. by arc I dont mean range but those 3 lines that form a triangle

17th Sep 09, 5:10 PM
@doomis: this ability does work,first you need to click in the position you want to fire and then choose the barrage ability in the selected area but it must be inside the fire radius.

18th Sep 09, 12:01 AM
Update # 1 is up (in post 1).

Just download the zip, and copy/paste the contents inside into your CoH folder (as you did before)

You still need the main 4 zips!!

Update includes some bug fixes, new skins, new models, and many new abilities (Don't really feel like making a changelog - it's a lot!)

There is also new online files!!

I simplified the process, so that now all you need to do is swap the scar folder (the attribarchives file is the same for both)

I'll be working on perfomance stuff, but I can't make any promises. I'll also have to release them all seperately, and you will have to delete the old folders and put in the new ones when I'm done (since stuff has to be removed)

Have fun

18th Sep 09, 12:08 AM
Yes I know that it fires but what I meant is that if I want it to fire say at the opposite site it is facing then it will do nothing, unlike the other howitzer in def tree where its users will turn it around and then shoot. Is that intentional (the gun being too heavy) or a bug ?

EDIT: w00t new stuff :D :D :D

18th Sep 09, 12:09 AM
@ doomis - it's not intentional and I will take a look at it.

18th Sep 09, 1:32 AM
The game works pretty good, I think it's the best mod I've ever played, but I have little problem which makes my play little difficult. Instead of every script I have "$##### no range" # - digits. I don't have english version of CoH, but in other mods it just translated to English by itself. Can anyone help me?


18th Sep 09, 1:33 AM
What language version do you have, globee? Most are supported with the new update (french and russian were added). If your language isn't supported yet, I'll throw it together now.

18th Sep 09, 3:17 AM
o my athiesm!!! i took 1 look at this latest update and im still trying to find my jaw.. sweeten you are a godlike being(like chuck norris) love brit airborne as usual XD :P

18th Sep 09, 3:48 AM
It's Polish, actually :) And thank you very much:D


18th Sep 09, 5:51 AM
DO i need to redownload the 4 zip files? Or can i just add the Update zip and merge?

18th Sep 09, 6:12 AM
The answer is a few posts above yours brother.

Just download the (UPDATE)zip, and copy/paste the contents inside into your CoH folder.

Gosh darn FIleFront, ever since they chnaged owners/formats sometimes I recieve an error at the download screen. :moefixed:

18th Sep 09, 9:14 AM
222mb! thats a big update :D

18th Sep 09, 9:23 AM
Community Changelog:
-Stukas!!!! :D

You must listen the official Stukas song...

18th Sep 09, 10:38 AM
just played my first game with the new update! the new weapon sounds are brilliant!

also loving the jagdtiger! its a beast lol

18th Sep 09, 11:17 AM
@sweeten:forget my PM,it didn't worked :tomb: ,I will send you the updated link today at night and release it as an addon. :Hail:

18th Sep 09, 11:36 AM
@Freewar AWESOME EBM Gothic song , Deutchland Electro Goth RULES and Stukas rules until 43 at 44 was obsolete :salute:

18th Sep 09, 1:00 PM
Stukas rules until 43 at 44 was obsolete

Im not spittin history to you Geo, I know you know your stuff, this is just some background for all the "youngsters"....
Yes, the Stuka was obsolesent by '44 but they still had the Ju-87G "Gustav" with 37mm guns, and some experimental versions with 88mm launcher tubes, similar to the "bazooka" tubes the P-47s used. They(Stuka's) were even used as late as '45 against the allies. They had a last "hurrah" trying to down the stricken Remagen bridge when the allies were trying to cross, but most were replaced by FW-190's. Anyways, as the game goes, its fun to have something the M16 Halftrack to shoot at besides infantry!!

18th Sep 09, 2:32 PM
I add the
Stukas rules until 43 at 44 was obsolete for the Stuka because I have to make a comment for this cool Band Feindflug on the video clip. :jester: :awesome:

I total agree with your statement about the use of Ju 87 after 44 , most of the missions was suicidal , something that the pilots knew.

18th Sep 09, 2:41 PM

Enough said...lol

ju87s remained effective in the EF throughout the war as the air war was totally different to the western front. Air superiority was always contested hence why they didn't have enough planes for the west...

18th Sep 09, 2:55 PM
i readed that some JU's cant rembeer wicht type were a fail since they just wea mix because goering had i tought had a weak for divebombers he tryed to make everything a divebomber resulting that some planes were a total fail

readed this in my German WW2 book

18th Sep 09, 3:53 PM
G'Day guys just a bit of feedback from playing multiplayer. First off congrats with the new version you guys have done a brilliant job the new doctrines are brilliant & the gameplay tweaks are great. The one I have noticed most of all is the extra range of tank cannons as well as the increased effect of MGs & atillery against infantry as well as the effect of arty on tanks.

I also have had that missing LUA thingy next to gliders.

Now I only play multiplayer with 2-3 other people against the same number of AI & the AI seems to be pretty good. Overall it was working great until recently.

Originally with the 3 of us one of the other players had issues with crashing about 10-15mins into a game while the rest of us had no problems. We were playing a mix of custom & stock maps. He formated & reinstalled COH / Normandy. We already had our graphics on Medium / Low with the memory usage bar below 1/3. At this point we all began to crash at different times after the 10-15min mark on both custom maps & stock maps. At this point we lowered our graphics to Low with no change still crashing. All of us then Reinstalled COH / Normandy after downloading the new files again & only playing stock maps it still crashed. The only way we can now play is if we all go the exact same doctrine it seems to work. Not sure what that means though.

18th Sep 09, 5:50 PM
Hans Ulrich-Rudel ..........his just awesome ! he pretty much killed anything (maybe except a sub) with the stuka XD

18th Sep 09, 6:20 PM
@Freewar - As soon as I put that link up I was sucked in by the band. Now I've got an entire playlist of all their songs. Thanks for the Industrial. xD

18th Sep 09, 7:01 PM
OK - as for the Stuka. The FW-190 did replace it, but there were some Stuka's in the air to the end (at least what was left of the Luftwaffe, and most were in the East). However, the main reason I chose the Stuka was it had a better model. I also have the FW-190 model from the Blitz mod and the ability ready to go. So you guys let me know what you think (I wouldn't update the ability til the next update)

@ globee - I will get Polish files together and attach them in the thread tomorrow.

@ Ace - The performance thing is a real bear. I am still working on it so try and bear (no pun intended) with me. Thanks for the input.

@ THE TEAM - I am at work again - I got your PM's and I'll respond to all of you later tonight (probably as one joint PM)

18th Sep 09, 7:49 PM
Simply awesome update we've got there. just played a 3vs3 and noticed so many changes in the gameplay. First of all ive seen lots of weaponry improvements and balance, so gameplay got really interesting. Felt that halftracks are usually more important now for infantry support. new Icons and badges make the mod look a lot better. Resourcing is slower so thats great for me. Finally I have noticed performance improvements, All factions were in my game and Loading time and FPS drops are more stabilized

Noticed 2 bugs so far,
1) AI still ignores capturing VPs
2) There are some wreck_vehicles skins broken, usually for this unit

Keep it up sweeten, I highly suggest putting version numbers at the mod, to make easier the organization. Also I would suggest increasing weapon ranges a bit, Tank battles are as close vanilla, which personally I dont like :awesome:

18th Sep 09, 10:25 PM
@ Rev - is that a PzIV F1 wreck? Just want to make sure I know what I'm looking for.

As for tank ranges - I will look at them, however one thing to keep in mind...we have always, for lack of a better term, "forced" people to use combined arms. A lot of times it's not the range of the gun, as much as the lack of sight radius for tanks. If supported by infantry or something to spot, their guns range might be about what you want. But again I will take a look at it.

And, based on what we've called the versions on other sites, we'll call the v b1.1.

A little something for a "changelog" :

I tweaked a bunch of little things, and simplified the online conversion.
I added a bunch of new skins that came out and new models (including Jagdtiger, Stuka, new JagdpanzerIV w/skirts)
Most of the meat of the changes were in player abilities :
Most are new call ins, but now each sub-doctrine can call in most of their units both via call in or being built.
Each main column for each doctrine got a "special" ability :
29th ID - 2nd ID mass call in (with skins) - 1 time only
101st AB - 17th ABF mass call in (with skins) - 1 time only
2nd AD - 4th AD mas call in (with skins) - 1 time only
XXX Corps - Brigade call in with 3 Firefly's (I forget which brigade, but not one of the sub docs and is historically accurate to work with XXX Corps) - 1 time only w/skins
6th ABD - ability to build Bofors (with an upgrade)
3rd Can ID - same as XXX but different brigade and also historically accurate- 1 time only w/skins
709.ID - ability similar to Blitz resource push called "counter attack" where they get 1200 mp immediately and free, but have lower income for a short amount of time
2.PzD - ability to build 88's with upgrade
12.SS - ability to call in Sturmtiger (now removed from Pz Lehr) - 1 time only
21.PzD - same as 2.PzD
91.LID - Stuka Bomb run (with extra long recharge)
17.SS - Jagdtiger call in

The 4th Special Service Brigade sub-doc (part of 6.ABD) got the ability to use "infiltrate" similar to the vanilla falls version

The extra call ins also make for some units to be more "useful" (i.e. making 1 jeep often won't make sense, but having 1 or 2 jeeps with other units for recon all at once does)

18th Sep 09, 10:39 PM
@sweeten:damn mate...it seems I have to adjust and fix some little issues,you know of what,yes it's "that" hehe... ;)

So I'm gonna need more time please,if that's not a problem,meanwhile I'm preparing new exclusive content,as an addon for the future,only 2 or 3 days and I will have it ready.

btw:here are also some recommendations for Wehrmacht:

(Ostbattalion-subdoctrine...mmm...I don't remember(duh)
the one with the Flak88)

I think @GnigruG made a beautiful Hotchkiss without divisional markings.

Also the Ostbattalion Doctrine is umm...lame...weak...the infantry is killed very easily,I know those men weren't encouraged like the SS but they could use extra LMG's and also medium/heavy tanks,the Hotchkiss is very useful at the beginning but at later stages is a shame...they could have a Stug or have a Stug via reinforcement as infantry support. :awesome:

18th Sep 09, 11:18 PM
@ Gamer - take your time. I'll PM all you guys with an updated gamplan later tonight

As for the Ost. - I'm actually looking forward to little things like game balance when all the major things are done. You are correct that the Ost will be weaker per man. They can throw a lot of crap at you, though, and have every emplacement under the sun (including the the 15cm Howitzer as opposed to the 10.5cm). They also have the 12cm mortar and 30cm Nebel. They just have to fight a defensive game and push when they can in numbers. As for armor, they really didn't have much (or any) within the sub-doc but you do have the Marder/StuG call in via the 709.ID main column plus that new counter attack ability (which with all the cheaper call ins of the sub-doc, can be used to call an entire army at once)

We'll see how it starts to break down and they will get looked at later.

18th Sep 09, 11:21 PM
something wrong with filefront no download???

18th Sep 09, 11:24 PM
@vonmonkey:mmm...weird,I can download the files,maybe double check it again and see if it works or the server is down or something,as I said I can download them.

@sweeten:Ok,I'll be waiting.

18th Sep 09, 11:33 PM
Ahh IE wasn't downloading it but Firefox is. thanks

Question, have the skins for the french and polish units been changed to make them look different from the british units, if not will this be possible?

19th Sep 09, 12:02 AM
any chance of adding Stuka pak gun variant for AT strafing run ?

19th Sep 09, 12:16 AM
@ von - it will be possible and will be done, but I have to wait on one of the skinners to find the time.

@ white - probably not, but at least we have the henschel

@ TEAM N44 - I'm getting together a PM for you guys shortly

Caius Bingerus
19th Sep 09, 12:44 AM
@sweeten and his growing team: first of all i have to apologize, i was very silent the last weeks, cuz on wednesday i have my final oral exams in history, 2 hours of political development from 1953 till 1989 in the GDR...i coudn't test even an hour, although i licked my fingers for this toy to play, muah....

okay, enough offtopic, you've come a long way with this new release since internal testing and with this new update for the openbeta ( already downloaded and installed and played ) i have to say, WOW, the new soundsystem is very intense and cruel and brutal, like war probably is, when you listen to him, in germany we say: war sucks, but i love the sound of it;-) the call-ins and the reworked and extended techtrees are delicious and quite intelligent, cuz, it sometimes fullfill a whole in divisions with lecks of heavy armour or little support of infantry, now you can have this, thanks for that...

i would suggest change the weapons range of tanks in general, drivers, commanders can't see ver much on the battlefield, in my time at the army i was secondary commander of a leopard 2 mark VI and we cannot see very much, infantry are the eyes and ears of tanks, THEY!!! mark hard and soft targets for us, so we can fight against it, even with modern technics, so tanks in coh are even blinder:-) the range of the battlecannons have a wide battleradius, but you have to clear things before with infantry to see what you're fighting for, so i suggest to change this in the mod, make different weaponranges, 7.5 cm and 8.8 cm cannons can shoot in a large range, wider than the american and british cannons, but they need to see targets, change the time of the turret-movement, it is to fast, the game is to see the enemy before they see you, mostly there is no second chance to fight and shoot and you can outflank tanks better cuz of there slowly reaction on battlefield changes...i also would suggest to delete the abilties of train-installed artillery, these are weapons of mass destruction, but mostly used on the eastern front, cuz they were used to fight against heavy fortifications or mass troop-movements, think about there time-consuming installment and loading for the next shot, i can't imagine, that they were used in such a way on the western front to be mentioned and used in this mod ( historical accuracy ) quite the same for V1 weaponry, this is an experimental weapon, constructed for strategic bombing far behind enemy lines, like london, you know...these weapons were mostly only propaganda and there deadlyness comes from imagination, not there effectivness on the battlefield, how much started rockets like the v1 and v2 landed exactly like it was intended, only 20% of them, so you can't start these weapons on the battlefield, cuz you risk to hit you're own troops, there are two or three archived and historial known starts of v1 rockets against enemy front lines i remember, so that's not a historical thing you have to put in, it is more a hollywood fiction, i would suggest, delete these choices and put in as a replacement elite formations or callins from other divisions therefor, think about the skinchanging of the tiger in the tov-campaign, this was so beatuiful in my oppinion...

and the last one, i played pe and choosed the waffen-ss, some infantryskins are in pink:-)

so, i know i wrote a very large text here, nobody will listen to it;-) or read it and propably no one can understand my cribble english, i have to learn more about you're language, but i hope you can understand me:-(

very last words: i really like this project and the community behind this mod, you did a very good job here and it it the best mod out there for sure, thanks for reading and think about it....

19th Sep 09, 12:51 AM
@ Caius - you're English isn't bad at all (and I ALWAYS read every word of a post someone took the time to write)

I do agree with you as for the historical accuracy of those weapons to a degree. The rail cannons were used in the West, but there's not a lot of historical records past Anzio. The V1 certainly was "terror" weapon without much historical battle use.

I'll let the community decide - I let these slide past my deep desire for historical accuracy (which I rarely do) since the community seemed to want them.

If you guys think they should be out, I will be more than happy to take them out

Caius Bingerus
19th Sep 09, 12:54 AM
@sweeten: you have my first voice to cut them out:-)

and thanks for your comment :lol:

what's with the rest of my suggestions?

19th Sep 09, 12:58 AM
Sorry - you're right.

The tanks....

I do want to find that perfect balance between gun ranges and sight radius. Right now, the sight radius is well below the gun range. I think I will raise them both (a little), but they will stay a good distance apart to require the need for infantry (as you stated).

Thanks for the real life input as well - I love my fans in the military

And the pink skins - may have just been a fluke in that game, because they are all tested to be OK. I'll check again, though

Caius Bingerus
19th Sep 09, 1:12 AM
hehe, to study history sometimes means i am an accuracy-nazi;-) my friends say so, hehe...think with your team about it and decide, it is your modification and i for myself really enjoy to experience and play it

i copied and pasted the update twice and the effect is the same, some infantry skins are in pink, but i can live with this, don't worry, muah

19th Sep 09, 1:17 AM
Team - you heard the man (not that the rest of you shouldn't answer). What do you think? I am by no means a tyrant and very flexible, so I'll go with the majority.

As for the skins - I'll check again. It could very well be a bad .sga compact which I've seen from time to time (I'd have to delete and change it so much I don't use the .sga version of attribarchives). Though "pinkness usually goes back to the model/skins files...hmmm.... I'll check again when I can

19th Sep 09, 1:23 AM
I too suggest that train artillery should be out, or at least the 300 mun one since it basically destroys a whole base, but I would like to see some normal off map artillery in the same manner, slow firing and quite inaccurate (even more if possible).

Of course I have 0 experience about how artillery works but I always thought that this is how they worked when there were only a couple of cannons firing at a place. Anyway going back to play :D

Caius Bingerus
19th Sep 09, 1:28 AM
thanks for thinking about my suggestions, i'm proud now :hug: wish ya all very shiny weekend :bigwave:

one small question: i can't find the bergetiger-unit? and is there crew bug fixed?

another suggestion :nyah: :

this sound for mg 42:

this sound for mg 34:

this sound for sturmgewehr 44:

this sound for mp40:

if i could upload these files here, i would, but i have no admin-rights on this pc :banghead: :ballchain :cry: , so i only show you this for decision :cop:

19th Sep 09, 3:34 AM
Some vehicles are without wrecked diffuse!!

19th Sep 09, 3:37 AM
Gamerisin is our sound guy, so it will be up to him for the sounds. I'm sure he'll listen to what you have there.

@ Rolo - I still have to take a good look at our wrecked models and the ability to rebuild them

Caius Bingerus
19th Sep 09, 3:52 AM
@sweeten: thanks for answering, i didn't know that position is gamerisin's, perhaps he look at it and might throw something in, i am no member, so i only want to throw in some suggestions, hehe, wheter they are good or bad, maybe some poor help from me

19th Sep 09, 4:44 AM
if were voting on the railway arty, i say keep it in cos its unique!

and ive also experienced pink skins, but only on the crew of a flakvierling of the ostbattalion wehr doctrine.

19th Sep 09, 5:07 AM
i say keep it too , yes it may not be accurate , but then its a game. Not every WW2 battle will be fought than a less than 1 km x 1 km map lol (thanks relics for limiting our map sizes ! XD)

besides its unique , and how do you know that the enemy your bombing with the rail gun isnt one of those "mass mobilization" targets ? it leaves certain imagination and player story telling room XD

PS: I somehow feel the Stug guns are not effective at anything , AT or AP lol is it just me ?

Caius Bingerus
19th Sep 09, 5:46 AM
@whitewolfmxc: i also realized the uneffectivness of the stug's too

for all, i tried to explain, why i wanted to suggest to delete the ability of railway arty and v1 too :spartaaa: :

i think it is unaccurat in this particular time this mod covers up, it didn't played a role anymore, that's a fact, i clearly understand you, i know, we speak about a game, but why not change this wonderful game in something more like a simulation, nothing is realistic in a game with the war theme, ask somebody who was there, he might beats you :donny: and says:"you know nothing my friend, go away and play your games" a game will always be a game, we cannot do "realistic things" but we can improve something that is already going right now in this direction but that's my personal opinion


i also suggest to delete it, cuz for the sake of playabiltiy, i can collect enough ammo and drive with a jeep or pathfinders into enemies base and call in artillery strikes, rockets and v1's, that the base is being bombed into stoneage and hell beyond, that's not the aim of this game i think

like i said, my personel opinion and i really enjoy discussions :salute:

what about my other suggestions about tank-combat?

last statement:
i love the way the allied airforce is implemented, fast and really devastating :muffy: , german armies are forced to deploy their troops in woods to hide in very wide range, only move in the night...it is the best weapon against the heavy armory of the german forces in game

19th Sep 09, 6:09 AM
I haven't gotten around to testing the new Axis Luftwaffe Abilities, but right now Im gunna say keep the Railway guns and the V1. Their unique and it also gives the Germans some nice off map Arty goodies. I mean the Allies have an awesome Airforce, even if the Railguns were barely used, Its still quite nice to have the ability.

19th Sep 09, 6:27 AM
i agree with twitchy lol

As for the scouting then bomb your base thing , well thats why you dont let them scout you , its also adds depth in strategy , setting up defence primiters , patrols , reserves etc

And yes allies arleady have so much off map goody , its really
"unfair" (life is unfair) to the Axis , so adding some spices here and there for them is "fogivable" i guess

But yes i totally undetstand where your getting at Caius , the only reason why im against taking them away is for a chance for the axis to do some damage when they are already out gunned and out pretty much everything but quality and "surprises" like these XD

Caius Bingerus
19th Sep 09, 6:35 AM
hehe, therefore i meant to sweeten exchange these abilities with elite formations, armory like kingtigers, jagdtiger, tiger ( with other skins naturally, muah , thought about the tigermodel in the tov-tiger-campaign with all goodies on it ) so, the air and artillery belongs to allied commanders and infantry and tanks belongs to german forces...so we have the roles like it was in these years or months better to say, but i understand your points quite well and you all did a great job here, so it is your baby and your decision...

19th Sep 09, 8:03 AM
I just love this mod

i wish i could be part of the team though....

i know some really good tricks on this mods that makes beat testing go much faster so we can move on to the full version

19th Sep 09, 8:45 AM
hehe, therefore i meant to sweeten exchange these abilities with elite formations, armory like kingtigers, jagdtiger, tiger ( with other skins naturally, muah , thought about the tigermodel in the tov-tiger-campaign with all goodies on it ) so, the air and artillery belongs to allied commanders and infantry and tanks belongs to german forces...so we have the roles like it was in these years or months better to say, but i understand your points quite well and you all did a great job here, so it is your baby and your decision...

Yes , its ideal . But it also makes the wrong visual "effect" of axis has more tanks and men on the map , while allies always has some "things" that fires from places not on the map lol its a bit weird

you cant just make everything call ins , theirs only few logical combos thats worth it .