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How do you open .dds files?

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    How do you open .dds files?

    How do you open .dds files?
    I don’t have Photoshop (which is probably what you open them with..)
    I have converter (called DDS converter 2 ) but it doesn’t work..

    Is there a free program somewhere that lets you open and save .dds files or a converter? :umm:

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    Try using Gimp.

    A DDS plug-in is here, no idea if it works or not.

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    The GIMP is free:

    The NVIDIA page has links to plugins, at the bottom is one for the GIMP, as well as ome DDS read/write progs:

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    which one is for gimp?

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    I like to use Paint.NET, which has support for .dds images integrated (no need for external plugins) and it's free as well.

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    To answer the legitimate question KairiRatten asked (in spite of severe necro) this should be a working plug-in.

    If you are not used to working with gimp, a less powerful program might be an easier answer, particularly when it comes to working with certain kinds of files (like .tga, which gimp likes to compress using some scheme that isn't recognized by most other programs). For .dds files, you just want to load without the additional mipmaps so that you have a single layer and then save to the compression level you desire and generate the mipmaps then. I don't recall the installation of the plug-in being unusually hard for a gimp plug-in (which is not saying much, really).

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