The Reviews forum contains reviews of games, books and movies written by our members. What follows is a very brief guide to using this forum as a reader. You can read the companion piece, for those who want to write reviews, here.


All comments posted on a review thread must be legible and substantive. We want to maintain a high standard of discourse on this forum, and any post not meeting that standard will simply be deleted.

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This forum contains quite a lot of reviews, so if what you're looking for isn't on the first page, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist! Try using the search function to look for the thing you want to read a review of. If the game, book or movie you wanted to read about doesn't have a review yet, then why not play, read or watch it and write your own review?

New threads

All threads must start with a review. You can't just post a thread saying "Hey, this hasn't been reviewed yet, what do people think about it?" Posts like this will invariably be deleted. If you do post a new review thread, make sure you follow the guidelines!