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missing or invalid registry/INI entry

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    missing or invalid registry/INI entry

    hey i hope this is the right place for this, but here goes.

    i have two versions of DOW on my comp, one being 1.5 and a newly installed version. To play online i needed to patch up, so i downloaded it, but when i came to running the patch it said i hadnt installed DOW on my computer. Hence, i installed it again. Now however, when i go to patch to 1.01, it says "missing or invalid registry/INI entry", then continues to say installation complete. when i try to install the next patch, it says that it cannot find DOW on the computer, and to check that its installed.

    please tell me what i should do? many thanks.

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    i have two versions of DOW on my comp
    Erm, why? This might be the cause of the problem, btw.

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    Moving to tech assistance.

    Uninstall the game completely (both versions) and manually wipe the registry entries (if they are still there) - see the thread about "invalid CD key" in the master troubleshooting list subforum for details on how to access the registry.

    Next, install the game and patch it as far as you want your backup copy to be patched (I assume you want the second installation to play an old mod?). Then copy the install folder (the copy will be your backup) and continue patching (the patches should apply to your primariy installation).

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    ahh thanks fellas, i uninstalled everything and installed again... two versions is just too complicating, ill just stick to one...

    thanks guys.:clap:

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