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[Americans] Carentan Counterattack - Mission 4

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    Have tried using Blackthorn's strategy provided in posts 83 and 87 above?

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    No i haven't tried that because i want to do the mission as i presume it was intended i.e. defend the town square then fall back to the church.
    If that's not possible then the mission is kinda broke imo.

    I'll keep at it until i go insane or break down and use BBlackthorns strategy :P

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    Even with Blackthorn's strategy, you will eventually be forced to retreat back to the church (there is just too many germans to avoid it). So, think of Blackthorn's strategy this way: You're still defending the square and falling back to the church, but you're just defending the square from just very forward positions (across the river). And the mission is scripted to make defending the square, from within it, nearly impossible because of the german artillery, which is scripted to land precisely on any units or mg implacements you have there. You will never achieve the medal my sitting in or near the square to defend it. If you stick with your strategy, you might as well bang your head against the wall.

    Also, just because the mission is designed or scripted to make getting the medal at high difficulty settings extremely hard, doesn't mean it's broke. The medals are mere bonuses. If you couldn't win the mission at all at Expert difficulty without resorting to extreme exploits, then you could say the mission is broke.

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    No way!Wermarht are much powerful in 2.602 patch and allready extremly hard mission is now impossible.

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    They are not that much different. I've been playing the game since Sept of 2006, and I would know if there were significant enough changes to make the strategy not work. Try the strategy before you dismiss it.

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    Its not possible now.I set defences just like others that saying they got medal but its not working.And you BlackOmne WHO PLAYING THE GAME FROM SEPTEMBER 2006,dont act like you are daddy to all of us,and we are just children who dont know anything.Now in patch 2.602 is not possibile for me.I am not stupid,have all skill that need for this and use wire,mins and so on but again,it cant be done.

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    I got save where i have 318 kill when Able company come,but i cant find enough to kill them to 350,i got to 345-348....On 2.602.In churc i have 3 snipers 2 mg 1 para and 2 at guns...


    Now i have 322 kills before time runs out but still there is no enough german infantry to kill...In the end i colect max 345 kills.


    I done it on 2.602 patch!!!I had 322 kills when time runs out,and i kill 350 and had one stuh left for the end.I must say that some germans are on top corner and i needed some 10 minutes to kill them with two shermans and 2 snipers...Maybe because that extra defence on red teritory...People,it can be done...
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    See. It's hard. Very hard but not impossible. It takes a strategy similar to Blackthorne's and near perfect execution of it.
    Congratulations! You can now count yourself among the few that have gotten the Expert medal on this mission.

    BTW, I wasn't trying to imply you were stupid, just not persistent or patient enough. Also, that you hadn't given the strategy enough chance. That's all. You finally did it within 6 attempts or less of Blackthorne's strategy? From the sound of Blackthorne's original post, it sounded like it took dozens of attempts for him to work out the details and perfect it enough to accomplish the medal.

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    I think i did it in 3rd attempt.But,its much easier when you already have strategy,and I think that reason for his so many attempts is because he didn`t had that strategy in start.I had 5 snipers,4 vet and 1 new,4 mg`s,1 mortar,4 at guns,2 para,and 1 engineers squad.Also its very important that you make enginners to wait behind you defences to replace dead man`s on at guns or mg`s.And of those 4 at guns 2 was pack 38 50mm and 2 was 57mm,and those two must be on northern road becuse they have armor piercing shells,which I use a lot because with them its much easier to destroy stugs.You must pay attention on flame pio`s and mortars,other is not problem.That is how I did it.

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    And one more thing.When i won medal,in medal list no where say how meny kills i have...So there is no proof that you won medal on easy,normal,hard or expert,which is so stupid.

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    If they allowed you to save replays of campaign missions, you could attest to it that way, but sadly we can't save such replays.

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    Firstly, good to know that ppl are still playing this excellent game :] ive just played all campaigns again, after not playing this for 2 years. i only played this on expert difficulty, and the one thing i never got is the medal on carentan counter attack. until now :] so, lets begin:

    before anything, let me explain what DOESN'T WORK: after many tries, i have found the following tactics a waste of time, so avoid:

    1.camping the northern spawn location- why not concentrate massive fire power at the red square where the majority of Germans spawn? small killzone etc.. well, because they will get a spawn bonus inside the red borders, so they will have around X10 times health and will be extremely hard to kill. it might work on easy and normal difficulty, but the most kills i got this way on expert was around 50. total fail. don't try this.

    2.mines- total fail. mines are a complete waste of time, dont use them, not on the bridge or anywhere. the reason is that mines will considerably slow the axis movement and spawn rate- they will cause engine damage to tanks, and suppress the infantry- which means slower movement and spawn rate, while their kill rate is terrible. to get the medal, u want a high kill rate, not slowing down the axis advance.

    3.capture the north east and north west ammo depots- avoid doing that in carentan mission.. if you dont capture them, when u start cca, 2 snipers and a squad of infantry will spawn, so u can get like 8 kills before the attack starts.

    4. defend the bridges- do not put any unit near the bridges, as they will die to the off map artillery.

    now, follow those instructions and u will get the 350 kills on expert.

    1. start with mission 3, carenten. do it as u normally would, except- u want to have no more 2 squadrons of airborne. start making snipers, have them gain experience till they become elite. use them to kill germans so the heavy weapons remain intact. capture the 80mm german mortar. this is not a must, but it can help. it has a larger area of effect than the American 60mm. capture the pak AT gun near the church, and start gaining experience with it. try to keep all your units except the airborne at full hp. continue with the mission until the only Germans that are left are in the town hall, and attack it with the mortar. when 1-2 are left inside, capture the 2nd pak at near the town hall, and retreat with it. if the crew dies, recap it. then, save the game and start making your troops elite. this is easily done near the right bridge: after the armor car spawn, there will be an endless stream of infantry crossing the bridge. use this to power level 4 snipers, both at guns, the mortar, and one mg to elite status. this shouldnt take more than an hour. at the end of the mission, before killing the armor car, u should have 4 elite snipers (16 pop), 1 elite mortar (3 pop), 1 elite hmg (3pop) 2 elite at guns (6pop), and 2 elite airboune squads. (down to 1 man each, as the pop max is 30).

    2. defense set up stage. still in carentan mission, send your 2 airborne across the bridges. start with the north west spawn point. u want to barb wire the spawn point, so that no infantry will have free movement into the map. build a V shaped fence from the border of the map, and use your troops to make sure it is tight. after finished, build an L shape double sand bag walls north of the building, near the tree, facing the road.

    3. go to the eastern spawn point and do the same- build a [ shaped barb wire fence at the spawn location, make sure it is tight. behind it build a double line of sand bags.

    4. when cca starts, reinforce your 2 elite airborne to full health, equip them with recoil guns, and send 1 to each positions. with one mg emplacement at each locations, the will hold off the germans for a long time.

    5. main defense position: in carntan mission, use your airborne to build a double sand bag line north of the northern church, (starting from the stone wall thats parallel to the road), and onto the north tree line border, units there will be facing east. this will be your main fire power concentration. build a couple parallel barb wire fences in fornt of it, stretching north to south. next, build a ] shaped double sand bag line in the open area near the northern-most building, to the right, facing north. (keep a gap between the sand bag wall and the building).
    build two lines of barb wire in front of it, all the way from the building to the border of the map.

    6. save game and kill the armored car.

    when cca stats, do the following: (similar to blackthorn's strategy, tho slightly more reliable )

    1. send engineers to the north west spawn point, build mg emplacement directly on the road, its range should cover the border of the map.
    send the jeep to the same point, place it on the road to the right of the spawn point, facing west. this is useful against mortar teams the might spawn there. use the jeep to kill them. reinforce your airborne, send one squad to this location, put them behind the sand bag walls.

    2. send engineers to the eastern spawn point. build an mg emplacement on the edge of the sand bag walls u built there, covering the road up to border of the map. send the the other airborne squad there, place them behind the send bag walls. they should take care of the occasional stug that spawn there.

    3. capture both 57mil at guns, and two mg42's. send all remaining units the the main defense point, and place both pak guns and one 57mm gun behind the first sandbag lines u built there, facing east. make sure the barrels are over the sand bags, so they dont shoot the bags. place one sniper behind that wall and one mg42. build 1 57 mil at gun, and place it along with the other 57 mil at the second sand bag line, facing north. place your elite mg between them, facing north, and one mg42 facing north east. place one sniper there as well. put the other 2 snipers, each in one building- the northern most one, and the one left from it. they should cover the approach to your at guns. build one mg emplacement on the road between the buildings covering the approach to your at guns. place the mortar behind the buildings, away from enemy fire.

    4. send your 3 engineers squads and place them behind the mg emplacement. it will draw most of the tank and mortar fire, and will need constant repairs.

    summary- 3 at guns facing east, 2 at guns facing north, 2 mg facing north, 1 mg facing east, 1 mg emplacement on the road in between positions facing north, 3 engineers squads behind it, 4 snipers spread around, 2 in buildings, 2 in the open, each protecting one at position, mortar behind the buildings.

    capture both ammo points, save the game before the attack begins.

    around the 13 minute mark, 2 mortar teams will spawn, they MUST BE KILLED or you will fail, as they will obliterate your defense. this is THE ONLY TIME you should use your off map artillery strike (kills by off map dont count)- use it to kill both mortar teams- if you dont succeed- reload save game. (note: they must be outside the red spawn square, otherwise they wont die by the artillery) if they die, u should be able to hold up just fine up to the 6-7 min mark, scoring 200+ kills easily. use the pause button to micro manage your units- your 2 elite paks and 3 57 mil should cut down the stugs like butter. if there's tank trouble, use the AP shells for more fire power. your mg's should be able to suppress all infantry, and your 4 elite snipers and mortar should kill them off. when u have enough mp, build one more squad of engineers, with flame throwers, and send them to the right sand bag wall, to help defend the 2 57 mil, as by the 7-8 min mark, flame pioneers will be able to get to them.

    if done correctly, u should be able to get at least 250 kills by the 5-6 min mark, and 300 kills before timer runs out. i actually got the medal before having to fall back to the church. if you don't get the medal, then fall back to the church with both airborne squads, and at least one sniper and 1 at gun. this should be around the 5-6 min mark, when most likely your main defense position will get overrun. place them behind sandbags and sniper inside the church, reinforce your airborne and build more units as necessary, to get additional 50 kills. if u get 300+ kills before able comes, then getting the medal is guaranteed, as there will be exactly 50 more units to kill on the map. save game and rush shermans to the north east road, as they will retreat from there.

    Good luck!

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    It would help if you took some screenshots that help illustrate your instructions and locations, and uploaded to this thread like Blackthorn did on page 2.

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    No way!Wermarht are much powerful in 2.602 patch and allready extremly hard mission is now impossible.
    Does the version even matter at all?

    Most of the time RTSes treat singleplayer and multiplayer units separately to avoid potential FUBARs in the campaign as the unit stats get changed later for balance reasons.

    [Edit]Well, I don't remember getting the Bronze Star being this hard... so maybe the version does matter?

    This is for 2.602, Normal difficulty. First a few general notes:
    1. The axis attack in groups. Once you destroy one group, they will send another.
    2. All artillery and smoke barrages are fixed. They always drop in same place at same time.
    3. Enemy mortars do next to no damage(but they still suppress as normal). I had no problems destroying them, despite what people said earlier in this thread; another version difference? Or...
    4. ...the enemy seems to get massive defensive bonuses in the NW corner of the map where most of Axis units spawn. It takes ages to kill anything there and my AT cannons did not want to target StuGs for some reason too.

    Basically the trick to getting the medal is to set up defenses as close to the Axis spawn points as possible, because then they will spend less time traveling and more getting killed(see 1). To avoid metagaming, I wanted to do this "properly" and defend either the bridges or the Town Hall, only retreating to the Church when prompted to do so, especially since slaughtering Axis as they spawn seemed impossible(see 4).

    After several playthroughs trying various combinations, I noticed that the Axis never, ever drop artillery(nor smoke) on the bridges themselves. So...

    This turned out to be very effective and I got the medal on my first try using this tactic(240 kills when Able Company rolled in). My total losses amounted to 4 - three Paratroopers from squads and one from the HMG team.

    Some additional notes:
    After the nuking of Town Hall started at around 5 minute mark, I retreated to the Church. Howewer this causes a lot of downtime - Axis set up in the Town Square, they cap the points(delete any OPs you have on them beforehand!), and when they finally start attacking you again(about 90 seconds later, that's a LOT of kills missed) they take forever to move from top of the map all the way to the bottom so you kill them much more slowly. Since my losses were so puny on the bridges, I'd say camping them till the end of the mission shouldn't be a problem. I'm probably too lazy to test this myself, so if you want to do it I'd suggest throwing another MG in there. 2 RRs + PAK/57 is more than enough to take care of the StuGs, and one stug is still worth only one kill anyway, so it's much better to mow down infantry.
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    Anyone played this lately? Just started playing through the game again on easy (Im ill and just wanted something non-stressful to play :P ) and i noticed that i need 350 kills for the medal. 350 on easy? I'm sure it was around 200.

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    Describe exactly how you restarted playing the campaign. Did you start a new campaign and begin with the beach battle? Or did you jump to this mission and choose to "replay" it? Did you delete your campaign history?

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    I just realised i started the campaign a while ago on the hardest setting (expert?). But shouldn't i be able to change it to easy when i redo the mission after having finished the campaign? Or do i need to restart the whole thing?

    Btw, that was one hell of a fast reply lol. I didn't think the forums would still be very active.
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    As a moderator, I try to pop into the CoH forums as often I can. I guess it comes with the job

    To change difficulty in part 2 of a persistent mission, I seem to recall that you have to at least go to part 1 and replay it - I think you're offered to change the difficulty at the start of part 1, but not the start of part 2. Try starting at Mission 3 and see if it offers you a choice to change difficulty. If not, you may have to start the campaign completely from Mission 1 to be able to reset the difficulty.

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    I'd like to tell Relic that they are quite strange guys. I owe SM, all CoH and Dow 1-2 titles, and ALWAYS there is the same issue with those games: idea, concepts, and development itself are unique and astonishing, but post-release support is way way worse; it simply cannot match with Valve's or Blizzard's attention to their's products.
    Like this mission - sure, it isn't impossible, but it isn't fun either. All other medal quests are much simpler even on Expert and do not require such stupid thing like preparations in previous mission; also, achieveing other missions award you don't have to decline from normal mission progress in order to get the damn shiny thing! But Carentan Counterattack... "get off natural defensive positions, construct the stupid fortress and still get raped by untouchable mortars and artillery why your AT guns miss 2 of 3 shots on Stugs". Obviously this 350 kills thing is unbalanced.
    Please guys, pay more attention to your games if you want people to play it!
    P.S. Sorry for my English.

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    This mission is incredibly difficult (at least if you want the medal) but is childs play compared to "Swatting Flies".
    Imo, if you need to know the "cheats" the mission is broken.

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    Difficulty: Hard
    Bronze Star Medal Awarded

    Holding the three bridges next to the Town Hall will win you the mission, but it probably won't get you the Bronze Star (300 Axis kills on Hard).

    Following the advice of posters above, I set up a forward defense. The 10:00 they give you before the counter-attack isn't enough, obviously, to properly set up a forward defense near their spawn points. Thus you must play the previous mission in Carentan. Take all points but the Town Hall, and set everything up while you have the time.

    There are three spawn points, each of which are roughly in line with one of the bridges. The middle spawn point seems to be the one with the most troops and tanks, so I focused my defense there.

    I set up bases at each of the spawn points, let's call them left, center and right (again, roughly in line with L, C and R bridges).

    Left Base - MG42 squad in the house by the road (all MG's are salvaged MG42s, better vs inf, and the AT guns can handle the tanks, so don't need the AP rounds of the .30). Two AT guns, one US 57mm and one Pak 50mm, one positioned next to the house near the road, the other in the small field near the muni point (all AT guns set up like this, so at least one will likely get a flanking shot). Sandbags and wire around AT guns and house.

    Right Base - Exactly the same forces as above in a similar position. MG42 in house near the road, one AT near house, 2nd AT in a field off to the far right of the road.

    Middle Base - This is where most Axis forces seem to spawn. STUGs, Flamethrower Pioneers and Mortars are your worst enemies at this base. I spent quite some time setting up a WWI style defense with mines, multiple lines of wire and sandbags around each weapon position. Inside the church, I put my veteran sniper. I placed MG42 teams in two of the houses near the church, one facing the road and one facing the field. Across the street from the church and a little forward I put an AT gun with supporting MG42 team, 1 Veteran Paratrooper with AT weapons. The field to the right of this little village I put most of my lanes of wires. Had another AT gun, two MG42s (one in far right house, one sandbaged near AT gun) and two veteran Paratroopers covering this field. Lastly, put up two MG nests, one in between the houses on the main street and another covering the field off to the far right. One Engineer to repair both (had 2 of my starting eng's pick up weps).

    Once the attack started, it was pretty epic. I left the left and right bases to fend for themselves, and focused on microing the middle. The kills racked up pretty quickly, but slowly my forces were ground down. Most of my casualties (incl. the sniper and mortar team) were from the enemy mortars, so as I said save your muni to off-map arty them, and use your mortar team to engage them while they live (enemy mortars will tend to go for your mortar and sniper, saving the rest of the troops from harm).

    It truly was like a WWI battle at that middle base, with multiple MGs covering a no-mans land filled with mines and wire. The Axis went down in an appropriate WWI style, but I really had to watch out for those dam flamethrower pioneers. I used my Para's to counter attack them, otherwise they'd roast MG and AT teams.

    I had about 247 kills when the order came to fall back to the church. I did lose some forces (sniper, mortar, 1 vet para, 1 MG and 4 AT teams) but wasn't worried: so long as I had some kinda force left at the church, I knew I could defeat them there and get the rest of the 50 kills I needed, for I also set up sandbags around the church as well. I ordered all my infantry to retreat to base. Most of my infantry made it back in one piece (one Para had one guy left) so I quickly healed them up and put them into position around the church. Two AT guns managed to get back alive. I build a sniper and mortar to replace the casualties, and had time to pump out two more AT guns. I sowed mines on some roads and the bridges earlier, so that slowed them down enough for me to set things up for the final assault.

    I made 300 kills with about 2 minutes or a little less to spare before the other squad showed up. The rest was easy, of course. Just sent my three remaining Vet Paras with the 4 Shermans to roll over the last few tanks.
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    Chachanshen and Blackthorne's Guide to the Carentan Missions on Expert Difficulty with 350+ Kills

    **IF the pictures don't display properly, right-click on them and open in new tab to view them.**


    Mission 3: Carentan

    Secure the church.

    Take the Pak38. Deploy an MG Team.

    Repel the counter-attack.

    Maintain only 2 Airborne Troops with 2 units each.

    Deploy 5 Snipers.

    Take out enemies using only Snipers. Earn the Sharpshooter Badge. Do not complete the primary objectives yet.

    Setup defenses as illustrated. You can use the CheatEngine's speedhack to speed up this tedious task.

    Complete objective by destroying the Sdfkz234 with the Pak38.

    Mission 4: Carentan Counterattack

    Setup defenses as illustrated above.

    Destroy your jeep.

    You should have 7 Snipers, 4 AT Guns, 3 MG Teams, 2 Airborne Troops, 2 Engineer Squads and 1 Mortar Team for a total of 70 population upkeep.

    Wait for the enemy counterattack.

    At the Northeast Defense, aim the Pak38 away from the road. Face it towards the road ONLY IF there are enemy armors attacking.
    Its shots can destroy barbed wires so avoid using it against infantry-only attacks.

    At the Northwest Defense, transfer the nearest AT Gun from the Chapel Flank ONLY IF there are enemy armors attacking.
    Return the AT Gun at the Chapel Flank where enemy attack is fiercest.

    The Sniper is your critical unit for victory and achieving the Bronze Star Medal.
    Micromanage it to optimize kills. Prioritize flamethrowing Pioneers first then eliminate Mortar Crews immediately.
    Don't mind the Stormtroopers unless there are no priority targets.

    Always use the Engineer Squads to repair damaged MG Nests.

    Always use the Bombard ability of your Mortar Team. Direct your bombardment at the crossroad.

    Always use the Armor Piercing Shells ability of the AT Gun against all vehicles. Focus fire on one target.

    Use the Airborne Troops as cannon fodders, distracting enemies from shooting vulnerable targets.
    Wisely use (with caution) their Satchel Charge ability whenever there's a good opportunity. Remember that they are vulnerable to enemy fire when using it.
    ONLY use their Fire-up ability when behind cover, when intercepting behind cover, and when moving to another position behind cover.
    When the ability expires, they become sitting ducks to enemy fire so avoid exposing them needlessly.

    Lastly, DO NOT use your Artillery power. It does not register kill counts. You need every kill you can get.

    1. Get 275-295 kills
    2. North Main Defense is collapsing.(2 Snipers, 2AT Guns, 1 Airborne Trooper are left)
    DO NOT RETREAT unless you have met the 2 conditions above. Redo the mission if you're unable to manage.

    When you have met the two conditions above, order ALL your men to full retreat. Don't forget the remaining MG Teams and AT Guns.

    After retreating, set up the Guerilla Tactics as illustrated. The advancing enemy army will halt at the town square making them easy pickings for your strike groups.
    This adds more kill counts. The Guerilla Tactics can only be done efficiently if you made a good retreat by preserving at least 2 of each kind of your support units (Snipers,MG Teams, AT Guns).

    This time, the enemy will retreat back across the bridge and call on a deadly barrage of explosive shells.
    DO NOT chase the retreating enemies. Order all your strike groups back to The Fortified Church immediately to avoid being decimated by the artillery barrage.

    Set up your remaining forces as illustrated in The Fortified Church.

    Spend all your resources to bolster your defenses. Brace for the final enemy assault.

    When reinforcements arrive, you should have at least 325-340 kills. Round up the remaining enemy forces and hope you get past the 350 mark.



    I have done everything in this guide and finished Mission 4 with 350+ kills in 3 out of 4 attempts. Sometimes I get only 320-345 kills. I even got a 349 kill count and, darn sheer, it's annoying.

    I wonder if this guide still works if I replace the 7 Snipers with 7 Mortar Teams....hmmm.

    Thank you for using this guide.

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    Presently stuck in Calderis. If I had any brains I`d have left long ago.

    Could we have screenshots of starting emplacements?

    I am playing on Expert. Having a heck of a time surviving. Will try Pause-Break today but I could have sworn I tried it and it didn't pause the game. HUGE amount of micromanagement that pretty much paralyzed me with overwhelm.

    On attempt two (which was ultimately, but only barely, successful) I just set my positions around the church HQ, and had some forward mortars as well as one mortar behind the church HQ. Ended with over 200 kills, and I'm sure most of that was from the ludicrous amount of road mines I placed at the end of Mission 3, although at some point they came at me with mine-detector equipped Engineers. Barely any troops left when Able Company arrived in the nick of time. After the cutscene, suddenly the map was completely clean except for 2 tanks that hung around the waterfront.

    I tried camping a spawn point but didn't get anywhere with it. The problem was that once the second tank came in, there were no mines left at the spawn point so it didn't die, and I couldn't kill it before it wiped my AT guns. Can someone post a screen shot of their spawn point emplacements please?

    Also, does anyone know what the AI attack plan is? I've seen them trying to get into the small square in the southeast where one of my mortars was holed up. Are they doing Attack-Move toward the Town Hall, then the Church? I'm thinking of setting a defense on the north side, in the cluster of buildings that includes a church and cemetary. If the enemy will converge on it instead of continuing down the bridges, and if I can hold it long enough, I figure I could sneak up on them from the Town Hall with some paratroopers (if I have any manpower left to buy them).

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    Presently stuck in Calderis. If I had any brains I`d have left long ago.
    Like this mission - sure, it isn't impossible, but it isn't fun either. All other medal quests are much simpler even on Expert and do not require such stupid thing like preparations in previous mission; also, achieveing other missions award you don't have to decline from normal mission progress in order to get the damn shiny thing! But Carentan Counterattack... "get off natural defensive positions, construct the stupid fortress and still get raped by untouchable mortars and artillery why your AT guns miss 2 of 3 shots on Stugs". Obviously this 350 kills thing is unbalanced.
    I play on Expert, and Normandy Mission 2 part 2 (convoy) was also really hard. You have 2 minutes. I was lucky most of my troops were in the correct location to quickly crew what I had, AND I had already set up some sandbags and other defenses near the middle of the map because I was inching from east to west to take those territories. If I had been anywhere else when I took all the AA guns (or if I had destroyed the AA guns near the middle of the map), I would have failed the mission.

    Carentan Counterattack is very hard because it suddenly overwhelms you with a lot of micromanagement. For example, you hear the announcement about the artillery barrage, and suddenly your waterfront defenses are wiped out -- a waterfront-side bridge defense is, IMO, supposed to be impossible because all the enemy needs is one person in sight of the waterfront to target their scripted barrage.

    I really wonder if "Expert" difficulty is meant to challenge even people who do crazy exploits.
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    Presently stuck in Calderis. If I had any brains I`d have left long ago.
    Mission 3: Carentan

    Secure the church.

    Take the Pak38. Deploy an MG Team.

    Repel the counter-attack.

    Maintain only 2 Airborne Troops with 2 units each.

    Deploy 5 Snipers.

    Take out enemies using only Snipers. Earn the Sharpshooter Badge. Do not complete the primary objectives yet.
    5 snipers for Mission 3?

    OK. I see how you got them and I see why you wanted them in Mission 4. And since the enemy is basically static and scripted in mission 3, we have the foreknowledge to know we can leave our Church undefended. But how did you deal with the endless respawns when you have emptied out the Town Hall in mission 3?

    There were two incidents of endless enemy spawns in Mission 3:

    (1) From the U-shaped corridor around the Town Hall. Not sure what triggered this, but it stopped when I withdrew from the Town Hall. I think it happened because I cleared the piazza. The troops fled north across the bridge. They got killed by my machinegunners at each bridge, so that might be a reason why they kept respawning (??)

    (2) From the town side of the eastern bridge. A couple of squads just magically appear. This seems to be triggered by killing all units inside the Town Hall. A non-respawning mission-target armored car will just magically spawn and roll in, and then these units keep coming. If you have units and mines at the spawn point, they respawn constantly and immediately. They are scripted to move to anyone who steps onto the Town Hall territory, whether those units are visible to them or not -- even Camouflaged Snipers.

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    Expert difficulty -- success!

    Super cheesy way to win. EXPERT Difficulty. Bronze Medal. NO troop losses.

    Can't seem to post a video here, so this is the link: / Bnfo2PANLrc

    Note that the game in this video footage has been accelerated with the setsimrate console command, and runs approximately twice as fast.

    Cheesy easy way to win AND get the Bronze Medal for 350 casualty points. Basically, mine every square inch of every territory you control at the end of Mission 3. Use the console command setsimrate to accelerate the game so you can get resources quickly in order to do this.

    At the start of Mission 4, withdraw all units to the Church and wait for Able Company. You don't have a to lift a finger to defend the church as the Axis can't get even close. It appears that they have some units magically appear in the east side even if they haven't made it across the bridges. Whether the Axis can see the waterfront or not, it also seems that at 9 minutes left, they artillery strike the waterfront; and at 6 minutes left they demolish the Town Hall with a second artillery strike.

    Notice that the Axis infantry are remarkably hardy against your mines and therefore chew up a lot of them while randomly crawling about Pinned. Therefore it is important to plant mines everywhere, even off-road.

    Having barbed wire around the strategic points also seems to attract Pioneers (Axis engineers). This may be the reason that they don't appear later on the bridges with mine detectors.

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    ven with Blackthorn's strategy, you will eventually be forced to retreat back to the church (there is just too many germans to avoid it).
    Even if you never sight the Axis from the waterline they will artillery strike the waterfront at 9 minutes left, and the Town Hall at 6 minutes left. I believe it is scripted. It is impossible to hold the Town Hall. The artillery strikes are for dramatic effect and to add excitement to the mission. Problem is, if you don't pause the game or if you have too many control-hotkeyed groups, you probably can't evacuate quickly enough to suffer catastrophic losses on Expert.

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    Here is the SCAR code for the mission

    You need this to open the SCAR file

    The SCAR file will tell you what call in does what and what makes that call in happen, I am to lazy to do this myself for you, sorry. But you dont really need to know what your doing to find it, it is pretty simple stuff.

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    Presently stuck in Calderis. If I had any brains I`d have left long ago.
    Here is the SCAR code for the mission...
    There was a problem with the link. Mediafire reported a problem with the download, tried to restart it, then shortly after AVG antivirus popped up a warning about Rogue Scanner or something.

    Also, the lua file looks like just a reference manual, with no executable.

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