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[Americans] Mortain Counterattack - Mission 13

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    [Americans] Mortain Counterattack - Mission 13

    Mortain Counterattack

    Having survived the night and stalled the Panzer Division's initial attack, Able company braces for a stiff counterattack on Hill 317.
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    Medal - Win the mission with more than 250 points

    If you managed to preserve your production buildings and troops from the last mission, you'll have a much easier time in this one.

    1. This mission is a 500-VP mission. There are 3 victory points; one south of your base, one to the east, and the last one is way up north.

    2. Your Howitzer is vital in helping you get rid off enemy infantry and engineers assaulting the hill. The Axis troops WILL have plenty of cover while assaulting the hill because of tank wreckage so artillery support is vital. If they take the fuel point below the hill they'll also construct a Bunker, and convert the house opposite the road into a Barracks so blast it to hell.

    3. Take the Airborne command tree. Don't ask just do it i'll explain why later.

    4. Fortify all trench entrances, especially your Howie with MG nests. ALOT of MG nests

    You'll start this mission with 2 sqauds of Riflemen, 2 Shermans and an M10 Destroyer moving in from the west into Mortain. You'll then be give instructions to take and hold 3 victory points. Trust me it's easier than it sounds. Immediately your 3 tanks up the hill, and have them guard the north , south-west, and east trenches. Spread at least entrenched AT guns covering the north side of the hill; that's where the Germans will be sending their Stugs/Panzers. There are German 88's South-East of your base, and will kill any infantry trying to take the south VP, and the eastern VP.

    First off, don't be worried even if the Germans capture all 3. They're stupid enough not to hold them well. Send your Rangers up toward the north VP; if you can destroy any AT guns on the way that'll be nice. Clear out the church, and capture the VP. Now just garrison them in the house left of the VP, or an Oswind will show up and kill the church and anything within.

    For the southern VP, get a Rifle squad, grab a Panzershrek (v. impt that you do so!), take the VP and hold out in the house beside. Now, there'll be a lone 88 in the right corner pounding you as you take the flag, take it out if you can. Above it are 3 more 88 emplacements which are conviently just out of your howies range, and will chew anything that tries to take the eastern VP. THis is where recon flights and Strafing Run come in. I asked you t take a Shrek coz once Axis gets tired of sending Pioneers to retake this point, they'll send Stugs/Pazners to kill whoever has it. Your troops have a gd firing position from the house to the road corner where the tank turns in.

    The Axis have their tank producion facilities at the top corner of the map which i took out using Bombing Runs. Keep some supply lines open to captured Munitions Points. Drop Airborne Troopers on the hill for quick-hold action. You can send 1 squad to take the easter VP, and destroy and capture the last 88 firing on it. THis'll help you mash any Axis armour attacking the hill.

    Once you have all 3 points Axis score will start dropping drastically and you win.

    I got Silver Star as my medal for completing it with 418 points :]

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    I still cant pass this mission

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    It's important to have left over units from mission 12. I had to re do mission 12 to pass 13. Try to keep a squad of rifles on near the hill and a vet sniper. The sniper is vital.

    At the start of 13:

    select airborn command
    air drop paratroopers onto the hill
    send tanks and rifles up to hill
    get the paratroopers on the AT guns behind sand bags
    take the howitzer

    After the initial push of tanks, you don't really need the howitzer. Mine was blown up. I lost all the tanks also. 3-4 AT guns can hold off all the tanks (drop paratroopers to replace AT crews when they get killed) and a vet sniper can pin down any infantry that try to attack.

    Take the east victory point first, run a few squads of rifles/rangers/paratroopers and your tanks if you have them and quickly grenade or kill off the 88s. Take one of the 88s with your infantry and take the victory point. I left an AT gun at the VP to scout. The 88 should keep the retarded AI off the point.

    Next go take the southern VP with some paratroopers. After you get it throw them in the house or something. Paradrop more troops onto the southern VP and hill as needed.

    I had no problem beating this on hard difficulty after I finished mission 12 with a squad of vet rangers and a vet sniper left.

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    I concur with idiotbox, you need men left on the hill from the last mission. I managed to hold the hill with one MG crew, two anti tank guns, a sniper and two squads of riflemen for the entire game by hunkering down in the small trench near the centre of the hill, the AI rarely attacks from the south so you'll be well protected. Build a medic station.

    Use the reinforcements you get to capture points and build some defences at your base in the west, the northwest victory point can be held with a single machine gun in a house. The eastern victory point was quiet for me, an anti tank gun and a MG nest should cover it. The AI was really annoying with pioneer spam decapping my points so I had an armoured car ready to kill them off.

    I managed it on expert on my third try. I initially tried it with airborne but found more success in using infantry company for artillery.

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    bah its still hard.....i think i might need some cheats to win LOL!

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    Ridiculous, there's no way in hell I'm doing Hill 317 again, it's already taken me 7
    attempts and last night I managed to survive with one engineer who was getting shot
    at as the Axis troops were retreating. Having said that, It was a challenging game up
    to that point.

    Then you go place a completely stupid timer on the first victory point level,
    spam Axis tanks at every position I take, not to mention the AI is not even in the
    areas I am capturing but seems to 'know' I'm there anyway, doh!

    I mean, come on. I spent 7 years producing various games for the Amiga and PC in
    the early to mid 90's, I know that timers really P*** people off, if it was an arcade
    game then OK, but it's not.

    So, here I am with a strategy game which requires no strategy other than to do
    Hill 317 again and again just so that I can continue with the game, I am not flamin
    impressed at all.

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    This level's pretty simple, even on Expert. One thing you should note it is that you have full access to all field defenses and are allowed to choose and max out any doctrine, which are the keys to the level.

    Here's a few key tips for any difficulty:

    1. Use tanktraps+wire everywhere you can. You cannot be everywhere at the same time, but you can make assaulting certain areas nigh impossible, relieving your troops for offensive duties. Axis have no way of destroying tanktraps in this level, and pioneers do not use wirecutters, meaning tanktrap/wire walls are impassable.
    ---Deploy tanktraps and wire at the Abbey Square entrances, putting this VP off-limits for the AI.
    ---Deploy tanktraps at the road along the edge of the map next to the Abbey to stop the constant stream of ostwinds coming from there.
    ---Construct a bunker or deploy wire at your base's north entrance, to "keep the flies out".
    ---Deploy a tanktrap line at the NW road(the one with the large open field with a SP and hedgerows) so that it would seal off the corner.
    ---If you wish, drop additional tanktraps at the NE road as well, but that shouldn't be necessary.
    ~~~It's preferred that you start the whole barricading business on the first Hill 317 mission, as it will carry over. If done right, the west side will be tank-free for the rest of the game.

    2. Doctrine choice doesn't matter much. Airborne and Infantry will give you easier destruction of the 88 battery by arty, but Armor has Field Repairs and Fast Deployment, which is why i used it myself.

    3. This is important: have a small quick response force for quickly stopping lone panzers, pumas and infantry raids that find holes in your defense and can cause chaos on the hill. The force should consist of a AA Halftrack and 2 Panzershrek/LMG riflemen squads, the latter being easy to get from previous missions or countless axis squads. Keep the halftrack away from tank fire, and this force will get Elite in no time and be absolutely unkillable. Use it to capture east VP and for taking out lone 88s.

    4. The huge 88 battery at the northeast corner of the map will prevent capture of the north VP, or deployment of field defenses in that area. Send in a lone sniper on Hold Fire and take them out manually. You can re-man them to defend the north VP, but that's not pop-effective at all.

    5. Have 1-2 engineer squads following and repairing your tanks at all times. Do *not* use tanks for offense on this mission.

    6. Do not let the Axis capture and OP up points around your precious Hill. Either hold onto them yourself, or keep them neutral. If you get surrounded, your carefully crafted defense ring won't work anymore. That's much easier to do than it sounds, too.

    Just as a note - i started this mission with 2 Elite riflemen squads and 2 halftracks from the previous mission, but no AT guns, no MGs and no field defenses on the map, not even at the hill's top or my base, but won with 490 points on Hard and 380 on Expert. It's not hard at all, just don't panic when something goes wrong - the AI's too stupid to make full use of your goofups.

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    This was one of the most frustrating mission's i'd ever played, every time I captured a point they'd send an annoying 1 man army to recapture it. If I hadn't needed to concentrate on the 50 people swarming all around the sides of the hills taking points and raiding me it would have been a lot easier. I still won the mission with 27 points though and having brought them to 0 after them bringing me to 27 in the beginning.

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    The simplest way of winning this mission is going with the Airborne tree. First send a recon run over the Axis north eastern base, followed by a paradrop behind their HQ. Consequently paradop two AT guns once your Paratroopers have landed and wipe the base out from rear. Recycle, rinse and repeat on the North Western base for a quick victory.

    (Conducted on Expert Difficulty)

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    yes, it is a hard mission.
    4 attemps and no success.
    I will try your solutions, hope I will unstuck myself from Hill 317.
    let's go....and have fun!!

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    This mission has ruined the game for me.

    Whos idea was it to give you 3 lame ass tanks to try to take out 20+ axis tanks? And just when you start to get somewhere, they spam airstrikes at you every 2 minutes.

    Im done with this crap until some cheats come out. I guess its skirimsh time for me

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    I hated this map, mainly because of the Victory Point system they applied to it. None the less, I got it right in my first try. They kind of overdid the Flaks but in the end it's not that harsh to control at least 2 points.

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    Nevermind, I finally beat it. Airborn is the way to go. I just paradropped and stormed all the points and the 88's

    Then just winged it trying to hold at least 3 of them.

    I think I won 24-0 on medium difficulty. Very close.

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    i beat it wiith armor commander, M8 greyhounds laying mines, capping points and a calliope to deal with the 88's.. then a pershing at the end to seal th edeal

    won 3XX - 0 on medium or something

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    Thats weird I won 500-0 on hard...I used infantry doctrine (picked it at random). Use the howitzer to take out all the 88 batteries (its slightly out of range of the 4 in the corner but you can still hit them anyway by aiming a bit in front of them). Honestly I found it really easy, it was the previous mission that bugged me.

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    The Germans get the top flag first and you ended with top score?

    show us a screenshot man

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    l also won 500-0 on normal. I had a maximum population cap from the previous mission, and l sent my veterans to capture the northern and south eastern victory points. The AI wasn't very aggresive.

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    I am also stuck good and proper on this map. I scraped the last one with a howitzer crew and a one man MG. By the time my three tanks get on the map and my squad of infantry the howitzer is blasted to high heaven. I am on my eigth attempt at this map and am seriously getting fed up of it.
    Any of you guys manage it on medium difficulty with just the three tanks? Where am I going wrong?? HELLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!

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    I'm utterly stuck on this mission. Tried over 20 times but keep failing. I only made the previous mission with one living soldier and nothing else.

    When mission 13 starts It gives me 3 useless tanks, three engineers and one barracks... I have no HQ at all to create any more engineers and almost zero resources..

    Soon as I make a single move I am wasted by overwhelming and a seemingly telepathic enemy!

    I was really enjoying this game up to this point..
    This has ruined it for me.

    So do I really have to go back several missions and do them again so that Ill have more resources for this one?

    Any advice please?

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    1 guy left eh? wah that sucks...

    play the last mission and get more dudes?

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    How do I get back to previous mission then? In saved games I only have the mission I'm on now and mission 4! Do I have to go back that far?

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    choose campaign instead of "continue campaign" and then select mortain (not the counterattack) as mortain is the only one that has any real effect on your resourses and manpower in the counter attack.

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    Thank you Celax ... ok here we go again..

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    Air support Question.

    Can I fly in a bombing run without considering the fog of war? Do I have to recon the area first? or do in need soliders in the area to make a bombing run work?

    PS- On my first try, I drop some airborne in, and made the 88's spin around, actually one 88 took out another, and the airborne just drop gernades in and got them.

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    .sherman god.
    Ummm... the fog of war has to be gone where you do a bombing run. Camo'd sniper works and a recon run before the bombing will too.

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    This mission is all about map control over the VP. You need lots of guys from the last mission to carry over. I had a whole s***-load of them. Use ground troops to get close to the 88's and then drop airborne in, with gernades and the spinning 88's got them all.

    Set up all the AT's on the left side of the hill, to help with incoming tanks, build some tanks of your own. And take as many resouce-points.

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    I thought it was pretty easy. I finished Mission 12 with a full complement, so Dog Company put me up to something like 102. I don't think I even dropped below 95.

    The real secret to doing well on this one is following the advice for 12: Get your engineers out early to lay barbed wire and tank traps to deny direct access to the hill.

    I blocked the entrance facing the flag to the north, and added an MG nest to cover traffic on the road.

    I left one small leak on the north side where Axis infantry had to face a couple of machine gun nests, a rifle squad, and a mortar.

    I blocked the S turn road and the long straight road, so the only direct access to the hill from the south was up the slope through the clearing between the two road entrances. I covered that gap with a couple of guns, another mortar, and a sniper. I placed a 3rd mortar, another gun, and another machine gun nest on the south side.

    I placed another eng squad and two guns down by the HQ. I used the eng squad to build some sandbags, build and repair a HW depot, and repair the HQ. I used the guns to deal with the leakers (mostly armored) attempting to take out the HQ.

    I covered Mortain with the howitzer. I only had one halftrack and squad make it that far. One salvo took them both out.

    This one was pretty easy, all things considered.

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    btw make sure u build a halftrack with quad cannon
    park it on the hill, make ur life much easier
    for the victory point that is located at the far north side of the map, send a sniper, MG to capture it. garrision the building after u got the point--this will hold off the AI's attempt to recapture the victory point.

    for the 88, use one rifle squad reinforce with one sniper. use grenade for the short range assult, and camo sniper for the long range.

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    i`ve read and tried the info thats given by all.. but i keep gettin tonked. i have about a 10 men left from the prvoius mission but no hq.
    I can hold the hill on the advice availabe but keepin hold of the vp`s is like tryin to knit a jumper with a bucket of FOG...

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    I don't get this one, well i do but where are all the emeny tanks coming from, i think the counter is broken i go down to zero in 5 minutes, i am at a lost here what do i attack first

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    Hmm... I found this really easy. Just go airborne and move all of the guys you start with on the hill. One airborne squad is enough to take the southern critical point at the beginning of the battle, and once you've got it and the one at the hill you'll have all the time in the world.

    Then you can either advance on the one directly above the hill immediately (You don't even have to worry about the third one) or work on your defenses on the hill if they're weak, especially by airdropping AT guns. (Do the left side of the airborne tree first, the other abilities aren't really that useful)

    I took the northern critical point with two airborne squads, upgrading them with recoilless rifles to hold off armor. Once you do that all you have to do is hold the center until the Germans are out of points.

    To defend the hill just get a few airdropped AT guns and plenty of riflemen with BARs. Add in a sniper and you'll be good to go, especially with your airdropped machine guns and the starting tanks. Those tanks are just there to buy you time, so if they get destroyed don't worry about it. That said, it's a good idea to keep an engineer squad up there to repair them, especially since they can go ahead and build a medic station while they're up there.

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    Mission impossible

    For me, mission 13 is impossible to accomplish - which means I have to give up the game. I tried all tricks and suggestions given below, but nothing works, even destroying the German headquarters with airborne. Because in due time my points simply are reduced to zero. On the hill itself the meagre defenses left from mission 12 are wiped out in about 30 seconds (also one one anti-tank gun left, badply placed), and when I send in tanks, even with airborne, the Germans keep churning out new tanks and halftracks and soldiers, for which I simply don't have the resources. Meanwhile a strafing run on the three 88's leaves them totally intact. Armor I cannot be build because of lack of resources (even when I managed to build a factory). And with infantery/artillery I have a munition problem. Very, very frustrating. Is there any solution - without replaying that terrible 12 - or, better still, a way to skip 13 and go on with 14?

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    You can supposedly unlock missions. Look at the planetcoh faq: down around 1.8.6 I think.

    However, this mission isn't really as hard as people seem to think. I finished it at 500-0 on my third attempt. This one and mission 12 just take a whole different mental attitude. It does help to finish with a moderate amount of men left over from mission 12. You have a little time and use it to quickly grab every resource point you can and the northern victory point. The east and south victory points seem to be guarded by 88s so you need to wait on those. I put an mg nest and an AT gun to guard the north point and they did the job just fine. Put your tanks on the hill for mobile defense; there are too many German AT guns out there to send them out on offense missions. Keep your engineers busy all the time, building tank traps so that tanks can only come in from the east or the west and no where else, and wire off the sides as much as possible, and then mg nests as resources allow, and keeping tanks repaired. Keep the howitzer busy. I started shelling the bunched up 88's from the first second, hoping for scattered shells to actually hit and within 4 times of trying it eventually did take them out. Then I went for the single 88s guarding the victory points and then after they were down I started shelling the outskirts of the southeast german base, with the occasional shell actually landing in there. I did a couple of bombing runs on the two German bases for fun but didn't have the munitions to flatten them. I had a sniper do a lot of work, mostly taking out AT guns near my base and then killing everyone around the east vp so a squad could come in and claim it. Then I camped the sniper nearby to kill off pioneer units that kept showing up to reclaim it. Then I just waited until the points ran out.

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    completed with 100 points

    just completed with 100 points, found the critical thing is to capture 3 extra strategic points....Holding the hill is important because its one of the strategic points.
    There are 4 total strategic points, so if you hold just 2 of them you stabalize losing this map at all....holding 3 or more allows you to win it....

    Grabbing various points around the hill will allow you to have the manpower/resources to grab those extra points...

    My problem starting was that I panicked when they were attacking the hill again from all sides, and I had plenty of troops but first thing I did was run east and run into the 88's that blew my troops and armor to hell.....keeping the armor on the hill to defend it as long as possible is kind of important too...

    Going north and south to start is easiest choice to grab one of the major strategic points, the strategic points are more important than resources....

    I went air support choice, which helps immensely with paratroopers, dropping paratroopers behind the lines helps alot. To do this effectively even without line of sight, just recon the area you want to drop them in, and then drop the paratroopers. I dropped paratroopers just behind 88's, and worked very good...

    you can afford to lose the hill, to stay even and not loose points that start at 500 vs 500, you need only 2 strategic points....

    I believe going air of your 3 choices is the easiest way to complete this mission effectively......paratroopers with recon is extremely powerful, since you can have manpower without running them across the map, and hold the points once you take it with the paratroopers. Having paratroopers man the 88's against tanks is also a nice perk, very powerful.....

    While I was using the paratroopers, I heard something about mines.....I didn't care....keep any vehicles you have on the hill, don't run them around the map....this map is designed to destroy yoru tanks, so keeping them on the hill is the best choice....

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    I'm really struggling with this two. At the start I have two fully vet rifle squads, a fully vet halftrack, some fully vet engineers, a howitzer and two AT guns on top of the hill next to my barracks. The three tanks and riflesquad are at the bottom just approaching and I get cained in a matter of seconds to about four panzers and six squads of troops, inclduing shrecked grenadiers.

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    I think this is the one mission I didn't get all the secondary stuff on. Now I'm gonna have to go back and play it

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    Having paratroopers man the 88's against tanks is also a nice perk
    I got my paratroopers behind one of the 88s on the NE side of the map but they dont shoot anything at all. I mean do we need to direct them? I was getting hammered by the Panzers but those 88 didnt do $hit.

    I have 3 ATs, 3 MG squard and one infantry squad of six. I still cant do it. I run out of Manpower

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    Joseph T
    88s have a long range, but nothing may be moving into it. I usually blast those, if you put the howitzer at the maximum range it can eventually take them out. Also use the howitzer to de-crew the 88 on the far north; I usually try to man that one with some rifle and M8 support. It has a great angle to put a huge dent in whatever tries to come up that side of the hill.

    Also try to take the 88 in the southeast corner, overlooking the southernmost VP. You can use that one to cover the VP and the fuel point right above it if you can make it to it.

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    Well, from what you are saying it sounds like they actually do cause damage....
    The reason I am saying this is becuase I captured them a couple times and did not see them causing any harm to anything.

    Will give it another try...!

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    Ok, I just beat the mission.

    I think there was a bug, either now or before. I saw bunch of Planes hovering on the North West and South East side of the maps. They didnt do anything ... just there.

    I faced may be 3-4 tanks and a few infantry units of Axis and took out their 88s. Used the same level of difficulty (Medium) and took all the points - this time it looked 10 times easier than before not sure what caused that. But who cares. It was damn difficult mission.

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    Use the airborne option. I had only a few men left from the prior mission and it didn't matter. Use the tanks initially to get the closest VP and then send the tanks up to the hill to defend it. Then drop paratroopers (after doing recon to get rid of the local fog) into the other VP areas. I also dropped a couple of anti-tank guns to the top of the hill to aid in the defense there. Its not that hard if you go this route.

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    Guy with luger
    Here is what i did. Take the initial reinforcements to the "abbey" (northwest) and place them there. Place paratroopers on the eastern vp on the little village and take the rest of your force to defend the hill. Whenever you have resources get an AT gun to reinforce your paratroopers.

    If you have any troops in bad shape and dont want to spend money on them, then send them at the bottom of the map to cap those munitions and fuel points which for me was never threaten.

    Dont spend any forces on the northern vp as it is a highway for the enemys. Just concentrate on the west, east and your hill. Remember you dont need all your VP's aslong as you control more then half of them. So its ok to leave the northern one alone. You will still win if you hold the ones i suggested.

    As for the 88's i just ignored that sidemission. If you just after a winning the damned thing just ignore them and save those resources to spend on defences and troops.

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    Im having real trouble with this mission, population cap on this game pisses me off to no end. I really dislike games with a population cap, especially if its very small.

    I've got heaps of squads, all with 2 or 3 out of 6 men or so in them, because im over the population cap by around 20 (99/75). and cant replenish them. I am at 99 units at the beginning of the mission. This is hardly enough units to hold the hill as well as get out there and take the others.

    Is there a base i can destroy to stop the annoying constant flow of units? I attempted to use some of the forces on the hill to take one of the points, but tanks and men seem to come from any angle at any time constantly, so the hill pretty much got wiped out.

    I attempted using tank traps and barbed wire walls to block off my base which worked, as well as the northern VP.
    However someone said that the AI doesnt destroy the tank traps in the first page, but i had 2 stugs and an armoured car beating away at them.

    The 88's are easy as, you stick a few howitzer barrages on them which cleans them out quickly.

    So, is there a foolproof way of completing this mission? The pioneers are all over the place trying to take every point i capture, victory points or not.

    It would be nice for someone to post a detailed map with no fog of war of where all the units come from, where the base is, and where suggested emplacements should be placed.

    I see there are cheats/unlock all missions. Is there some consequence to using these to help get past this mission as a last resort?

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    man r u asking about 13 or 14 or both?
    I guided both of them in topic about mission 14 so read it.
    In God We Trust

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    One of the problems I have with this mession is defending the village of Mortain itself. I am able to hold the hill for a considerable amount of time but they send tanks after my HQ.

    Also, trying to lock down resources is a pain because they keep spamming engineers to capture all the munitions and fuel points.

    I was nearly successful with the following tactic.

    I immediately sent my tanks straight up to their base (I'm not looking at the map now, so I can't tell you whether thats east, west, north or south) and destroyed it. This was a difficult task as the field leading up to their base is a mine field and they keep spamming engineers to repair the buildings as you try to destroy them. Plus they have AT guns there.

    I finally destroyed the base but didn't have enough resources to attack the other base where tanks were being made.
    So I kept fighting off mosquito's from taking all the resources and ended up losing.

    None of the explanations of those who beat the level include an explanation of how o defend the town (maybe I missed it).
    How do you micro all task?

    - Defend Hill
    - Defend town
    - Defend and capture strategic and victory points

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    i set in town 1 MG, 1 rifle and smth AT (rangers or 57mm) closer to HQ.

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    I just finished the mission with 482 points. The key for me was to gather up some infantry squads (3 rifles, 1 ranger) and the croc, then rush the German base to the east. After that the computer made a big effort to rebuild instead of attacking the hill, but the 88s and AT guns I captured on the way took care of everything while I dropped airborne all over the place to cap points.

    I didn't even get to use my two howitzers for more than a couple of strikes, as the computer did an early nebelwerfer attack on the hill that destroyed pretty much everything there.

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    I played this mission again recently and found that sending the armored force you get initially to the axis base north of the Abbey to be a very effective way to ease the hill defense. Your sherman crab can clear mines and buildings, your Croc can roast AT guns (yes, you'll take some damage but the AT guns will die much faster than your croc) and buildings, and your M10 sits back to snipe tanks that may come by (another option is to send the M10 to the hill, it will destroy any panzer IV that comes up).

    You should be able to kill the base without too much trouble, paying just enough attention to the hill when enemies come up. If you built a quad in the previous mission (it helped me quickly reinforce my defense points), you can use that to pretty easily keep the VP on the hill from ever going down.

    After you destroy that axis base, you can move your tanks back to Mortain for repairs/defense against the armor that's going to be coming. If they die, it frees up popcap for Airborne, which will make the hill defense/flak 88 destruction very easy.

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    Played through the game on expert up until this mission, I can't even do it on easy...

    I have about 6 vetted infantry/ranger squads from mission twelve but even vet 3 troops are nothing compared to the kraut units. I tried blowing up their base and succeeded but they immediately send everything they have to kill the left overs. Seeing as their troops are so tough a couple of LMG squads basically lock down my 6 vet 3 infantry squads with AT gun support.

    Basically the balance changes have completely buggered the single player campaign to the point that any timed mission is insanely difficult. It's impossible to keep the manpower to keep up with their VP spam and airborne are utterly useless without vet, they usually get trashed by a pioneer squad with no flamer.

    It's completely ridiculous. I'm going to cheat because I feel cheated after playing through the first 12 mission on expert only to find this one completely impossible. I haven't cheated in a game since I was like 16, 10 years ago. :/

    Just thought I'd vent my frustrations/warn anyone playing through the campaign since 2.301. I've long campaigned for Wehrmacht equality in multiplayer since the game was released, its easy to see why the yanks were so overpowered on release, its because half the single player missions are nigh on impossible against a balanced german army.

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