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FX-Commander MOD 1.85--New Hope(released) by 9CCN

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    Sorry for the delayed reply here.. Would you please let us know more about the site HWSHOTS before we decide whether to have our shots added to it? We're not so clear about the purpose and basic structure of that site, so your introduction will be very helpful.
    Best regards!
    FX-Commander(FXC)MOD v2.0.0 is programing!!!
    Seed(SD)Mod v3.0.0 is Has been completed.

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    Sure, it is a free site for gathering screenshots from diverse work on primarily HW modding and firstly from this forum. But other sources have been used:

    I see I had it in Maintenance mode doing some, well, maintenance. Now it should be browsable. As you can see there are no commercials or scripts of any kind but for the Gallery set of scripts that run it. I host images from Parallax, Homeworld:@, Crossfire, AFF, etc . Planning to update the PDS album as well, that has been long lost after Tel'Quessir left us and the images were lost due to the server mishap I mention. Komo'val, Yasotay, MaxDamage, Morugan'Kodi, Siber, Pouk, and more, have also contributed.

    That's basically it.

    (just last week it had 32000 hits, according to my host, that is not unique visitors)
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    FX mod 2.0 updated but...only chinese now.sorry about this...

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    that's ok. you guys do good work and I would prefer that you maintain the quality of your work over trying to get something out more quickly...
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    Hey XANGLE did you guys get the Mark 2 and Vanaar Jets up and running for yourselves? And ur welcome for helping you get them =)

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    FX2.0 has released but only chinese now

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    Did you create a campaign? What would be the plot (without spoilers)?

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    No....It was a huge project in the distant future...

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