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Invisible Units. Please Help.

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    Invisible Units. Please Help.

    I just bought CoH and it installed fine. Everytime i play the game all the units are invisible, i can select, move and attack with them, but i just cant see them.
    I installed patch 1.2, still no difference.
    But other from that, the game works smoothly and nice.

    Anyone else get this issue? or know whats wrong?
    please let me know.


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    Have you updated to the latest Graphiccard drivers ?
    Dx9 websetup update to get the latest SDK patches.

    if ya have a ATI graphiccard. you might wanna try the omega drivers.

    other then that try playing around with the graphic settings.

    I got everything to the max. in the graphic drivers i got AF & AA to the max. all runs smooth and dandy. jus the shadow is in squares (fog of war)
    when disabling shadows its a smooth boarder again...

    but unit shadows are perfect with shadow enabled.

    so you might go for dx9 update or grapic driver update

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    I'm guessing you have an ATI card older than a 9500? If so, it's not supported (by ATI, THQ/Relic can't do anything about it). You'll have to get a new video card.

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    Thanks for the help guys. I have the latest in all the drivers for my computer and yes, i have an older card then that, 9200.
    Ah well not to worry, lucky i know the dude in the shop i got it from and he will let me take it back, ill wait till i have a better video card.

    Thanks for your help though.

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