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Illustrated Layering Tutorial for Newbies

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    Illustrated Layering Tutorial for Newbies

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    Good tutorial, but I think the Enchanted Blue in Stage 3 is darker than the Enchanted Blue in Stage 4, or is it just my eyes?
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    RGB (32,79,157) in both step-by-step pics, you stickler for detail, you!

    It's probably the added highlight color that makes the blue undercolor seem slightly darker. It's not your eyes, it's your brain! *muahahaha*

    @ FearFrost - Nice, simple, illustrative! I could go on, but you get the idea?

    P.S. - My brain was seeing the same trick.

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    This is really great! I'll have to see how it works on my tyranids when I get home.

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    Hmmm... I wonder if this would work on IG...

    Great tutorial though!

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    The best I can do so far is just washing it over with thinned paint over a lighter coat to create shade, but that's a noob way of doing it I guess. I'll try this method next time on my Marines though to be sure. One question I have is how do you draw such thin lines on the edge highlight? The thinnest I could make are at least a mm thick, and that's with the finest point brush I have! (10/0)
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    The easiest way is to use the side (not the point) of the brush on raised edges and just drag the brush along in the direction you want the color to increase.

    With a 10/0 brush, though, you still should be able to get very fine lines with the point unless you're applying too much pressure. Maybe you need to thin your paints a little bit more or add some sort of surfactant (dishwashing detergent, Future Floor Finish, artist's flow improver) to allow your paint to flow more like ink?

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    I shall try that, thanks. On a side note, yes I do thin my paints with water. I'm not sure just how much is enough? For 3 droplets of paint I usually use a single droplet of water, because if I apply more then the paint would run into cracks and or become too transparent.

    One other question: How can I use the side of the brush over extremely small parts, like the details in the face? Is this like drybrushing?

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    I'm learning how to do neat highlights myself right now. I've been doing a lot of experimenting, and so far the most success I've had was an extremely dilute mixture. Something like 1:6 paint to water ratio. I soak my brush in this, then press it to the paper towel for a second. Most of the color stays in the brush, the paint takes a lot longer to dry out, and I seem to be able to control where the highlights go a lot better. The downsides so far is I can't seem to get a small enough highlight, but it may be because my 5/0 brush just plain sucks. Also, the color is pretty transparant. It looks great close up, but from up high, I can't really see it.

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    consise and nice!

    i may use this (obvioulsy with a different colour).

    DAMMIT! Now I'm gonna have to download a new internet!

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    Great tutorial! Was thinking of doing this for one of my models. Never knew it was called layering though. Hahaha...

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    Any chance of seeing this tutorial done with a space marine illustration?

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