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lost cd key for homeworld 1

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    lost cd key for homeworld 1

    I lost my cd key for homeworld and i'm wondering if there is a way to find the cd key or if there is a download to find the cd key.

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    Did your Homeworld come with the CD key printed on the case? (Please don't tell me you threw away the case. I will get a massive headache just reading that.)

    I have a 1999 copy, since my stepdad got me into Homeworld, and it has the key printed on the front of the case. In some cases it was in the manual, or on the back of the case.

    Some people have told me there is a way to dig up CD keys from your computer's registry if the game was already installed and in use. However, I do not remember the correct proceedure at the moment, and would prefer that you ask someone very computer savvy for clear instructions if you want to go that route. The Registry isn't something to be fooled about with. >_>

    Last but not least, I sincerely hope you wrote a backup of said key in Notepad or on a piece of paper and stuck it someplace fairly safe?

    Now...if all these options are exhausted (you lost the case, have no idea where in the computer to dig the key up, etc) , you could probably find a new copy Homeworld 1 for fairly cheap at game store bargain bins or online via ebay, among other ways. That copy SHOULD have a CD key with it--which you will need to take better care in keeping in your records.

    PS, I noticed this is your first post to the Relic Forums. Welcome!

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    I once knew, but I think its somewhere in your directory, and i think you need a win viewer.. Correct me if im wrong.

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    Is HomeWorld installed?
    If so, you can find your key in the registry (just don't change anything)
    If not, its pretty cheap these days to pick up, if you can find a copy anyway

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    A direct answer to your question is that no, there are no applications that could recover your CD key. The CD key isn't directly tied to your disk; any CD keys printed from the publisher will work with any CD that they also produced. So unless you still have HW installed, there's no way to recover the key.

    This is why the tell you to try and not to lose your CD key, and to keep it in a safe place.

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