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[DC] Incorrect values for Commanders and other

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    [DC] Incorrect values for Commanders and other


    I've played the campaign with Necrons, Eldar, Chaos and Tau.
    In all of above cases I noticed that the stats in the Commander's screen (where you buy the items) is not the same as the stats of your Commander when you're in the battle (not world map).

    For example, I maxed out my Chaos Commander to get a Daemon Prince. HtH damage was shown as 1100 on the Commander screen. However, once in a battle, the HtH damage shows up as somewhere around 400+ (cannot remember exactly, but it's between 400 & 500). The HP however is correctly displayed.

    Same error appears in the ranged values.

    Other problem I have is with the attack-move command. When I attack-move any unit, it moves towards the destination, attacking along the way. However it's not working as expected. I'll try to paint a picture.

    My daemon prince is executing an attack-move command. Along the way he spots a squad of Space marines and move in to eviscerate them. After finishing off the last one, instead of continuing on his merry way, he turns around, moves back to the spot where he first spotted the enemy before continuing on the way.

    Quite irritating. Why not continue the attack-move command from the spot where he eviscerated those marines? This happens to 90% units I've tested. It creates a zig-zagging line of units getting in the way of one other. Only way to circumvent this is to issue anoter attack-move command as soon as your soldiers pound upon the enemy.

    Anyways, this is it for now. Despite the bugs, I still love this expansion to bits!

    PS - not sure, but I noticed the Daemon prince loses some of the bonuses that the items gives the Chaos Commader before his transformation. One is the ability to detect stealthed units. It this a bug or not?

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    Hi mate, I got a similar problem as you do, the wargear is total joke. 1000 of damage and do only 400 in game? What to belive...

    Ey, Necron lord loses all his abilitys when he is NightBringer too... lol?

    The units on attack move goes back to that point just to chek if there is any one els in the way But hell yeah, that is ennoying. BTW, how to execute attack move? :P

    BTW, not all attacks of the commander do same ammount of damage. Some AOE attacks do much less damage. Confusing. On topp of that is the finishing move for Necron Lord... Damn, he is REALY blood thersty :P AND slow. But damn it looks awersome :P

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    For fucks sake, it just doesn't update the number in the game, it would be nie if it did, but it doesn't matter.

    Play as orks, and max out the warboss, you can bet your ass he is doing higher damage in the campaign with full wargear, he takes out turrets in like 3 swipes, lol.

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    grov, the war boss does not transform into another unit.
    the bug they are describing revolves around their commander unit transforming into another unit.
    they are NOT saying that the war gear is not working.
    They are saying that when they transform, it is not working.
    Also, even if it was just being mis-represented, it is still a problem in need of being addressed.

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    Hello. I`m new to the forum, so if this is described in another thread I`m sorry, though I tried searching first... (btw, I`m not from any english-speaking/writing countries, so no comments regarding spelling )

    I have also experienced the same thing, that damage upgrades received from wargear doesn`t work in the game. I have conducted a little experiment to see if just the numbers where wrong, or if it actually affected the damage the commander can deal.

    Here`s how I did it:
    I startet a new campaign with the Orc at easy difficulty.
    Gorgutz starts with 200 melee damage (see attached image).

    I then proceeded to attack the Chaos Marines, wiping out their entire base except their stronghold (basic with no upgrades). I then attacked the stronghold until it had 952 out of 1875 HP left. Then i saved the game in case there would be a disturbance of some sort from enemy attacks...
    With a stopwatch in my hand I took the time which Gorgutz would use to destroy the HQ with only melee attack. It took 37 seconds.

    The next step was to do the exact same thing with wargear upgrades to see if there was a difference. Since I am almost finished with the Orc campaign, I could just load and follow the same recipe as before. This time however Gorgutz has 435 melee damage (see attached image).

    Since he has more than double the meele damage now, in theory it should take half the time to the excact same thing. Again, I attacked the Chaos Marines and destroyed everything except HQ (which was also not upgraded like the previous one). I then attacked it with Gorgutz until it 902 of 1875 HP left which was close enough to compare with the previous time. This time it took 35 seconds. Taking into consideration that it was 50HP less to take out it`s basicaly the exact same time as Gorgutz with no wargear used.

    So in this case, there really was no difference in damage between no wargear, compared to wargear thats should deal 2x the damage. I have completed the game with all the other races and I got the same feeling there as well. The only wargear upgrades that seems to actually work is HP upgrades and new abilities (detect infiltraded units, increased speed, etc).
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