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Saving Private Ryan?

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    Saving Private Ryan?

    I would love to see a map based off of the final bridge defense in saving private ryan... preferably scripted, like a mission, but a map would be fun too. A small town, with a couple airborne squads, one ranger squad, 2 mgs, 1 sniper, 1 mortar, and 2 engineers who cant make pillboxes. vs... 2 tigers, 2 pzIVs.... and 10 volksgrenadier squads.
    this is all based off of the movie. It would be an epic defense, thats for sure.
    and of course, the bridge would be rigged to blow, and if you held the bridge intact long enough you could call in a bombing run. As a single player mission, that would be awesome.

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    Go download soldiers heroes of ww2, that game is great and has a mission where you have to do that. Especially fun to play when you do it in coop.

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    Speaking of single player missions, when is a custom made single player mission going to be made? Or is it made already?

    Its always great to make missions after a movie. It just makes it so alive. We should do this with many WW2 movies too.

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    a fun thing to make would be an Easy Company campaign. like the one in Band of Brothers

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    Quote Originally Posted by dusters16
    a fun thing to make would be an Easy Company campaign. like the one in Band of Brothers
    Woot Band of Brothers

    512nd Regiment > 101st Airbourne > Easy Company > Major Winters ^^

    Back to topic, well this mission is out on a game for long time upset... not really an RTS Medal of Honor Allied Assault ^^ told you it was old and thats just the FPS version of your mission aka 'Saving Private Ryan' never watched it, but its gotta be good
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    It's possible once we learn more about scripting and SCAR tools.. I reckon if we could make a team to make that it would be mint. I'd be dead keen to make maps for it

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    We have actuall started a German Campaign, for those many who were dissapointed in CoH lacking one... =D Cheers!

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    Sabot Jameson
    ****Ok, Im thinking of taking this one.

    ****"Back in the day" there was a sweet Ramelle map for Close Combat . It will be helpful.

    ****Also have this drawing.

    ****Map will be small...very small, unless I expand it and use Ramelle itself as the centerpiece. And what about the single bridge???...not good.


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    I would strongly suggest putting only a few buildings in it, if you make it a mp map.

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    Sabot Jameson
    ****Please explain.

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    Alot of buildings packed together will restrict movement and make it a campfest. most fights (and retreats) in this game are about buildings, since they give huge cover advantage. So putting only a few strategicly placed buildings in it will make it more fun.

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    I would reccomend not mixing ramelle and neuville.

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    Sabot Jameson
    "I would reccomend not mixing ramelle and neuville."

    ****Of course not!...That drawing was for the movie set.

    ****I want to try to remain true to the movie in regards to placement of the buildings.

    ****On the topic of the single bridge...I could make it indestructable (land underneath) and/or add additional crossings north and south of the main bridge. Any ideas?


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    would it be possible to set a trigger so that if an enemy tank for example crossed the bridge it would trigger the trigger and blow the bridge ?

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    I suspect just about anything is possible and largely is dependent upon the skill of the map maker with the SCAR scripting language. I have a feeling that creating a simple location => action trigger wouldn't be too hard though.

    One thing that was really lacking from the DoW game was single player missions and perhaps that game didn't lend itself as well to them as CoH does. So I'm excited to see people getting started on this.

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    Sabot Jameson
    ****I bought SPR when came out on video, and took it over to a friend of mine's house who is a real movie buff...big screen/home theatre type thing...Needless to say, they get into it big time, especially his wife...During the last 5 min of the Ramelle battle, when Hanks is mortally wounded on the bridge, firing at the approaching Tiger
    on his fourth or so shot with the .45 the tank blows up and she jumps out of her seat and screams "He got it!" completely oblivious to the P-51s swooping across the screen. I couldnt stop laughing!

    ****Anyways, now Im at a crossroads...make a straight-up MP map using the town as a centerpiece, that has nothing to do with the movie battle other than the scenery? Or...make a small, scripted SP battle played as Allies using the correct units (as close as possible) from the movie battle? Second option will take longer,of course, and I will surely need help with the scripting.


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    I think it would be more fun with a scripted battle, with the right units.
    And give say, some munitions for sticky bombs.

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    This would be best combined with a mod that gives you a special Tom Hanks unit whose pistol does massive damage against tanks. That would be awesome.

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    i wouldnt mind helping out if theres anything you need. like mapping, research etc. i have no idea how to do scaring and scripting but i can map, and make small mods

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    I think, if you could, the small single player one would be the way to go. Company of Heroes seems perfect for it.

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