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No music - help me!!!

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    Lord Metritutus

    No music - help me!!!

    I have had to register here because I have looked everywhere and am going crazy over this!!!

    I have Dawn of War Game of the Year Edition, and when I load ANY saved game, the background music is gone (and background noises such as gunfire, wind, etc).

    It destroys the game with only the unit noises and battles for company.

    Someone!!! Please! Help me!

    EDIT: I have found a couple of threads on here related to this problem, but I have found no solution. Someone?
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    in future, if possible please try to find the relevent threads before posting to save duplicate threads and just post in there.

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    Lord Metritutus
    I searched here!! However, using the search function, and spending ages looking, I could find no solution. Poeple refer to this problem being in the Gold edition. But there seems to be no fix!

    If there is a thread, a more recent one, can someone post the link? Then delete this. I'm sorry if its a dupliciate but I'm at my wits end with this.

    I have installed Winter Assault, and the problem is here too!

    It's fully patched to 1.51.

    EDIT: All the threads I have found after more searching seem to be dead. And have no fixes.
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    Lord Metritutus

    EDIT: The music on Dawn Of War: Winter Assault seems to restart when control switches between the races (ie: Space Marines to Eldar).
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    Well, it seems the game just "forgets" to start playlists of music and ambient sounds. They are stored in the savegame file.
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    Any fix for this? Where is the music and background SFX stored in the savegame file?
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