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Heres a new ig idea i think its great

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    Imperial Guard Heres a new ig idea i think its great

    this is my first post on the forum and i have read jaimas full thread once about a month ago and i cant remeber if they delt with the squad tax but my suggestion to make gms more inline with the conscript idea is to start tier1
    160req then teir2 130req tier3 100req then by tier4 90
    also i dont think this should have to be researched but u guys decide

    MY own personal fluff dream give ig option for standard russ vanquisher and demolisher 2 bad i will never see it

    oops i made a mistake can i please have this thread re-located to dark crusade or close so i can just re-open it thanks in advance moderators

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    Welcome to the forums...

    IMO this entire topic should be deleted and simply give all 3 games a single balance thread; so long as version tags are used (they are already manditory) I dont there will be any mix-ups. It seems to me there are way too many people posting DC threads in here, followed up by it being completely ignored for weeks.

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    you knowww what would be really BA is at tier 4 you get a squad of gaunts ghosts. and they act as a BA infultration unit. with a side of BA on the side

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