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PLEASE don't make the MS weak!!!

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    PLEASE don't make the MS weak!!!

    in both HW and cata, the mother ship has never been able to 1v1 the second to most powerful ship in the game at the time. all the mother ship got was 5 piddly cannons in HW and in cata the MS got 5 piddly guns and a big gun it couldn't use to defend itself with.

    the ms should be HARD to kill, not die to the nearest destroyer. i know there should not be WMD's in the game, but how about a main cannon for the MS that could one shot the most powerful non MS ship in the game, but then take 20 minutes to recharge. it would have a medium range though, no sniping :heyhey:

    and on that not, how about a game mode where it's 3v1 and the lone person has a super MS with a WMD that takes 5 min to charge and could wipe out an entire army?

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    I would agree with you completely if the mothership was the only ship in the game.

    But it's not.

    So I don't.

    A player dumb enough to leave his momship completely undefended should lose it to a destroyer.

    -- Retro

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    Well I agree that the 'Pride of Hiigara' should be considerably well-armed to defend itself. Even the Kuun-Lan and Faal-Corum were armed enough to take on a small flight of fighters and still fend them off. There's no excuse for the 'FLagship of the Kushan People' to be nothing more than an elaborate shipyard.

    Not to say that the mothership should come out on top in a battle vers. a heavy cruiser, no. That's what larger escorts are for. Still, it's pretty pathetic to loose the 'Pride of Hiigara' to a group of scouts where an Earlier mothership was armored enough to fend off a small scout force.

    I don't think the Kushans are as dumb as Rissetiu in arming his mothership. Although there are possible subsystems that can be added to the MOtership to prolong it's life while re-enforcements come to it's rescue. Worse comes to worse it can make a feeble attemtp to ram it's tagets


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    I liked the Kuun-Lan's armament, I thought it was perfectl balanced for what the ship was supposed to be. I'd like to see the same kind of arrangement on the mothership.

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