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New Bugs ?

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    New Bugs ?

    Im not sure if this is were to post this or not but now there is a bug with the defiler. It seems to have teh same problem as the broadsides and hwt had. If you try to target it in ranged mode and there are several targets it will turn to fire and then will switch back to what i assume to be a higher priority target without even firing once at the target. I ran this in 3 different games the defiler will keep turning and not shoot until it finds what it wants to shoot at.

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    There's been a bug like this affecting vehicles like wartrakks and wartrukks for me for aeons.

    Essentially, the workaround is to click on the offending vehicle, and repeatedly tell it to attack the target you want it to (rapidly right click on your target about 20 times).

    I think it may be caused by pathing issues, since it most frequently occurs with many wartrakks being ordered at once, for example, for me.

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    I noticed this with Howling Banshees, Wraithlords, and Gravity Platforms.
    They stand there, face their enemy, tracking them, but don't do much.
    I think it's just a general AI bug that's always been there.
    You just gotta click and poke your troops a couple times and slap them around.

    Consider it a feature. It's the chaotic environment of war that causes stupor among your troops.
    It's like, it's like... information overload man.
    Take your camera down to the first person level, pretend you're one of the boys, and you try to figure out what you're suppose to attack. All I see is a bunch of flashing lights and dudes running every which way.

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    Well actuallyi am targeting the groups over and over it never will fire though and will continue to switch targets every time. even when it turns completely around to shoot it will go all the way back without firing a shot. Its absoloutly infuriating and funny at the same time because teh defiler is basically dancing. Not to mention it really is made worse by the fact that teh ranged damage was increased.

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    A new Bug is the fact that on some units the color display on the HP bar is false. Some Squads start red, become yellow when reinforced, and eventually green when fullsquad. (Which is false, as the 4/9 squad members are still fullhealth...)
    Other Squadtypes correctly start green.

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    Master Bungle
    I just had a go of the new patch with IG. Don't worry, I'm not gonna go on about IG being nerfed etc. etc.
    Thing that bothers me is.... Some bugs which I'm sure the changelog said had been fixed haven't been fixed.
    For example, in the CS when my psyker (spelling?) used soul strip, the rest of the command squad... Stood and did nothing while the NL killed the commander (rather quickly actually). Also, when I deployed a HWT, when they deployed (and undeployed), even though they had been selected with the cursor, they became unselected and I had to select them again... Is it just me, or was this supposed to be fixed? I was playing a single player skirmish, dunno if that makes any difference though... Anyone else had that problem?

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    Well i found a bug today out of sheer luck. During a fight between the Bloodthirster and Necron lord, the Necron lord used phase shift. I decided, just for a laugh, to rapidly right click the Necron lord. Initially, there was no effect, but when the Necron lord started to attack, the Bt's health began to shoot up, from 50 to 100 per second.

    It can be reproduced by simply pairing up any single commander [bar the Warboss, as i think his attack power would cancel out the rapid regeneration] vs the Bt, and get the BT player to rapidly right click the commander.

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    Sweet exploit!
    Commander Blood-Sucking Vampiric Bloodthirstier!
    Now its daemon armor is really invincible!

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