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A call for the one and ultimate HW OST track listing

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    kappy in the disc 1 zip track 12 is corrupted please upload new track 12

    EDIT: NVM it got corrupted when I dled it all fixed now
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    This post is regarding the current (soon to be "old") Homeworld 1 Soundtrack torrent that is incomplete:

    Anyway, posting to say that track 27 (aka homeworld-28.mp3) in the Homeworld torrent is incomplete. It cuts off at 42 seconds.

    Here's the actual tracklist for the files in the torrent in the order they're numbered as mp3s (they're not in the same order as the CD apparently). I just took a bunch of time to compile this because there are two lists floating around and neither is actually completely correct to what the torrent really gives you.

    Hopefully this is helpful and someone can upload the complete file for Hyperspace Inhibitors (2:23).

    note: three filename.mp3 numbers appear to be skipped in the torrent: homeworld-12.mp3, homeworld-30.mp3, and homeworld-31.mp3. Probably the Sierra and Relic logo sound files and one other that I haven't tried to figure out.

    1. The First Steps (2:39)
    2. Great Wastelands (1:56)
    3. Into the Heart of the Galaxy (2:49)
    4. Sacred Gardens (4:59)
    5. Sea of Lost Souls (2:54)
    6. Heavy Radiation (1:34)
    7. Final Throes of the Empire (2:07)
    8. Karos Graveyards (2:24)
    9. Bridge of Sighs (2:38)
    10. Tutorial (3:59)
    11. The Beginning and the End (3:07)
    12. Turanic Raiders (extended) (3:57)
    13. Turanic Raiders (3:18)
    14. Swamers Attack (6:48)
    15. Imperial Battle (2:56)
    16. Tradeship Exchange (0:25)
    17. Mothership Launch (Kushan) (2:39)
    18. Mothership Launch (Taiidan) (2:36)
    19. Raiders Appear (1:19)
    20. The Bentusi (2:22)
    21. The Death of Kharak (1:31)
    22. Ultimatum (2:21)
    23. Supernova Research Station (1:05)
    24. Bentusi Under Fire (1:15)
    25. The Exiles' Journey (3:53)
    26. Headshot (1:00)
    27. (?) (0:42+) [update: Hyperspace Inhibitors (2:23) is the name of the cut-off mp3]
    28. "Homeworld (The Ladder)" by Yes (9:31)
    29. The Guidestone - Destiny is Found (2:54)
    30. Hyperdrive Test (0:37)
    31. Return to Kharak (0:48)
    32. Nothing Left... (1:02)
    33. Pursuit (0:38)
    34. Imperial Transmission (0:46)
    35. No One Returns... (0:23)
    36. Similarities (0:31)
    37. History of the Kadeshi (0:58)
    38. Entering the Outer Rim (0:30)
    39. The Emperor Speaks (0:56)
    40. Gravitic Anomaly (0:11)
    41. The Rebellion Begins (0:35)
    42. Hiigara System (0:22)
    43. Final Preparations (0:25)
    44. One Step Too Close (0:17)
    45. Landfall (3:10)
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    if you are talking about the torrent thats on the hwcommunity tracker then your posting in the wrong thread. I haven't even MADE the torrent for the community version yet because I haven't heard back from cj with the tracker information

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    Oh sorry. I am talking about the torrent that's posted on the wiki, yes.


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    A plethora of listings, only one of which is accurate...

    yacoub, the Homeworld Soundtrack you linked is the soundtrack bundled with the Game of the Year Edition. It is far from complete, and not the torrented one. The community-compiled soundtrack's page is here. The recent re-work's progress has been tracked in its discussion page, and the list on the mainpage needs to be updated. I'm working on the wikitable for that. Most likely will be done Monday.

    The soundtrack currently torrented here is outdated. It is in the process of being replaced, as soon as it gets it on the tracker. The final listing the team compiled that will be reflected in the update can be found above. This is the list that will be wiki'd soon.

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    "The soundtrack currently torrented here is outdated."

    Oh well that explains it. That's the only one I saw a torrent to so that's the only one I knew about. heh

    Well the tracklisting I posted is accurate to that torrent, but yeah that torrent is missing some files, they're out of order, and at least one is cut off.

    I've edited my post to clarify. =)

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    don't worry just torrent the community one when its released. It is using a higher quality mp3 and better titles

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    Homeworld Community Soundtrack 2.0 Released

    So we have been unable to get the torrent up. I apologize for the delay and complications. Here is the info for download:
    Quote Originally Posted by Kapyrna to the distribution team
    Okay, so I had to split the ZIP into two parts as it was bigger than 100meg singlely.

    Here's the links for both:
    Disk 1 and the extras, and Disk 2.

    Also, I asked Nutritious if we could include his two remixes in the final package, and the links are here:
    Deep Space (from the Bridge of Sighs), and The Fallen (from the Gardens and Cathedral of Kadesh).


    --- Edit ---
    Go to the Wikia page for everything.
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    well, direct download is better only... I hope that it will stay there for some time
    Still - it's a pity that it won't be on Relic Community tracker
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    Relic, please make HW3!

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    thank you!

    oh and what's the story with Cataclysm's soundtrack? I have the one from the torrent but the files aren't named just numbered. Is anyone going to work on an official list of names for them or do you know where one could find such a listing?
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    Cataclysm is my next project. ETA January.

    See post here .

    EDIT: HW2 is next, not Cata, thanks yacoub.
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    oh cool. in the readme notes of the HW1 soundtrack it sounded like HW2 soundtrack was your next project, hehe.

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    So it appears I won't be leaving the forums for a while. Uni turns out not so much of a problem once I talk to the dean, the principal, and the head of the Board.

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    Uki, article about Community tracker is at Homeworld Wiki
    Feel free to read before download
    Also links to files there.

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    Thanks very much Kapyrna, i am listening to the soundtrack right now. The quality of the sound is awesome. It would be nice to see you do the same thing with the HW2 tracks . Nice Wiki site there Sky_Walker.
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    Is it my imagination or is Disk 2 no longer available? Just downloaded Disk 1 without a problem.

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    Um, yes, I'd also like to know where the torrent has disappeared to. >_>

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    I have updated the Wikia page for the HW1 revamp. All files are hosted individually by me, I'm currently waiting on my host to upload the complete ZIP.

    Torrents are not a great idea for this kind of thing, as anyone and their dog can just jump on and pull a download. This is supposed to be a community thing only, otherwise we're spreading copyrighted material all over the web. Not good, especially for me.

    -Edit, link for ZIP here-
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    *w00t!* Thanks, Kap! =D It took a few days of one-by-one song downloading, but I did it! And I LOVE it! ^^

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    ha! sucks to be those w/ dial-up! thank God for highspeed. love the sound track btw.

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    finally got the music on filefront
    Disc 1:

    Disc 2:

    EDIT: these are the version that Kapy first linked me to all those months ago
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    Finally downloading this, and it's a hell of a bump, but thanks for putting this together. You guys did a solid job.

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