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Necrons Best and Worst Units

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    Necrons Necrons Best and Worst Units

    This is where you can post your version of the best and worst units of the necrons. Here is my list with 1 being the best. You can also list the artifacts you give to your necron lord. You can also list the reasons why you choose them.

    1: Heavy Destroyer

    2: Destroyer

    3: Basic Warriors

    4: Necron Lord (Depends on the artifacts) with Resurection orb, "The automatic healing" one and veil of darkness.

    5: Flayed ones

    6: Parihas

    7: wraths

    8: Tomb Spyder

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    1) NL (phy SP and chrono)
    2) Tomb Spyder
    3) Pariahs
    4)Heavy destroyer
    5) lord destroyer
    6) immortals
    7) NW
    8) destroyers
    9) FO
    10) wraiths

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    I for one appreciate Wraiths - but mainly once they have their upgrade and can use phase shift.

    Many players aren't wise enough to stop firing at an invulnerable target. =D Sometimes they don't notice the graphic.

    They're also very cool, though that has no impact on their value - other than for aesthetics.

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    I think it's too hard to say unit A is definitively better than unit B so I'll do it like this.


    Necron Lord, Immortals, Destroyer, Heavy Destroyer, Tomb Spyder, Attack Scarabs, Pariahs, Destroyer Lord, Engaged Monolith.

    Basically all these units excell at everything they do. The lord can be tailor made to dominate any situation (but not all situations in the same game). Immortals are the most cost effective AV this game has ever seen. Destroyers and Heavy Destroyers are amazingly effective and very quick to build (landspeeders and sentinels wish they were as good as these guys). The Tomb Spyder absolutely decimates buildings in seconds and can push your population cap up to 24/20 regardless of how many obelisks you (don't) have. Attack Scarabs will tear down HQs with frightening speed, as long as they're not actually taking casualties. Pariahs just like don't die. Evar. They can go toe to toe with any CC unit in the game and tie it up for god knows how long. The Destroyer Lord has so much potential it's unreal. Stasis can be used to take multiple squads or units out of the fight for several seconds. Possession is best used in combination with stasis. The monolith is awesome IMO because of the huge disruption it can cause and the fact that you can summon your infantry to it and continue building from it.


    Necron Warriors, Flayed Ones, Wraiths, Essence Of The Nightbringer
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    From what I've faced as Tau:

    1. Lord (nightmarish combo for me is Solar Pulse, Phylactery and Veil of Darkness) - he hits hard and fast at the beginning, and is pretty hard to take down (even with snare traps).

    2. Wraiths - Perhaps I've just been playing against players who know how to use them, but with a few upgrades, their speed and phase shifting means that they can zoom in and disrupt a FW line, forcing a retreat, or holding them there while the NWs slowly march forward into range. Their speed, resistance to ranged firepower, and phase shifting makes them terrors when a combined with the rest of the army, or just to disrupt my Tau.

    3/4. Here, I'm going to put both Flayed Ones and Necron Warriors. FOs sap morale horrifically quicly (if deepstriked right, they'll break most of a FW mass before they've even popped out of the ground), though they are slow, so can be danced. However, when combined with other units they can be really annoying. NWs have a short range, but are tough and powerful, and are also free, and generally the staple of a Nec army.

    5. Immortals - I don't really need to explain them. Tau tanks are fragile enough as it is - a unit of these guys takes one down in less than 3 seconds.

    6/7. Destroyers/Pariahs. I haven't played against Destroyers much, but they seem to be pretty annoying and take down infantry pretty quickly. Pariahs just won't die, though by the time they come out I'll usually have markerlight + 2 missile barrages just for them.

    8. Heavy Destroyer - They come out pretty late and by then I'll probably have some good AV waiting for them. They're also not as efficient as Immortals at taking down Vehicles.

    9. Tomb Spiders - maybe I haven't been playing against players who know how to use them, but I've found that I'm usually able to deal with them before they can cause much damage.

    10. Lord Destroyer - He comes out late enough that I easily have enough AV to deal with him before he gets anywhere near my vehicles. There was one nightmarish time when one possessed my Hammerhead however, but I'd already lost the game at that point anyway.

    Also, there's the Monolith, which can be very annoying, but an EMP grenade completely immobilises it. The Essence of the Nightbringer is also pretty annoying.

    That's how I'd rate them from my point of view a as a Tau player.

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    The Necron unit I fear the most is probably the Immortal.

    They do well alone as AntiVehical (I'm an IG player) and against Infantry in melee (I play on 1v1 maps = small. That added with the necron philosophy, "you can run but you cant hide," is hell.)

    I don't fear them because of their raw strength though. I fear them because of their range. What's your instinct when immortals are out of your range? Go chase them down! By the time my forces become a threat for the immortals, they will deep strike flayed ones and ambush me with their vehicals and other infantry.

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    use skyrays against necrons.....the disruption and damage will cripple them. and immotals melt to FWs. it wont take more then 7 sec to take down all the immortals the necrons have with FW....SP is a problem but thats only if you have your whole army bunched together and cause pathing problems. have veh flank and it will be easy to run away.

    and since FO are usually in front and immortals are in back jump some vespids to melee the immortals. or at least use the pulse to scatter everything

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    It's hard to say, because it really depends on the matchup:

    Wraiths, for example, are fantastic against IG, Tau and Eldar but get owned by many units of the other races (Pop-wise normal SM defeat Wraiths in Melee).
    NL is fantastic, but also expensive.
    Destroyers are medicore (compared to the other Nec-units)(I'd say main prob is pop cost) but still are quite fast.
    HD are good for vehic hunting now, I even prefer them over Immortals because of the speed sometimes.
    FO are good in combination but still really bad against eldar and some shooty situations. Same with NW.
    Pariahs drain your eco dry and their specials aren't really that great. They are tough, however, especially if you have too much energy.
    Spiders are just great. Remember, they can be upgraded with shooters, too, resulting in a tougher recycler with good support-fire. Or if the enemy doesn't look in his base often, they can always be ready for a surprise (Resurrect might anoy your opponent, but will make further surprise attacks against a opponent who uses turrets unlikely).

    1. NL
    2. TS
    3. NW, FO / Wraiths
    4. HD
    5. Immortals (they are powerful but somewhat slow)
    6. Destroyers
    7. Pariahs, Lord Destroyers
    8. NW, FO / Wraiths

    Monolith and Nightbringer are even more situational than 7. thus I won't include them. NW, FO, Wraiths really depend on matchup. (Against Eldar, for example, 80% Wraiths with vehics are better (and cheaper) than NW/FO Spam with support)

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    What exactly is the purpose of this thread besides endusing flaming, and arguments?
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    well i dont know about you souless but this seems to be the one thread about necrons that doesnt have flaming in it lol

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    To discuss the thread title? All of you Necron players seem so paranoid when anyone talks about your beloved race in a way which could lead to the truth being stated.

    OT: I couldn't really give an order of usefulness tbh, because imo Necrons don't have any units that don't excel at their role.

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    I honestly have never gotten to fight half those guys, i die too fast against necs

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    I'm sorry but I fail to see how this thread will create some sort of strategic discussion with respect to necron's units. Strategy is not the place to list 'your favourite/best' units.

    If someone can explain why this thread should be reopened, then PM me and we will see about it.
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