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Goliath Tracked Mine History

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    Goliath Tracked Mine History

    For those interested, I found this interesting page in a quick search. Of all the years I've been reading and watching about World War 2, I had never heard of the damned thing until I was playing skirmish one day, and this weird little vehicle kept showing up around some of my strat points! WTF! It never did go off, so it remained a mystery to me for a bit longer.

    Anyway, it seems that it's use in CoH is a little bit unrealistic in that it's controls required a direct wire to the joystick, but I give kudos to Relic for including an interesting little piece of war trivia to interesting effect.

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    Everything In this game Existed.

    Very few things in this game are realisticly represented.

    Goliath was a 6mph remote controll bomb that had to be controlled by wires that could easly be severed stopping the thing in its tracks.
    -in game, it is an RC car driving around at 30 mph and can not be stopped except for blowing it to hell.

    Pershing was Not used during the time period represented. the Pershing came out of development and was shipped into combat After the initial stages of Overlord was over.
    -in game, it is a call in for US armored company

    the M4 Crocodile had a fuel trailer hitch and was modified to fire a flame thrower from the Hull Ball Machine gun, Not the turret. Only 4 Sherman Crocs where Used in Europe.
    -in Game, the Croc has an Internal fuel tank and a jet nozzle which shoots flames which replaces the co-axel machine gun of the Turret.

    that isn't the Croc, that is the M4a3r3 Ronso. or the Marine corps flame tank... the thing never Saw europe.

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    The ronso could also fire its main cannon, if I'm not mistaken.

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    Here are some pictures from the Warsaw Uprising in Poland

    The Sdkfz 303 itself:

    Being prepared by Germans

    The aftermath of a Goliath

    For the most part germans used the Goliaths to blow up barricades such as these

    And lastly an American accent, Goliaths at D-Day

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    no, the ronso couldn't... sorta.

    it technicly Could, but the internal fuel storage ment that the internal weapons magazine had to go.

    it Could fire its gun, but it had nothing to fire.

    Now the Croc, yes that could use its Main gun. since the Fuel was hauled behind it, and the flame thrower was in t he Hull ball machine gun, the Turret gun and coaxel was not effected and was still 100% functional.

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    British Croc, note the fuel trailer.

    Heres the RONSON, also known as the Zippo tank

    M4A3R3 was actually used in Europe in 1944 in operation Overlord....or D-Day

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    Firing out the hull MG port...

    Can still fire main cannon...

    If this was in CoH, Axis would be screaming bloody imba.

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    unless we get AT guns that we can drop at any time with AP shells.............. hmmmmmmmmm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mistenth fuel carriage behind...

    Firing out the hull MG port...

    Can still fire main cannon...

    If this was in CoH, Axis would be screaming bloody imba.

    In Opposing fronts, the British have exactly that.... and I was thinking IMBA already rofl
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    Watch that tank have 70% less health then a normal sherman

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    hah, a churchill?

    not bloody likey.

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    there was a radio-controlled version of the Goliath 2650 of them and 5079 of the cable ones... he is a photo copy of the book im getting this from,

    At 21:40 the second Battle of El Alamein began when more than 1,000 guns along the whole front opened fire simultaneously on the German Artillery twenty minutes later they switched aim to the German forward posistions. As a huge curtain of dust and smoke rose over the Germans, British Infantry moved in with fixed bayonets to the skirl of the pipers.

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    did you guys know, that crew of a german\american\british\russian flamethrower tank, would get executed immediatly
    the soldier hated the crew of these tanks, even from their own army

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    if they have british churchill croc using no fuel carrier ima cry imba too lol. The reason for the carrier was to make the tank less substible to a one shot roman candle shot. This should be really be implented into the sherman croc. Making more vunerable to criticals like an engie flame squad is. As far as goliaths i still laugh how they couldnt blow up a single tank barrier until about allies having all the fun huh

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    ya the croc wasnt used much in the european campaign.

    but the goliaths are insane, i love having them in the game. to me it's an instant howizer shell that you can control.

    interesting find guy. real nice.

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    yea i saw a thing about the goliath on the history channel and were sopposed to be used on d-day. Their obj was when the invading allied inf carrier boats open the ramp, they would roll in the boat and blow up killing everything... good thing the ones used on d-day were getting stuck in the sand and not working correctly

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