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Corsiz - Starting a new race.

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    Corsiz - Starting a new race.

    Right, first off let me say thanks in advance.

    What I want to is create a new race for selction in multiplayer and skirmish, how would I acheive this using corsix mod tools?

    Ive checked out the tortorial (or however its spelt) for the AE or LUA but I dont get that at all.
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    Corsix's mod studio is almost exactly the same as the AE. Only difference, other than not editing LUAs, is it starts in Data instead of Attrib. However, you can still edit LUAs if you wish, although Corsix's mod studio doesn't like converting edited LUAs (in my experience) just go into the directory via mod studio, right click on the LUA and click "extract" then go into the file (*your mod*/data/*whatever other files it's in*/*your LUA*), unfortunately this isn't initially helpful because you'll need models/animations for any unit.
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    I'm using the good old AEP by Gniarf. In simpe tasks(attribute editing) it works just fine even with DC. Official mod tools are too damn complex for me

    Btw, there is good tutorial of making a new race in Hot-To section by Sasquatch.

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    Cheers for the help guys.

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    Use corsix tools and open in the atribb file the racebps and then copy a race file and give it a name.
    Now open (jour_race) file then go to Race_path and rename all the race_path_files (like: building_path races\space_marines\structure call it
    P.S make sure you have min 1 building and 1 unit

    Good Luck

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