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Pirates Mod - Buildup to v0.4 (version K Released)

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    Pirates Mod - Buildup to v0.4 (version K Released)

    Check out the Pirates Mod @ the Mod Database

    Version K BugFix release of the HW2 Pirates Mod is available for download! Visit the mod's homepage at
    Even though Homer jr has taken a leave of absence.
    the mod continues under my leadership and i will be keep him updated as i make progress. (thats why i just rehashed the old first post )

    This mod adds a third playable race to Homeworld 2, known simply as the "Pirates". This mod also implements minor universal gameplay changes and adds additional ships to the existing Hiigaran and Vaygr navies.

    the team is very interested in receiving feedback. Also, PM Thunderbolt if you are interested in becoming a part of the team.

    Please check back often for updates to the readme, other news, and mod updates. Additional releases will include more ships for all fleets, new maps, and new gameplay modes/options.


    by Homer Jr. 2/10/2006


    This Homeworld 2 mod adds a third race allows you to play as or against in multiplayer and skirmish games. Known simply as "the Pirates", their sleek strike craft and quick capital ships strike fear into any opponent. This mod also implements minor universal gameplay changes and adds additional ships to the existing hiigaran and vaygr navies.

    Homer Jr. – Ex Mod leader, Key Advisor
    Thunderbolt – New Team Leader
    Many others that will be added as the topic goes on


    Bones v2.0

    Fearing, Greggy, EvilleJedi, and Typo91 for letting me use their ship models
    Bones v2.0 for the initial concept and motivation
    Thesamonthemoon for letting me include his Capture the Megalith gamemode
    Everyone currently working on, thinking about, or just increasing the view count on the pirate mod (too many to list)
    The entire HW2 modding community for all their help, energy, and dedication!
    Anyone else I forgot


    - Fully functional Pirate AI (does not research armor/health upgrades or build weapon subsystems)
    - Several new deathmatch maps
    - Removed all fighter and corvette salvage (improve system performance)
    - Changed Light Bomber weapon fx
    - Fixed Light Bomber improved bombs research
    - Incorporated Mikail's random backgrounds and random music to skirmish maps
    - New attack styles for Interceptor, MCG, Strike Frigate, Artillery Frigate, Light Destroyer, Flak Frigate, Assault Frigate
    - Reduced Pirate Interceptor squad size from 7 to 6
    - Added Pirate Resource Controller (sorry, no new model here)
    - Commandeer Corvettes, Attack Carriers, and Salvage Collectors have intrinsic cloaking ability
    - Reduced number of hull defense guns on Barataria's Hammer
    - Increased Strike Frigate armor
    - Added Artillery Frigate unit cap (8)
    - Battleships can build heavy flak turrets instead of ion cannon turrets
    - Lots of tweaks and balancing

    - Partial Pirate voice set added
    - Pirate Shipyard (name changed to pirate Battle Station) can now build production subsystems, weapon subsystems, and all ship classes
    - Pirate Battleship firepower increased slightly
    - Pirate Battle Carrier can now build fusion missile launchers
    - Pirate Carriers and shipyards can now cloak for twice as long as normal
    - Pirate Shipyard built with cloak module
    - Pirate Light Carrier now has intrinsic cloaking ability
    - Pirate Light Carriers can now build ships properly
    - Pirate hull defense gun accuracy decreased
    - Several other bug fixes

    - New pirate Battleship model
    - Added Battleship Ion Cannon Turret Upgrades
    - New pirate Light Destroyer model
    - New pirate Raider Destroyer model
    - New Strength of Libertatia (Battle Carrier) model
    - Boarding Frigate and Comandeer Corvette cost significantly reduced
    - Attack Carrier cost and build time reduced
    - Attack Carriers no longer require attack carrier research
    - Attack Carriers can no longer build frigates
    - Tweaked Artillery Frigate missile behavior
    - Artillery Frigate armor reduced
    - Hiigaran Gunship accuracy increased
    - New hyperspace sfx
    - New main menu music

    - Fixed hyperspace buoys so that pirate Battleships can use them
    - Increased pirate Battleship speed, weapon range

    - Fixed Artillery Frigate missile speed
    - New Pirate Heavy Carrier ambient sfx
    - Added/updated pirate ship descriptions
    - Tweaked research tree yet again

    - Added Traders Hell gametype
    - Added Pirate Mobilizer Corvette
    - Added Pirate Hyperspace Buoy
    - All pirate ships (except for heavy carriers and raider destroyers) can no longer hyperspace without hyper buoys
    - Artillery Frigate missile speed increased, increased damage to heavy armor, decreased damage to medium armor
    - Strike Fighter speed decreased
    - Tweaked research tree

    - CPU can now play as the pirate race
    - Added new weapon sfx for pirate fighters, light destroyer
    - Added new music from HW1 (play CTM maps to hear it)
    - New pirate comandeer corvette
    - Pirate research tree reworked (ship upgrades no longer require prerequisite research)
    - Pirate Heavy Carrier no longer an option to build
    - Pirate Light Destroyer, Artillery Frigate weapons tweaked; Hull defense guns added to pirate Light Destroyer
    - Vaygr Lance Frigate weapon range increased

    - New title/loading screen background (image by Rob C)
    - Capture the Megalith (CTM) gamemode added, including new CTM maps
    - New pirate strike fighter model
    - New pirate neutralizer corvette model
    - Salvage collectors faster and more effecient at collecting salvage
    - Resourcer unit cap changed
    - Strike fighter cost increased from 650 to 750, Artillery frigate cost increased from 800 to 900
    - Strike fighter speed reduced
    - Raider Destroyers built from carriers now are affected by the Hyperspace Upgrade
    - Pirate Heavy Carrier hold size increased from 10 to 14
    - Various other minor tweaks that I've forgotten to keep track of

    - Title screen modified
    - New pirate interceptor model
    - Pirate interceptor speed, accuracy, and damage reduced (waaaaay
    overpowered before)
    - Replaced Pirate EMP Bomber with Pirate Strike Fighter (anti-corvette
    fighter which can be upgraded to fire more effective EMP bombs)
    - Pirate Base added
    - Pirate Mothership removed; Pirate starting fleet now consists of 2 unique
    heavy carriers
    - Advanced manufacturing research item added, which allows unique heavy
    carriers to build destroyers
    - Resource collector normal unit cap reduced from 20 to 15
    - Pirate capital ships no longer require a capital ship facility to be
    built, but must instead be built from a pirate base (destroyers can be built
    from unique heavy carriers with advanced manufacturing research)
    - Mine lifetimes universally increased by 200%

    - Fixed radiation shielding research item
    - Light Destroyer and Raider Destroyer armor reduced by 5000
    - Raider Destroyer now has a 3 second down time after a hyperspace jump
    - Raider Destroyer and Heavy Carrier hyperspace jumps now cost 250 RUs after Hyperspace Upgrade is researched
    - Battleship now has an 'arrow' icon surrounding it
    - Battleships can now hyperspace
    - Fighter max speed upgrades reduced from 1.45 to 1.4
    - Strike Frigate, Attack Carrier, and Battleship fast-tracking turret fighter accuracies reduced from .06 to .0475
    - Multi-gun corvette damage against armored targets reduced by 50%, accuracy against fighters reduced by 15%, rate of fire reduced by 10%, build time increased by 5 seconds

    - Vaygr Battlecruiser, Assault Frigate, Infiltrator Frigate modified to properly reflect v1.1 patch changes
    - Hiigaran Ion Cannon Frigate, Flak Frigate, Marine Frigate modified to properly reflect v1.1 patch changes
    - Resource Collector, Salvage Collector, Neutralizer Corvette, and Strike Carrier animations now work properly
    - All pirate ships now have descriptions
    - Added Pirate Battleship
    - Added Improved Manufacturing research items
    - Replaced light destroyer's fast-tracking turrets with flak turrets and added a dual torpedo launcher
    - Reduced manuverability of artillery missiles, increased their damage against heavy armor
    - Reduced the costs of most pirate research items
    - Hyperspace costs adjusted
    - 'Random' option removed from list of playable races (didn't work anyway)
    - Stealth Upgrade research items removed (didn't work properly, will be reincorporated into later version)
    - Capital ships now produce more salvage
    - So many other tweaks that I've lost count

    - Radiation Shielding research no longer requires Capital Upgrades research
    - Fighter Upgrades research cost reduced from 1000 to 800, time reduced from 60 to 45
    - Figher-Class Stealth Ability cost reduced from 1200 to 1000
    - Pirate Interceptor, Light Bomber, and EMP Bomber Engine Upgrade costs increased from 1000 to 1200
    - Corvette Upgrades research cost reduced from 1200 to 1000, time reduced from 60 to 50
    - Capture Upgrade research item now displays correct icon
    - Hyperspace Upgrade research fixed
    - Improved Bombs research fixed
    - Raider Destroyer missile EMP damage reduced, missile rate of fire increased slightly
    - Heavy Carrier Hyperspace Module no longer allows nearby ships to hyperspace
    - Heavy Carrier production modules no longer cost more than MS and attack carrier modules
    - Heavy Carrier hold capacity increased from 10 to 16, strike craft repair rates decreased by 50%
    - Added new pirate badges

    - First Public Release
    - Added EMP Bomber
    - Added Minelayer Corvette
    - Added Light Destroyer
    - Added Raider Destroyer
    - Multi-gun Corvette armor reduced
    - Interceptor accuracy and damage reduced
    - Fighter speeds tweaked

    - First release, private only


    1. Place 'piratemodv0.1.big' into your 'C:\...\Sierra\Homeworld2\Data"
    2. If you originally installed Homeworld2 into the default directory, then
    simply use the provided shortcut to start the HW2 Pirate Race MiniMod!

    2. Create a new Homeworld 2 shortcut, and add the modifier '-mod
    piratemodv0.1.big' to the target line of the new shortcut's properties.
    It should look like this:

    "C:\Program Files\Sierra\Homeworld2\Bin\Release\Homeworld2.exe " -mod

    3. Double-click on the shortcut and enjoy the mod!

    1. Remove piratemodv0.1.big from your harddrive.


    - All ships above corvettes produce salvage when destroyed (capital ships produce more salvage than before)
    - Capital ships target priority changed so that they now target enemy ships which are of most immediate threat (BCs target enemy BCs before frigates, etc.)
    - 'Normal' unit caps for fighters and corvettes increased slightly for all races (hiigaran from 14 to 16, vaygr from 18 to 20)
    - Destroyer unit cap increased from 5 to 6, cost increased from 2000 to 2200
    - Battlecruiser cost increased from 4000 to 5000
    - Mines now last much longer before self-destructing



    The pirate fleet is faster and more heavily armored than comparable hiigaran and vaygr ships. This is balanced by an increase in cost and a decrease in raw firepower. The cost increase is to simulate the pirate "do more with less" philosophy. Most ships have a very specific role within the pirate fleet, and most are not powerful enough to stand toe-to-toe with enemy ships of the same class. The pirates rely more on stealth, hit-and-run strikes, comandeering enemy vessels, and sheer cunning to win their battles.

    Frigates are the backbone of any pirate fleet, although fighters provide a quick and powerful punch to any hit-and-run attack. Pirate corvettes are used mainly as anti-strike craft support for the frigates. Although the pirate destroyers are smaller in size than the hiigaran and vaygr destroyers, the pirate battleship is the largest combat ship in any fleet (non-progeintor, that is). Without battleships, the artillery frigate is the best direct answer the pirates have against enemy capital ships, although a cunning player would be better of disabling, capturing, or avoiding engagements with enemy capital ships.

    Fighter Class
    - Interceptor (6 ships per squadron) - Basic fighter squadron. Very fast (especially when upgraded), although . Their paper-thin armor makes them flying caskets against corvettes and anti-fighter weaponry.
    - Light Bomber (5 ships per squadron) - Fast, anti-subsystem fighter squadron. Can attack frigates and capital ships, but less effectively than hiigaran or vaygr bombers. Anti-capital effectiveness can be upgraded. (model by Greggy)
    - Strike Fighter - (5 ships per squadron) - Heavy fighter squadron. Tougher
    and slower than interceptors. Good against corvettes. Can be upgraded to
    fire EMP bombs, which easily disable enemy frigates and destroyers.

    Corvette Class
    -Multi-Gun Corvette (3 ships per squadron) - Heavy anti-fighter corvette squadron. Very effective against enemy fighters, especially bombers. Moderately effective against enemy corvettes. (model by Greggy)
    - Neutralizer Corvette - ECM corvette that reduces weapon accuracy and damage of nearby enemy ships (like an 'anti-command' corvette!)
    - Minelayer Corvette - Corvette used to lay minefields. Identical to vaygr minelayer corvette.
    - Mobilizer Corvette - Builds hyperspace buoys, which can form hyperspace gates for free.

    Frigate Class
    - Boarding Frigate - Basic capture frigate. More heavily armored than Hiigaran and Vaygr marine frigates.
    - Strike Frigate - Standard, multi-role attack frigate. Good against corvettes and frigates. Deadly in numbers. (similar to assault frigate from HW1)
    - Artillery Frigate - Anti-capital frigate armed with long-range artillery missiles. Very effective against groups of frigates. Enemy battlecruisers are easy targets for the artillery missiles, especially if their engines are disabled. (model by Greggy)
    - Harpoon Frigate - Frigate armed with a long-range disabling tractor beam. Useful in conjunction with boarding frigates to commandeer enemy frigates and capital ships. An individual frigate can disable an enemy frigate, a group can overwhelm a destroyer.
    - Interdictor Frigate – Non-combat frigate equipped with a grav well generator for ‘trapping’ enemy ships, or defending against enemy hyperspace jumps

    Capital Class
    - Heavy Carrier (Bataraia's Hammer) - Mobile production facility with 3 production slots,1 Accelerated Manufacturing Module slot, 2 module slots, and 1 sensor slot. One of only two ships in the pirate race than can hyperspace, and can do so for free with improved hyperspace research. Can build destroyers with advanced manufacturing research.
    - Battle Carrier (Strength of Libertatia) - Similar to Heavy Carrier, but with additional speed and armor. Can build weapon subsytems to make it a formidable opponent.
    - Light Carrier - Fast, well-armed carrier with 1 production facility and 1 sensor slot. Armed with two dual rapid-fire turrets and multiple missile launchers. Should be close to any battle, ready to provide support to nearby strikes.
    - Light Destroyer - Basic capital ship. Jack-of-all-trades, but master of none. Faster, but less firepower than hiigaran or vaygr destroyers. Armed with four heavy fast-tracking turrets a quad torpedo launcher.
    - Raider Destroyer - Smaller than light destroyer. Armed with EMP torpedos for disabling enemy frigates and resourcers. Has hyperspace ability, and can do so for free with improved hyperspace research. Good for quick and heavy hit-and-run raids.
    - Battleship - The name speaks for itself. Largest non-Progenitor/Bentusi ship in any fleet. Its heavy weaponry more than make up for its lack of manuverability. High top speed for a ship of its size, but poor accelearation. Can be upgraded with heavy ion cannon turrets.
    - Pirate Base - Large manufacturing base able to build capital and utility class ships.

    Utility Class
    - Resource Collector - Basic resourcer that harvests asteroids for conversion into RUs. Cannot collect salvage or repair.
    - Salvage Collector - Harvests horribly, but is very fast and sneaky, making it great for collecting salvage, even in the middle of a battle. Has intrinsic repair ability.
    - Hyperspace Buoy - Can link to form hyperspace networks at no cost. Has intrinsic sensor distortion ability, making it difficult for enemy patrols to detect.

    - Reverse Engineering Module - Basic research module. Build this as soon as the game starts! (duh)
    - Accelerated Manufacturing Module - Increases ship build speed by 30%.
    - Hyperspace Module - Heavy Carrier and Battle Carriers only.
    - Cloak Module - Allows the ship to disappear for a short length of time.

    The pirate technology tree was designed to reflect the pirate's lack of technological ability. The chassis of every class must be researched, and every ship has an individual research item to unlock it (except boarding frigate). Overall, pirate research is more expensive than comparable hiigaran or vaygr research. Each ship has one armor and speed upgrade, which are as effective as the level 2 hiigaran and vaygr upgrades.

    Salvage collectors have an intrinsic stealth ability that is twice as effective as the other classes.

    Capture upgrade reduces the time required to capture enemy ships. Radiation shielding protects all pirate ships from being damaged within hazardous dust clouds. Hyperspace upgrades allows heavy carriers and raider destroyers to hyperspace for free. Advanced manufacturing allows the unique heavy carriers to build destroyers.


    The pirate fleet should revolve around fighters and frigates, with carrier and corvette support. The pirate unit cap is meant to reflect this: Fighters, 18; Corvettes, 10; Frigates, 30 (capture frigate, 10; harpoon frigate 8); Capital, 12 (carriers, 8; Desroyers, 6); Resource Collectors, 12; Salvage Collectors, 12.



    - Advanced Destroyer – Upgraded destroyer armed with two dual-ion turrets, two dual kinetic turrets, and a dual torpedo launcher. Can protect itself with a defense field for short lengths of time (unit cap = 2)

    - Lance Frigate – Anti-corvette frigate armed with long-range lance turrets.

    - Hiigaran Gunship weapon accuracy increased slightly
    - Hiigaran Pulsar Gunship weapon damage increased slightly
    - Hiigaran Ion Cannon Frigate range increased slightly
    - Vaygr heavy missile speed increased slightly
    - Point-defense guns added to Hiigaran destroyer

    "TO-DO" LIST
    - New engine sfx
    - Unique pirate voices
    - New Pirate Base
    - New maps
    - New gametypes


    Comments, criticisms, and kudos are welcome from anyone!

    Interested in becoming a part of this mod? Everyone is invited to join (especially: modelers, texturers, and experienced scripters). All work contributed to the mod will be strongly considered. PM Thunderbolt or send a Email to hw2piratesmod(AT) (swap in the @ )
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    Pirates Mod - Team Leader/Modeler/Ship designer
    Pirates Mod @ mod DB
    Version 0.4 To do list

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    Pirates Mod To Do list

    To do list now located at moddb

    Old to do list

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    Pirates Challenge/ Current Discussion

    Pirates Challenge #1

    The Second Pirates Challenge
    Support your Local Factions....
    This second pirates Challange focuses on the Hiigarans and the Vagyr to help the mod stand apart from the many other ones out there. i am looking mainly for Designs for Fleet Command Ships for both races (small motherships) but will look at anything that fits in with the factions well.

    Also i will be accepting concepts for non Pirate ships, i am looking for are mostly are freighters and transports. (at some point i want to model the freighters featured in the garden cinimatics of hw1 but i will examine anything )

    i am looking for unique designs so unless you work for another HW2 mod and would like to submit your ship i will gladly consider it.

    modeling experience is not needed as the winning concepts will be put in-game by me.

    Send your Entrys to

    i read this topic on a daily basis and the forums email me when there are new posts. the more posts i get the happier i will be and the quicker i can get new concepts in front of you for scrutinizing.
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    Merged the three related threads into one.

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    The King is busy(Homer)....Long live the King(thunder)!

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    now i control what is on those first 3 posts which will help ppl get the latest news with out having to read a very long topic (well hopefully a long one)

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    Please keep us updated as frequently as you can, so we know what's up (and so yall can build up some hype). Cannot wait for this update!
    My blog
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    Hehehe never fear, Thunderbolt, it'll be a long topic if ive got anything to do with it. After all, i can't finish my current story arc in the other thread seeing as Zatch has closed it - not that i'm objecting to that, it makes sense to have one pirates' thread at a time.
    But yeah, when i get around to it, the end of that story is coming prepared...

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    Good to know we're all still alive out there. I got a little worried after the month without an update.
    And oh by the way, Thunderbolt, I thought there was already a pirate tag ingame. Why a new one?

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    The pirates as a faction have their "Symbol" yes.. but i know for a fact that you guys would love to make your own flag to sail under you don't even need to have the black flag background what i am mostly looking for is symbols. a badge that when i look at it is says "You" with out there being a single word on the badge also the logo is not being replaced but there are only 3 or 4 unique badges in the mod so i thought some new ones would be nice

    plus you don't HAVE to do it i thought it would be a good way to spend the time while i work on the mod

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    Wind Tempest
    Yay, the mod is still alive and well. I guess I will start making the guide to Pirates now.

    Edit: I found a file that held some of the guide sections I made. I am going to revamp them as well as take the guide submissions that I got in the old thread(procrastination horrah). I will also save all those stories we made.

    Also, is there anything specific you wanted in the pirate logos or is anything okay?
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    iv found a few problems with the mod only little ones
    The mother ship (i cannot remember the name of it) the logo is inverted and the research for the battle station all say pirate ship yard.

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    Wind Tempest
    Briefing onboard the Torrent, Flagship of the Oceania Pirates.

    Admiral Tempest: Attention skilled men and women of the Oceania Forces. We now begin our open campaign in the Nebelune Asteroid Fields where both the Vaygr and Hiigaran forces are engaged in heated combat. Due to the scale of the situation, we will be utilizing fighter craft only for this operation. I will be onboard the Light Destroyer "Torrent" will support you along with the First Generation Battle Carrier the "Libertatia". Before I go into the details of the operation, I would like to introduce you to the fighters that you all will be piloting into combat. Please look at your personal hud.


    Pirate Interceptor
    Cost: 550 Resource Units
    Armor: 150
    Squad: 6
    Speed: 350 Meter/Second -> 490 Meter/Second
    Weapon: 2x 150mm Autocannon : 30 Atk
    Required: Fighter Facility Sub-System(450 RU) and Interceptor Research(200 RU)
    Upgrades: Engine Upgrade(800 RU)

    Ideal for:
    Scout Hunting, Fighter Combat

    Effective Versus:
    Fighter Craft

    Weak Versus:
    Interceptors and Anti Strike-Craft vessels

    The Pirate Interceptor is the primary fighter craft of the Pirate Airforce. For a relatively cheap amount of RUs and has enough armor to survive long skirmishes is a good thing. However, the most important feature of the Pirate Interceptor is its speed upgrade. This allows it to have the highest speed of any unit in the game with the exception of the probe type units. The speed advantage makes them ideal scout hunters. The only problem is that the firepower of the Interceptor is dismal as it cannot engage much outside of fighter crafts.

    Tempest's Opinion: I would use the Interceptor if I have a scout infestation or no other means of anti-fighter defense.

    Pros: Fastest Combat Ship in the game after upgrades.
    Cons: Damage is laughable.


    Pirate Light Bomber
    Cost: 500 Resource Units
    Armor: 150
    Squad: 5
    Speed: 340 Meter/Second -> 476 Meter/Second
    Weapon: Heavy Extended(HE) Plasma Bomb Launcher : 130
    Required: Fighter Facility Sub-System(450 RU) and Light Bomber Research(300 RU)
    Upgrades: Engine Upgrade(800 RU), Improved Bomb Upgrade(1800 RU)

    Ideal For:
    Subsystem/Resourcer Raids

    Effective Versus:
    Frigates and Capital Ships(after Damage upgrade)

    Weak Versus:
    Interceptors and Anti Strike-Craft vessels

    The Pirate Light Bomber is the glass cannon of the Pirate Airforce. Literally a cockpit attached to a gun with boosters, it is about as physically appealing as the Taiidan Interceptor and probably about as easy to pilot. It is capable of outrunning most interceptors so it is ideal for quick hit and runs. A great advantage is that it starts off as a anti-subsystem weapon so no extra research is needed. The only problems with the Light Bomber would be that it is a glass cannon so sending it into hot spots is a sure way of freeing up some fighter craft slots. Another disadvantage would be the research to have significant damage dealing bombs, while this really isn't a true disadvantage in the early stages of a game where each resource is vital this may hurt the mid stages of the game.

    Tempest's Opinion: These guys are ideal for early game aggression. You can start pumping a few of these and take out the enemy research facility preventing them from teching up or even researching anti subsystem bombs for their bombers. Late game they make excellent resource raiders with their effective hit and run ability.

    Pros: Quick and effective anti-subsystem fighter.
    Cons: Glass armor.


    Pirate Strike Fighter
    Cost: 500 Resource Units
    Armor: 250
    Squad: 5
    Speed: 226 Meter/Second -> 304 Meter/Second
    Weapon: Twin Screamer Interceptor Missiles : 20, Electronic Disruption Plasma Bomb : 0
    Required: Fighter Facility Sub-System(450 RU), Strike Fighter Research(500 RU)
    Upgrades: Engine Upgrade(800 RU), EMP Bombs(1800 RU)

    Ideal For:
    Strike Craft Engagements, Frigate Hunting

    Effective Versus:
    Strike Crafts

    Weak Versus:
    Interceptors and Anti Strike-Craft vessels

    The Pirate Strike Fighter is the most powerful fighter in the Pirate Airforce. It has powerful twin anti-strike craft missiles and can be upgraded to have EMP bombs that can leave frigates defenseless. Well armored it can outgun anthing that doesn't have a cafeteria built into it. The only real problem with the Strike Fighter would be the speed of the fighter as it is the slowest fighter craft in the game(including Vaygr and Hiigaran). This makes them usually frigate or capital ship escorts. This disadvantage however pales in comparasion to the sheer versatility in combat. Able to perform the roles of the interceptors and deal significant damage to frigates as well as send Corvettes packing.

    Tempest's Opinion: Excellent front line fighter, if it weren't for my love of bombers these would be my fav.

    Pros: It kicks ass.
    Cons: It is slower than Thunderbolt's updates(jk please don't hurt me).


    Now then, be aware that the only support larger than a fighter would be the Torrent and the Libertatia. We will enter the area on the outskirts of the asteroid field to evade detection. From here we will deploy all 18 squadrons for operation. Be aware of which squads you will be apart of and your squad leaders. I would rather not have this operation become a train wreck.

    Six probes will be sent to points Ares, Bastion, Cobra, Dragon, Eclipse, and Fafnir. Each point is a major resource point or area of significance. Squads I0 to I2 will fly close support for Squads B0 and B1 as they move towards Ares and take out the resource operation there. They will be known as Squad Whiskey

    Squads S0-S3 and B2-B3 will fly to Cobra and engage the main Hiigaran Fleet we believe to be hiding awaiting repairs. The fleet should contain no more than a damaged carrier and 3 frigates with minor fighter support. They will be known as Squad Tango

    Most would be patrolling the asteroids. Which is what Squads I3-I7, S4 and B4 will be doing. They will head to Bastion, then Dragon mopping up and taking out what fighter forces that may be in the area. They will be known as Squad Foxtrot.

    After each squad has completed their objective they will meet in Cobra. We will then begin to deploy our resource and salvage collectors to begin gathering resources. Squads Foxtrol will guard these during the operation. Squads Whiskey and Tango will move to Eclipse and take out the Vaygr resource operation and finally move to Fafnir to destroy the reminants of their fleet. Much like the Hiigaran fleet we expect no more than a few frigates and fighters.

    After the area is secured we will strip and salvage as much as we can in the two hour window we have before reinforcements arrive and withdraw before either side comes. This way they will assume that the Vaygr/Hiigarans were responsible for the defeat and ignore us until we are ready to mount more daring operations. All pilots are to familiarize themselves with the fighter specifications and prepare for asteroid based combat. Everyone good luck and may the goddess of the sea watch over us.


    More Fanfiction showing off a piece of the pirates guide to the galaxy. Unworldly, I saved all your stories so if you need them let me know and I can repost it. Also, please fix the battleship's hit box. I saw a destroyer missile volley go through the battleship and come out the other side.

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    Never fear Tempest, i have them all saved on my HDD too. I dont think i want to clutter the thread up with a ton of them tho, at least not yet. Once ive written a significant amount more of the current story arc, i might post the whole arc up for the reading pleasure of those who would... read... it... :P heh

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    Thanks for the report i will look into the problems.

    if anyone else can confirm them let me know.

    @Wind Tempest

    Slower than my updates eh ..... *Powers up the Seige Cannon*

    well it gives me an excuse to use this new toy i tacked on the Hammer

    (J/K and i did not add a seige cannon to the hammer)

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    But you DID add something, right?

    P.S. - waitnosiegecannonwtfbbqnowiwontplaythiemodcusnosiegecannonmeansitsucks

    @Zatch, Deionarra, Riess - Please don't charge the cannon...please!

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    hmm, iil see if i can find some time to help you mate, glad to here you got the harp frig working, i might of contributed to that...

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    just a weekly update for everyone.

    i have been working on some mining fx theories as well as the new capture effect for the marine frigate to hold things over until i can complete the new model.

    also Eric072691 has officially joined the mod team as of last week and is currently working on a new artillery frigate based on a concept drawing by fearing before he disappeared.

    Eric is on vacation as of now but i am sure we will be swarmed with in progress pictures when he gets back.

    in the meantime a good discussion topic.

    i am currently looking at the light carrier.

    its current functionality will remain the same, but i am thinking of replacing the model with something that fits with the fleet.

    my current options are "piratizing" it
    or making a new model based on the Khar-Selim from HW.

    also a possible planned research would enable a "afterburner" special ability for the hammer, the new mobile shipyard, and the light carrier. activated using the z key this would give a "to be determined" speed boost for a "to be determined" amount of time. the reason only theses ships would get that ability is to keep a early form of balance until i can see if this is feasible.

    so feel free to post your thoughts and if you guys want this post edited onto the first page then let me know.

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    youve still got my MSN mate, give me a shout

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    Wind Tempest
    Sounds good to me. But I query how a Khar Selim would be remade since there was only one? I would recommend a remodification of the Kushan Carrier.

    Also, is there a way to make it so there are more than one way for salvage corvettes to drop off their loot? I often find entire man trains leading to my battle carrier(I don't use the current light carrier because it's role of salvage collection is not better than any other ship). If there was a way for multiple salvage corvettes to dock at once then I will surely build a few of these.

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    all pirate ships will take advantage of separate salvage launch and docking paths. the changes i did to the hammer where a successful test in the ultimate increase of salvaging speed. now the pirates manage salvage better than any race in the game.

    i was tempted at doing a Kushan Carrier but i want to see more feed back before i commit to anything.

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    I dunno, the Kushan carrier design is a big... pudgy? It doesn't look to me like the type of ship that can really cruise. It also looks far from light. If you could find a way to make it slimmer and faster looking that'd be great.

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    i already have an idea about the kushan carrier in regards of "piratizing"
    and trust me if you like what i did to the Hammer you will Love it.

    but i am still going to wait and see what some more ppl say first

    EDIT: posting with lack of sleep makes you type sentences wrong
    please re read my post.
    Last edited by Thunderbolt; 7th Aug 07 at 9:59 PM.

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    Well I've finally found a computer I can use.. I left my laptop at home. (worst mistake in the world)

    Here's my thoughts, the Khar Selim is a one of a kind ship, you make it a one ship only class, double the price for it, and pirateize it. Then the carrier can be a slow fire base or something. Replying from Canada.

    Oh and I'll try to get more work done so I can show some progress pictures when I get back. (if only I had my laptop lol)
    Floating upon stars.

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    I have an idea, what about instead of a mobile shipyard the pirates get a mobile repairyard. it would have a "repair field" around it so cap ships can repair faster and docked strikecraft can repair faster too. it wont boild anything but give it some pirate modules (like afterburners, missle pods or ECM) to compensate.

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    I just got Homeworld 2 recently, and I love it. I'm on a MacBook, and I can't figure out how to install the mods. Any help? This mod looks really fun!

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    Well I'm back, gonna work on the ship when I have time tonight.

    @Xaander, search the forums, I know this has been asked before.

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    I just get pages upon pages of gobbledeegook.
    Sorry to derail! Your mod is really cool! So I assume!

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    Iv got some new equipment if you need any voice acting for the mod itself even little things but id really like to test it out, ill be up and operational with the hardware in a few weeks give me a PM if you interested at all or would even like to suggest me somewhere else thanks man!
    Oh, Death was never enemy of ours!
    We laughed, knowing that better men would come,
    And greater wars: when each proud fighter brags
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    Well its been a few weeks (still busy RL wise but the new situations have a good chance of giving me more time to work on the mod)

    so i figure i owe you guys an update of some sorts.
    i have received pics of the in progress art frig from Eric072691 and while not ready for forum scrutiny, i am saying good progress is being made.

    on my front while i have not had any time to directly mod anything my brain has been a buzz of activity.

    over the next several weeks i want to focus on specific HW2 systems and get everyone perspectives and ideas on possible changes from the stock setups. (EX: Sensor disruption, cloaking etc.) i need as much feedback as possible from you guys as it helps keep me in check on my vessel changes and concepts. i read this topic on a daily basis and the forums email me when there are new posts. the more posts i get the happier i will be and the quicker i can get new concepts in front of you for scrutinizing.

    the perfect example is the suggested idea of a repair yard.
    throwing this idea into the "Conceptualizer" i thought that the pirates had enough "Big" vessels and thought of a frigate class vessel. but before i can get some opinions on the concept, i need to figure out some systems.

    i know this looks like a lecture but the more feedback i get from people the more initiative i get to get things done.

    now time for sleep and the 90% chance of this post getting edited by sometime tomorrow.
    Last edited by Thunderbolt; 5th Sep 07 at 8:47 PM.

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    So, you want us to show more interest, or you'll just drop the whole thing, right?
    One of the comments that I've seen multiple times over the existence of this mod is that the Pirates are just too powerful. I've put a significant amount of thought into it, and it's probably true. One of the remedies I've considered is to give the Higgarans and Vaygr more firepower. One of the ways this could be accomplished is with a unique class of capital ship for both of them. For the Higgy, a "light cruiser" class ship with about half of the firepower of the BC. Also fast enough to chase down the Pirate BB. I think (if Tel'Quessir will agree) that the Liir'hra (is that how it's spelled?) cruiser from PDS would be a good fit. The Vaygr could have a battleship of their own with about half again the firepower of the BC. I think the Al'mouakar from PDS would fit that.
    I realize that this might take a lot of begging and pleading to the PDS people, but the end result would look quite good.

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    i would never drop this mod, i made a personal promise and i intend to keep it no matter what.

    while i agree about upgraded ships for the hig and vagyr fleets i think that the spirit of the mod would be to keep things unique and not barrow things from PDS. also the major issue you bring up is balance which i don't want to hit until i get all the new models and effects covered (in other words this version out ) after which ai and balance should finish up the beta phase.

    Edit: also i just figured out a nifty idea for keeping discussion on topic no matter how large the post count.

    the 3rd post will always have the current discussion topic (i ish Supa Ghenus )
    Last edited by Thunderbolt; 5th Sep 07 at 8:53 PM.

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    Nelson a light cruiser with half the power of a battlecruiser would be roughly 3/4s the power of a heavy cruiser which just sounds off.

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    just some ideas

    for the higgarans i was thinking of a "Hyperspace Frigete" basically a mobile hyperspace generator so the higgy can get more use out of its frigetes and destroyers. (without dragging a carrier or BC) and for the vaygr have a Destroyer/Carrier. it would have 3 of the long range missle lauchers and some heavy lance beams for short range work. it could hold fighter squads (im thinking 3-5) and be reasonably fast, kind of a vaygr "pirate hunter"

    for the pirates i was thinking of a fast well armored frigete with powerfull but short-ranged weapons. this ship would attack with the boarding frigetes and corvettes, providing cover and breaking up enemy fleet integrity.

    for the game overall i think it needs some armor upgrades for the bomber squads, later in the game they get torn to pieces. more platforms for the vaygr and higgarans. (i think i mentioned an idea for a space station b4) plus (and i know im gonna get slammed for this) instead of adding faster big ships to hunt down pirate BCs (which would ruin the destroyers and frigetes) hows about toning down the pirate BC? How about making the pirates a "light cruiser" type vessel with some tricks to make the odds even? you could even keep the current pirate BC, just set the unit cap for it at 1 and make it the flagship.

    also would it be possible to put in captureable asteroids that u could then biuld subsystems on? you could scatter a half dosen or so all over the map and have search and destroy games with the vaygr and higgy hunting down "pirate nests" or vice versa.

  35. #35
    astroid bases!!!, that would be cool, who needs a platform when you could have a fully armed astroid!! but the map would have to have a third race which are enermies of the players, so they would be able to capture the astroids

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    it would make for a nice redo of the CTM gametype we currently have.

    now for this destoryer carrier for the vagyr. this is a interesting concept, i wonder if we could do the same class for the higs and have both classes have hyperspace gen ability. thoughts ?

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    Well I feel that my model is ready to be displayed, its a big image and still a work in progress.


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    Wind Tempest
    I like it. It has a nice and sleek feel to it. Reminds me of the venerable Raider Destroyer(unless that is your remake of it).

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    the new art frig is based off of the last concept art we have from fearing. hence the similarity

  40. #40
    i dint give the new vaygr destroyer integrated hyperspaceing cause i thought it would eat into the weapons too much. i mean its already fast and can carry fighters, unless u make it expensive the wepaon loadout is gonna be pretty light. and i didnt suggest a similar model for the higgy cause i didnt want both of them ending up with the same ships and the higgys strenth (vs pirates especially) are its frigete forses which is why i thought of a hyperspace frigete.

    one more idea. hoe about a "Command Destroyer" for the higgarans. it would have a fire control tower but it would only work on frigetes and capital ships, not strikecraft. also it would have lighter armor (for a destroyer) but it would be faster and still mount weapons.

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    Having a Command Destroyer sounds good, but why not go one step further and make it a full EW boat? Have it boost allies weapon accuracy and give an accuracy penalty to enemies, and have increased sensor range like the boosted sensor module, but a weak weapons loadout.

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    I'm so excited for this. I just love the small nature of the pirate fleet and how it just makes small diversions and picks its battles. While it watches the bigger fleets blow themselves apart...the pirates always watch

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    It's our favorite day... INTERNATIONAL TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY!!!!

    Let's have a big round of arr's from all pirate fans!

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    I'll yaaarrrr for the Pirate Mod any day!

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    A Mad Cat

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    yarrr, Jolly Roger FTW Yar who don't lik this mod be walking the plank

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    It is?!

    In that case....YARRRRR mateyyy

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    Yarrrr!!! the ship is being worked on when I have the time, but as of the last week and something I haven't had the time so no new images.

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    *pirate speak on*

    Arrr me maties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I guess ye lubbers deserve news.

    *pirate speak off*

    I just got an email from the person on moddb helping with sounds.
    i will be going through them and adding new ones as i find good ones (and i will also fix the missing speech for the frigate research) as i have time this week to do so.

    with Buggos Announcement of Mod Days i am intersted in getting a multiplayer capable version out the door soon. but i am about to move into a new place this Saturday (which means no internet until i can get utilities up) so i will see how the "Dice" Roll and i hope i can give the mod some serious work time during the disconnect

    thanks for the speak like a pirate day support, trust me it helps

  50. #50
    Yarrrrrrrrrrrr, we be helping.

    Now we only need a bottle of rum.

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