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city fight marines bases

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    city fight marines bases

    has any one got any Tutorials on how to make city fight marines bases such as

    grey sand
    urban base (part from the one at the gameworkshop)
    any thing else

    thank you

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    This is not a request forum. If nothing has come up via the search function, the place for 'where can I find X' threads is general P&M.


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    An easy solution I found for some of my IG is this small, black gravel that seems to be made for model railroads.

    Attach your figure to it's base and paint the base with glue. Next, dip it into the gravel, and shake of the excess.

    Prime it black and drybrush with codex gray, and you're done.
    Simple but it has a nice "wading through rubble" look to it for very little effort.
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    Jibba Jabbas
    skrszyp, could you put up some pics of that, i have the same stuff your talking about, but im not sure if i should do it.

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    Here's an example of what I was talking about before.

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    I've been taking a slice of plasticard, and scoring lines into it, on small bases its looks fine, on larger i've been using city ruin floors and other plastic floors, which i happen to have lying about then fill the gap with modeling sand.

    also put a little sand and some gravel on top,

    this one isn't mine, but a friends, using the same basing method, although more neatly cut, (try cutting out 20 bases, you get slightly careless, as my cut thumb attested to.)

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    Jibba Jabbas
    an easier way is to simply cut that into the base but whatever you like

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    I'ma fan of Gluing down the GW sand. Then Prime it black. Dry brush it Boltgun Metal and then drybrush it Bleached bone.

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    I do exactly what Blaklabel said. When I have a fully assembled, un-primed model, I glue GW sand on it. I When Im priming the model chaos black, I make sure all the sand is covered, then I drybrush it boltgun metal.

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    Look for some WWII era propaganda posters, scale them down, and Warhammerize them. Print them out, cut them, wash them in white glue, and toss them on the base. I'm doing this for my Eldar. I'll see if I can get a picture up.

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    My 2 cents:
    First of all, you don;t need GW glue. It is repackaged after all.

    Works best on 40-60mm, but can be done on 25
    Get some peices from the CoD box. The arches and wals are great for this. Cu them to make them look like the top part of them got blown off, and glue them near the end of the base ( make sure you have enough room for your model ). Then make a mound of Green stuff, and glue bits of chopped up spures and stuff frfom the CoD boxes, and plop em in. You may also want to score/add plasticard to the basr that's not covered up. Now add gravel and voila, you got a nice scenic base.

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    this article isn't completely finished yet but might help.

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    If I were doing tile-floor bases for an entire army, I'd be tempted to model one and then cast it in resin as many times as needed. It would be a one-sided mold, very easy.

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    You can also just pick up some plasticard sheets that are pre-textured with tile patterns. Plastruct has some proper sized tiles that look great without being quite the threat to your fingers.
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    A simple way to make rubble for your bases is to cut up some sprue's and paint them grey with some highlighting. Also if you clean them up a bit the corners can be made like window frames, and melting the edges with a lighter makes it look like they've been hit with a melta/plasma weapon.

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    One way I've seen it is with plascard cut out and put on the base with bits of gravel and razor wire being added.

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    cityfight bases are extremely easy
    chop up sprue to either be chunks of concrete or Pieces of metal Girders
    maybe a shoulderpad or empty gun
    basing gravel/Barbed wire looks great but not necessary
    basecoat codexgrey+black
    1st drybrush codex grey
    lightly 2nd drybrush scorched earth
    3rd drybrush fortress grey

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    I did not read the whole thread, so pardon if someone mentioned it but I really like Epicast bases. Partly because I am lazy.


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    If you have the time, get some foamboard, and make walls out of it. Then tear it apart for use as rubble. If not, a pot of sand and some PVA should do the trick, painted grey, obviously.
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