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Relic Online Server Status: ONLINE

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    Alarm Relic Online Server Status: ONLINE

    In order to reduce the number of "IS THE SERVER UP??!11" threads that have been coming up as of late, and to consolidate information; this thread will serve as a placeholder for the current online or offline status of the Relic Online servers. Also it will be used for any announcements, scheduled downtimes, or other related server information or issues that might come from Relic. If there is an important update in regards to the server feel free to PM one of us.

    @Relic - If you need to announce a downtime/status update, make a new thread about it, and we'll add the information to the sticky as soon as one of us sees it.

    @Everyone else: Don't make server status request threads any more, they will be locked. The information here will be kept as up to date as possible

    Current server status:

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