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British Mission 4(Capriquiet Airfield)..cannot clear hangers ?

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    British Mission 4(Capriquiet Airfield)..cannot clear hangers ?

    Now call me thick or whatever but I have cleared the entire map of Germans, captured all the control points, destroyed every vehicle in sight but I cannot get the hangers clear......there's nowt inside them......what on earth am I doing wrong ?....please please help an "oldie" whose brain cells are going to sleep..

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    Nothing to offer other than I have the same issue. I can't get past the level even though I've destroyed everything. No reds on the battlefield and all points captured.

    We must be missing something but I don't know what it is.

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    Did you blow the doors off the hangers?
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    Moved units inside the hangar?

    Maybe it's related to a script that does not trigger correctly if the points are captured in a certain order... about the commando rescue?
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    I'll check on the doors, may be even restart the mission to try that.

    To the other poster, yes, I did rescue the commandos and received the medal.

    I did place units in each hanger on the first try to this mission but that didn't do it but I've never done all three:
    1. Blow the doors
    2. Rescue the Commandos
    3. Place friendly units in each hanger.

    P.S. Thanks for trying to help me find the script thats not triggering.

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    I tried all the above ideas all together. There's a script trigger that just isn'thappening and I can't skip the mission to move on. Can someone post up a savegame after the Airport mission (Brits Mission 4)? It would allow me to enjoy the rest of the game-- right now I'm stuck.

    For kicks I even use a cheat program to be able to build an 8 artillery battery and turned the entire area into a desert. All that was left was the hangars' steel/concrete supports and still no go.

    What's interesting was in the "cheat" mission, the middle hanger green circle dissappeared... Even though I hadn't even touched the hanger yet. *sigh*

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    hangar Glitch

    Here is a picture[/url]

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    Same issue here .... any tips?

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    This is untested so it may not work, go into:

    My Documents/My Games/Company of Heroes/Savegames/RelicCOH/Campaigns/cxp1/

    and make a back up of the file: campaignstate.lua

    Now replace the existing file with the one in the .Zip I've attached to this post.

    The game should now think you've completed the mission and you'll be able to start the next mission on the campaign menu.

    Moving to the bug forum.
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    omg it worked <3 u

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    Thanks Deionarra ... I'll try it out tonight.

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    It worked ... thank you

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    IT WORKS !!!!

    Thank you so much! God damn thing!

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    Great thanks

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    Thank you this saved my bacon, I was having the same issue.


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    Imperial Guard Hey a tip to thise not registered, and cant download that file over

    Your campaignstate.lua should look something like under --change number to 4 like i wrote (the 3 to a 4 )

    campaignid = "cxp1"
    maxmission = 3 **Do not write this message lol->***This number you change to 4 ...Whohoo it works 5 is now open on the mission select...should look like this only at this line :maxmission = 4****
    medals_awarded =

    medal = "medals\\authie",
    mission = 0,

    medal = "medals\\hill_112",
    mission = 1,

    medal = "medals\\carpiquet",
    mission = 2,

    medal = "medals\\carpiquet_b",
    mission = 3,
    mostrecentsave = "hill_112_defense - save0"
    scenario = 4
    statename = "Liberation of Caen"

    Thank you for the poster made me aware of this little fix..

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    I am rather annoyed this game breaker has not been fixed! Even tho its the end of the mission still!

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    OMG Thank you very much thanks for saving my life

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    Hi everyone

    Deionarra Thank you

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