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Iron Warriors Predator(pic heavy)

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    Iron Warriors Predator(pic heavy)

    Here is the IW just about finished just a few details such as bolter barrels and blood on the forks

    The Rhino top
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    Sick paintjob awesome blood splatter, but I think this would have served better in the Display section rather than tutorial?

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    Yeah, I also like the paintjob, especially the metallics and the rivets.

    Since it is in the tutorial section already, you could tell us how you did things, this way it could stay here (if Ap0k doesn't move it).

    ps I also like that you used some parts from the old predator model. I am very nostalgic about the old models and would like to have one myself one day. But I think you can't get them from GW anymore (?) My favourites are the old turrets
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    I did infact post in the wrong spot.
    But to tell what I did is easy.
    Get the old rhino doors(front,side rear)
    Cut a peice of card the size of the front plate.
    trim all protrusions from the front plate.
    glue the front doors on.
    The side door I glued directly ontop of the new side doors
    and the back hatch right on top of the new one.
    This one I used rare earth magnets so I could change out thee old stlye sponsons with doors.
    Here is a few unpainted shots and of the rhino varient

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    and now tell us about the paints and inks you used and how you did the splatter.

    I bet you used a tooth brush to flick the paint on the front.
    I did that with the mud on my rhino.

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    You are correct sir.
    The paintjob is an ancient chinese secret.

    I drybrush not paint a basecoat of boltgun metal leaving a small amount of black undercoat.
    The real effect comes from the ink washes
    first a brown wash over the metal.
    when dry do a green wash.
    Then when the green wash is almost dry(slightly damp)
    a purple wash if done correcltly gives the look of real unworked steel.
    all the inks are thinned with water not straight-up.
    Then a drybrush of boltgun metal again over it.
    and highlight with chainmail and silver.
    The danger stripes are basecoated iyanden darksun
    the I paint the black stripes
    then touchup the yellow
    then paint the black stripe
    then touchup the yellow(see where I'm going with this they are a real pain but you have to practice them a bit)
    the yellow is then highlighted with sunburst yellow
    the black with codex grey +black
    And yes the blood splatter is done with an old toothbrush
    my blood all even parts red ink/brown ink/chestnut ink/blood red
    and a drop of pva glue and chaos black

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    Where did you get the doors that are on the front? I may want to use those as shields for a SM Special Ops squad that im making. But it makes for brilliant detail on the tank. And im diggin' the yellow that you put on them. (the doors on the front) Particularly the weathering. How did you do that?

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    the doors on the front are from the old rhino box iirc.

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    Lookin' ace mate. Specially fond of the dozer blade and the rivets on the turret. Would you mind sharing how you did it? Turret on my pred is sorta empty atm and a thing like that would really beef it up.

    The freehand on the Rhino top is really king. Iron Warriors rule! Also the Emp Fist helmet is spot on

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    schweeeeeet tank.
    "Innocence Proves Nothing"

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    I used a golden eagle leather punch like shown in the gw catalogue and plasticard.
    I paint on a dot of plastic glue with an old brush and attach the rivet with a tweezer.

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    Well here is a Wip shot of the ballisk and a shot of the hydra in progress too.

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    Befouler! You soul will burn in the darkest abyss of the Warp!


    gj on the bassie, love the barbed wire and old corpse strun out on the back

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    Work on these are just about finished a few touch-ups and some weathering to the bolts

    Sgt and servitor



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    man i love the tanks they look awsome espesally the basalisk. whis i could paint tanks as well as that im ok at models but not tanks for some reason and you would think it would be easier to paint my colour scheme because my army are mostly black. but seriously lovin the basalisk you should enter golden demon if you havent already. can i ask what it the other tank? the aa sort of tank, and also what chapter/legion you done them for?

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    That is Hydra AA flak Turret Upgrade from ForgeWorld.
    The chassic is a chimera I bought off ebay that was plastic glued so I had to chop off half the top and rear.

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    I see some numbers in the background. Does that mean you want to *ahem* sell your Basalisk? In that case, SOLD!

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    rofl, with the 'no vegetables' remark i'm inclined to believe it's a shopping list...

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    what chapter is those space marines from. i like the helmet on the sgt

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    Iron Warriors.

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    is it only in the uk or something

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    Its a Chaos Legion

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    hmm there not listed on the us game workshop website that i can tell

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    ok I will reveal the no vegtables mystery.
    I was ordering chinese.
    steamed chicken(NO VEGETABLES)

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    AH HA! I knew it!

    OK, maybe I didn't.

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    The images seem to be dead.

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    I exceeded the bandwith for photobucket until the 11th

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    @ Ryan_M: - Link to the iron warriors on the US site

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    ok they are i ordered some iron warrior head 4 from the store yester day since i was there.

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    Those are the best heads for terminators IMO
    I love the IW4 head.

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    well i ordered 11 10 for the marines i am going to be doiong and one for my Librarian(which has a space helmet head on it).

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    Chosen Terminat
    Hmm... I can't really see the images. it just says:

    Upgrade to Pro Today!
    Bandwith exceeded

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    no pics until nov 11
    I uploaded too much stuff on photobucket and no way I'm paying $25 for a free service
    I'd rather buy a pack of tacs.

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