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Bought Opposing Fronts, now I can't play COH

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    Bought Opposing Fronts, now I can't play COH

    Like the title says. I bought Opposing Fronts and installed it. To play as the Americans I installed COH again. After doing all the patching for COH it now sends me to the OF menu screen when I run COH. Whenever I try to "add product" for COH it asks for my cd-key and for me to put the dvd into the drive. Once I do that it says "cannot verify media" and boots me out.

    So there you have it. I have both COH and OF, yet I can only play OF. First it was no unit sounds and now this. Would someone please be able to help me with this nonsense? I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Oh, and I bought COH retail, Of steam. Hope this helps.

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    OF steam having no unit sounds is a known issue, but at least one person has since reported that they were able to get it to work. Try steam file verification integrity check whatever again, also try resetting your steam language version to something else and back.

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    I've already fixed the sound problem. It's the damned can't play COH problem that's making me angry now.
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    when I installed I entered my OF cd key not the old vcoh key when it asked for the key and the game ran normally. it first said it was uninstalling vcoh and then installed OF.

    Now when the game loads it goes to the OF main menu, but in the main menu there are options to play all three campaigns. The old vcoh campaign, the british or the PE.

    If I want to play the old cvoh i just click on that campaign.

    I never entered my old vcoh key at all.

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    Unable to install original COH CD game

    Hi new to this Forum, currently playing Opposing Fronts (DVD). I am unable however to instal the original game DVD.

    When i enter a CD key i get following.

    Original COH - Cannot verify media

    Using Opp Fronts CD key i get - You have already registered this CD key or something like that.

    So while i can play OPP Fronts, i cant play my orginal CD grrr.

    On a side note, just how can they have you download 132MB of patch for online play, when you really just want to get the game running on single player as soon your home from shops! Lucky not on dial up!
    rant over

    I would like to know if anyone else has this problem registering their original game though.

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    I have the same problem and have tried every suggestion provided here. Unfortunately for me none have worked. I'm hoping the patch will solve it or I won't be able to play vCOH.

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    try this , uninstall just install opposing fronts, when it asks for the key , type in your VCOH key, you should then be able to the old teams..............i returned my copy because of all this BS, so i know the frustration you guys are where on the box does it say it will uninstall VCOH does it sais a stand alone addon

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    It is a standalone add on Encore, but if you have CoH it installs both CoH and OF.

    The unlocking is done through your Relic Online account. If you have no relic online account and you have CoH and OF, then when you create your first Relic Online account use your CoH key to add it. Then you can add your OF product key to your Relic Online account and both are installed.

    If you installed OF first, and had never installed Original COH, then you should be able to create an online account with your OF key, and ADD the CoH key to the account. Then both games are unlocked online.

    Yes it's bad that it's not better documented. In fact it's really poor that they didn't include proper instructions in the manual. But it works and works well when you have both keys installed.

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    Guest gaming rig is not connected to the internet, it has no modem no antivirus no spyware removel no nothing,its just for playing in single as it has duel boot , xp and vista ultimate on seperate drives, how about if i installed VCOH on both operating systems, i patched one of them to 1.71 and say that i wanted to install the addon on the other, how would it work as i don't have any way to connect an internet to it??

    would it just act like any other game , how would i go about getting all four races in and both game campaigns in this scenerio??
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    Once you verify media after connecting to the Internet once, and add both product keys, it should work correctly when operating in offline mode.

    For your scenario, if your Vista install has net connectivity, and it's verified, and you've added both keys, you should be able to copy the \documents\my games\company of heroes directory overtop of the one in \my documents\my games\company of heroes\ in vista and it should work.

    There might be some authentication issues in XP though.

    The game should work if it doesn't find an internet connection and has the dvd in the drive.

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