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necron army list

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    necron army list

    im still looking around, but if i do necrons this is probaly what i will do,

    necron lord-destroyer body, res orb, a good CC wep=points ?
    14 necron warriors-gauss flayers=252pts
    14 necron warriors-gauss flayers=252pts
    7 scarab swarm bases=84pts(i might be able to make them 9)
    3 destroyers-gauss cannons=150pts

    im not sure about the points of the lord but i want it to go with the destroyers. if i do this army, can somebody tell me a good way to use them? and how many swarms i can make out of the scarab bases. i would like this to stretch to about 850pts. thanks

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    got a lord and the battle force, eh?
    Yeah, you can make it 9 scarab swarms, just use 3 per base.

    Not a bad starting base to go from. The necron battle force is VERY good!
    How to use this... well, stick the lord with the destroyers and only use the warscythe to take out characters and vehicles of oppertunity. If you want to make the points stretch, give him the full allowance of wargear as well, so he becomes 210 pts with the scythe. Might want to consider giving him the phylactery (great of keeping him comming back for more) and gaze of flame(stops even fearless models from getting extra charge attacks), to fill out the last 30 points of wargear

    Use the destroyers carefully, they are valueable!! Keep them at near to thier FULL range when shooting, and use them to take out heavy infantry, or vehicles, if you can get the side or rear and you feel lucky... hell i even took out a hammerhead by hitting the front armor with them! that glancing on a 6 is wonderful!

    keep the warriors in cover as they move forward and DONT let them get into CC, EVER!! they WILL die. Use the scarabs as a CC shield and go after any CC units that might come for the warriors. The scarabs will likely die, but ALSO will likly thin the numbers of the enemy CC units before they get to the warriors and the scarabs will also slow the advance.

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    Staff of Light ranged attack is a great MEQ killer, and already a power weapon; for 10 points and losing the gun, you gain "ignore invulns" and 1d6 vs vehicles...I'm not a huge fan, but in large games you might have 2 lords, and then sticking a Scythe Destroyer Lord with some Wraiths is nice. For now I'd say stick with the Staff, tie up stuff with the Scarabs and the Power Weapon should be sufficient.

    Gaze of Flame is nice, Phylactory doesn't work often but can be pretty nice when it does, and if you stick the Lord with the Scarabs then a Lightning Field is pretty funny...but Orb is most important, followed by Body and Gaze, an extra Warrior or Scarab might be better points than getting more toys for the Lord. But if you lack the models for more bodies, then a tooled-up Lord can work too.

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    Yeah, seems he has just the destroyer lord and a battle force. Otherwise I'd suggest simalar stuff.
    If you CAN drop the scythe for the staff and still have 850 pts, do that, otherwise the scythe can be kinda handy if used right

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