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THQ Tech Support Contact Info

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    THQ Tech Support Contact Info

    Please remember that Relic does all its support through THQ. Please do not contact myself, other Relic employees, or fansite admins/moderators for technical support.

    For support THQ can be contacted via the following routes:

    North America (US/Canada)

    Web Support

    1.) Go to
    2.) Click on the "Support" tab at the top
    3.) Click on "Contact Support" on the lefthand side.
    4.) Fill in your contact information along with your question or issue
    5.) Click "Submit"

    Quick Link:
    (Customer Support through Email)

    Phone Support

    In North America(US/Canada):

    1.) Call 818-880-0456
    2.) Listen for your button options
    3.) choose from:
    a. Game Replacements and Returns
    b. Patches and Game Announcements
    c. Talk with a Customer Service Representative
    d. repeat options
    4.) If you have a specific game issue, press "3" to talk to a Customer Service representative.

    U.K., Europe

    Web Support

    U.K., Europe website: <>
    Email: <>.

    Pour tout probleme n'hesitez pas a contacter le service client sur notre site Francais a: - E-Mail:

    Germany website:
    Naturlich konnen Sie uns auch per E-Mail erreichen:

    Servizio Assistenza Tecnica
    E-mail -

    Spain website: or

    Phone Support

    United Kingdom:
    Telephone +44 (0) 870 608 0047 (national/international call rates apply)

    Mon - Fri 08:00 to 19:00 GMT
    Sat - 09:00 to 17:00 GMT


    Tel. 02 89418552 Lunedi, Mercoledi e Giovedi dalle 14 alle 18.


    tel: +34 91 384 69 70,

    You may also get support by calling +44 (0) 870 608 0047, Monday - Friday from 08:00 to 19:00 GMT, and Saturday from 09:00 to 17:00 GMT. Please note that our support representatives are available to answer technical and customer service related queries, but they do not have access to hints, tips or cheats for any of our games.


    Web Support


    Phone Support

    Technical Support & Games Hotline 1902 222 448.
    Calls cost $2.48 (incl. GST) per minute.
    Price is subject to change without notice.
    Higher rates may apply from mobile or public phones.

    Please note!

    THQ USA is set up to deal with banned accounts/CD key issues. Please contact them if you are able to, even if you may be in another region.
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    UPDATE on THQ stolen CD key support

    At the risk of a severe slap down, I post this here, straight from Joe D. at THQ support:
    Unfortunately the Relic software program that we use to look up Company of Heroes accounts is currently not working. At this time we do not have an estimated time frame for its repair. Please contact us again in a week. We apologize for this inconvenience.
    .. This in response to a request to have my stolen COH cd key re-instated ..

    I await your punishment, my affairs are in order.

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    If you send them your account, they should be able to look it up. They just can't look up CD keys ATM.

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    I have just received word from THQ that yes, they are able to look up account names and e-mail addresses, just not CD keys. So please make sure you include that information when calling customer service or submitting an e-mail ticket.


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