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WA Mission 4 Orks start with nothing

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    WA Mission 4 Orks start with nothing

    Very odd bug, so odd I didn't notice for ages. I have been trying to complete the Keep your enemy close [mission 4] of Winter Assualt Dissorder using the orks all last night and kept running into the same problem that the eldar and titan crew would get to the gate before my orks had managed to get beyond the first plasma generator. This was entirely becuase the orks would start with zero resource and power and I had a hard job building up a force with zero recourses in such a short time.

    After deciding that all the walk throughs were suggesting I should have more I uninstalled and reinstalled the game from the box set, the orks now have 4000 resource and power. so I install the all to 1.41 patch and it's still working. but if i install the 1.41-1.50 and 1.51 patch it breaks again. I can't be bothered withthe intermediate step of finding out if 1.50 works but something after 1.41 is missing in that mission.

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    Happened on my first try with that mission, too. I have no idea why it happens, but my Winter Assault was already the latest version when I got that bug. The only thing you can do is restart the mission until you begin with your 4000 resources. You don't need to reinstall the game.

    If you can't get it to work, then it IS still possible to build up a good attacking force with 0 initial resources and destroy the Eldar. But, it's very hard and you have to move quickly. A proffesional player could probably pull it off.

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