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Basic Painting Tutorials

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    Basic Painting Tutorials

    Hi Guys im new to the forums and relativley new to WH40K, so i was wondering if any one could direct me to any tutorials that tech the basics :P, like falt colour coats, effective drybrushing and highlighting techniques ^^, if you could that would be immense.

    Oh, and if i have posted in the wrong forum, can you move it please and tell me where you have moved it to

    Thank You Guys


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    In the main P&M Rules sticky there are a bunch of threads that you'll find useful at the bottom. You're more than welcome to start a new thread once you've had a bit of a read, with any additional queries you have (bearing in mind that the search function is invaluable for easy access information) in the main Painting and Modelling section, since Tutorials are for completed/WIP tutorials only.

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