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The magical wrecking rhino chassis

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    The magical wrecking rhino chassis

    I know a few people wanted to learn how to do this. To be honest, it's really more simple than you think, so long as you can deal with the rear ramp sometimes falling down.. but heck, you're making a vehicle that turns into wreckage! You should paint the inside anyway!!!
    Before you do this, make sure ALL flash and clippings are filed as flat as they can be.
    To begin, you need the following:

    1: Two completely assembled sides from a rhino chassis (wheter they be predator, rhono/razorback or even the new vindicator plastic kit, doesn't matter)
    2: Floor/bottom hull
    3: Front plate/windshield (Or vindicator cannon)
    4: Top hatch/ vindicator plate/ turret mount (pick applicable)
    5: Rhino top
    6: Interior bitz (Yes, you REALLY need this bit)
    7: rear ramp

    OKay, so now that we have that straight, take one built side of the chassis and slide the floor in place and put the ramp peg in the side. Hold them in place like so:

    Now slide the other side in place, aligning everything. Once everything fits in place, slide the interior bit in. This bit helps to keep rigidity in the hull despite it not being glued together. Also, it becomes thicker once primed and painted, thus fitting even more snugly and adds more support. so, you should be here:

    Now, slide the top onto the chassis. THe interior should be able to hold the model together while you do this. if not, hold the chassis by the sides and use yoru other hand to slide the top on. It's the only true snap in peice.

    To check that the top is in properly.. besides the fact that the model isn't falling apart, check by where the front of the hull goes.. which is now a gaping hole.

    Once the hull is secured, slide the front in as so:

    Add the top hatch/plate/turret mount and you're done!

    As some of you can see, the model I used is going to be a destroyable vindicator. here it is all done:

    and blown up:

    the only issue with the vindi is that it's front heavy. So the front tends to want to fall off. however after I added the dozer blade, it was more well behaved. I am debating on using magnets on the top and front to secure it, as it is a bit more tempermental than a normal rhino chassis. I'll post more if it comes to that.
    Anyway, enjoy this tutorial and use it well!
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    well this is awsome. and you can possible always use magnets to give it a stronger hold. like for the vindicator.
    the tutorial is nicly done. I dont miss any pics. keep it up!
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    Kudos BillyBob, simple & effective. I also notices some small diffs in your chassis from the mk2 Rhinos I already have built. I'm interested to compare when I get the next one out of the shrink wrap.

    Thanks again for this simple, but generous tutotial
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    Dude, thanks a lot. I just bought 2 Predators and one of them is destroyable. I am however also using magnets so that my next will be almost completely destroyable. Thanks a lot man.

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    Awesome tutorial man, I'm amazed how simple your strategy is. I just got my Linebreaker Squadron box in earlier this week, and I made all 3 of my new tanks destructible thanks to you! I've gotta fix one stubborn top panel though as it seems to have gotten the slightest amount of glue between the top and side extra armor >.<
    Hey Larry!

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